10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers


With Amazon declaring the release of their new Fire HD tablet series, it is only a matter of time before the tablets hit the market. Amazon are looking to revolutionize the technological market with quality tablets at a fairly cheap price. The Fire HD 8 is among the series and is expected to be released on September 30. 

Of course many of you out there may be considering to buy the Fire HD 8 and why wouldn’t you? such a wonderful tablet at a cheap price, these kind of deals don’t come around too often. Well if you really are going to buy the tablet, surely you would want to have added protection for it and for that, here we have a list of Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers. Have a look:

1) Amazon Fire HD 8 Case 


This slim trimmed case is designed by Amazon itself for the Fire HD 8. This case has a built in stand for media viewing in landscape or portrait orientation. It also features magnetic closures to keep the cover safely shut. This case will also help to save the battery life by automatically putting the tablet to sleep when the cover is closed. The outer case is made with vibrant polyurethane and the interior features microfibres to protect your screen and keep it clean.

This case is available in 5 colours and costs about $40. If you really found this case interesting, be sure to check it out. Get the updated discounted price in the link below.


2) NuPro Fire HD 8 Slim Standing Case


This nifty case by NuPro is a slim and lightweight form-fitted case designed to give high protection to your tablet. It features a horizontal stand for media viewing convenience. You can automatically wake your Fire HD 8 or put it to sleep by simply opening or closing the case. This case is made from durable polyurethane which gives the case extra toughness and durability.

This amazing case is available in 5 colours and costs under $25. A tablet cover at such a price is certainly worth checking out.


3) Incipio Clarion Folio Fire HD 8 Case 

Best-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-coversThis beautiful cover made by Incipio is a certified one made specially for the Fire HD 8. The case features a kickstand for media viewing convenience. It is made from flexible TPU material that provides durable button protection and a shock-absorbent raised frame. The case also provides easy opening and closing convenience and secures the tablet. You can automatically wake your Fire HD 8 or put it to sleep by simply opening or closing the case.

The case is available in 5 attractive colours and costs about $25. Give your tablet an attractive look while also giving it great protection. Personally, I think this is the best case in this list of Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers.


4) ArmorSuit Military Shield – Amazon Fire HD 8″ Screen Protector Anti-Bubble Ultra HD & Touch Responsive with Lifetime Replacement Warranty


For excellent protection of your screen, you should consider buying this screen protector. It gives long-Lasting Protection from Scratches, is bubble Free, significantly Reduces Dust, oil & fingerprint smudges. The protector is exceptionally clear & has a smooth glass-like surface. It features a self-healing technology & military grade material designed to be ultra tough for your device.

The screen protector by Armorsuit comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and such an offer for less than $8 is the best bargain you are likely to find. So, if you are looking for long lasting and tough protection for your tablet’s screen, be sure to check out this item.


5) Amazon Fire HD 8 Case, Blue (New Release from Amazon Official)Best-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

This is another official case from Amazon itself for the Amazon Fire HD 8. This case is a new release and is available in multiple colours including the blue colour pictured above.

As this is an official case, it surely doesn’t come in cheap. At the moment of me writing this article, you can grab this case for $40. If nothing, this case is worth having a look at. See the price today at Amazon.com.


6) Fintie Fire HD 8 2015 Slim Fit Premium Leather Standing CoverBest-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

Now, if you are looking for a case that meets your exact requirement, you should look out for this case. This case not only comes in all the colour you can imagine of at the moment, but also comes in a variety of designs.

As with most of the cases listed and reviewed here, this case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2015 has a built in kickstand. And my co-worker thinks that this is the best case among the 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers listed here. Click the link below to check out the updated price.


7) Ultra Thin Multi-Angle Stand Tablet Cover Case for Fire HD 8 (Rose Gold)Best-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

Looking for a slim case? Looking for a minimalistic case? Well, look no further. It really cannot get any better than this.

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This case costs less than $20 and feels no less than the official case from Amazon. In addition to that, you can choose from the 10 different colours the company has to offer for this case. Click the link below to get the updated price.


8) SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Case for 2015 Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet 5th Generation Best-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

Not everyone is looking for a case with a slim design and a flip cover back! If you are like me who takes your tablet to places where most people don’t, you will certainly want a rugged case. And this is exactly what we have in here.

Introducing you to the SupCase Rugged Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 2015. This is my personal best case in this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers. This case is also available in different colours. Click the link below for updated pricing info.


9) Amazon Fire HD 8 Leather Case in GrayBest-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

Are we all not tired of fake leather cases? Well, this one certainly isn’t fake and it isn’t cheap either. For $60 bucks, this is a lot of money you will be paying if you plan to purchase this case for Amazon Fire HD 8.

As with the non-Leather official Case for Amazon Fire HD 8, this case also comes in variety of colours. 


10) MoKo Slim Folding Cover with Auto Wake / Sleep for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Best-Amazon-Fire-HD-8-cases-and-covers

The thing that makes this case so special has to be its price. No, this case clearly isn’t the best case among this list of 10 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers but it certainly is worth the money.

MoKo Slim case for Amazon Fire HD 8 is available in whooping 15 colours and so chances are you will like at least one of the colour options.


That’s all for this list of Best Amazon Fire HD 8 cases and covers. Although the list is very limited right now, we are sure there will be more of it when the device hits the market. So, keep referring to our page as we will constantly be updating the news on cases and technology. Read Cnet Fire HD 8 Review here.


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