10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8


We all know BLU – the American smartphone company that makes one the best affordable phones. And so, here they are again, with the BLU Vivo 8, a phone that’ll cost you around $250 and has a lot of good features. The thing here is that for a mid-range price, you’re getting something extra. So, you get a 5.5″ Full HD display on a sleek, premium looking body. It runs on Helio MediaTek P10 chip with 4 GB of RAM, which can be considered flagship standard. The best thing about this is said to be the camera and battery. It features a 13 MP Sony IMX258 lens as primary camera and a 16 MP selfie camera, making for great pictures! The 4010 mAh battery lasts you 2 days easily. Well, it seems like a great affordable phone, isn’t it? So, if you’re getting it, check out the 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8.

Here are the list of 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8. Since its not a very popular brand, there aren’t many to choose from, but we’ll be sure to update once they come out. For now, here they are:

1) ZLDeco Ultra Slim Matte Hard Skin Case for Vivo 8


First up on 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8, we have a hard matte case for your Blu Vivo 8. It has premium rubberized polycarbonate material making it durable and elegant as well. The matte texture makes for good grip and a comfortable hold as well. It is super slim and also very lightweight.

You can choose from about five different colors for less than $11.

Check out this hard slim matte case here>>

2) Qijietong Design Leather Folio Case for Vivo 8

10-best-cases-for-blu-vivo-8Next up on 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8, we have a leather case which gives your phone a new fashionable look with its designs. Its made out of premium PU leather that is resistant to scratches and scuffs. With UV ink printing, the color won’t fade away and remain bright and attractive. Also, it features a card slot and the cover can act as a kickstand.

Available in a number of designs and colors to choose from for around $15.

Have a look at this design leather flip case here>>

3) Gzerma Slim Fit Soft & Flexible Case for Vivo 8

10-best-cases-for-blu-vivo-8Now on 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8, is this soft and flexible case for your phone. This case is made out of TPU material, making it able to absorb shock upon impact. The TPU construction also gives it its soft and flexible profile which makes it lightweight and easy to snap on / off as well. In addition, this case comes with a screen protector as well.

Get this case for just around $8 right here>>

4) ZLDeco Elegant Leather Look TPU Case for Vivo 8

10-best-cases-for-blu-vivo-8Here is something unique for your Blu Vivo 8. This is a case that has a solid TPU construction for sturdy protection but gives the appearance of a classy leather case. It features leather-like patterns on the back for a great classy look and great grip. The TPU gives it a soft and flexible profile while enabling it to absorb shock upon impacts.

Also available in three other colors to choose from for less than $12.

Take a look at these leather look-alike case here>>

5) KuGi Ultra Thin Leather Folio Case for Vivo 8

10-best-cases-for-blu-vivo-8Another leather case on this list of 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo 8. This case is a premium leather case made out of imported PU leather material that is highly resistant to scratches and scuffs. It looks quite classy on your phone as well. The flip cover of the case can also act as a kickstand for easy view and media streaming.

Also available in three other colors to choose from but the Black and the Navy look best on the leather profile.

View this ultra slim and classy leather case here>>

So, these were the 10 Best Cases for Blu Vivo XL. We will be sure to update as soon as other good cases become available. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news.


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