10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8


The Huawei Mate 8 is nothing short of a phenomenon in the smartphone world. With a battery that goes on and on, and some killer specs combined with the latest Android OS, the only thing that would prevent you from buying it would be it’s expensive price tag, or, for someone like me, it’s gigantic size. The Mate 8 is an amazing phone, no doubt, but it’s size can prove to be a little inconvenient. You might also face some problems using it smoothly, and for some, the phone wouldn’t fit in their hands! Then comes the problems of dropping it or so, which is the reason why you have to keep it absolutely protected. Also, the smartphone cases prove to be good companions for the phones. So, what cases would be good for the dazzling Mate 8? Well, here are the 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8.

Let’s have a look at some of the best cases in the market for the new Huawei Mate 8. Read on 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8:

1) Yaker Super Frosted Shield Hard Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8First up in the list of 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8, is this. For any big-ass phone, a comfortable and good grip is on top of the list. And with matte frosted shield cases, you can get just that. With salient point design on the back surface, it ensures good and comfortable grip while it also makes it scratch-proof, skid-proof, and anti-fingerprint. The rigidity is good enough to withstand impacts and drops and won’t break easy. So, a good protection is ensured with elegant appearance as well.

It comes with a Screen Protector and in multiple colors. View price and details here.


2) Suensan Transparent Ultra-Slim TPU Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8The Mate 8 is just very pleasing to look at, I mean the design is just lovely. So, if you want to show it off, then, by all means, do so with this clear case. It is made out of TPU material and is flexible for easy snap-on feature. The rounded edges also give comfortable grip on the hand. The rigidity is good enough to protect the phone against scratches, dust and small drops in daily use.

The intense transparency allows you to protect your phone without compromising it’s looks. View it here.


3) AOmax Dual Bumper Slim Fit Armor Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8A sporty looking case with a tough armor protection for your Huawei Mate 8. The case features dual layers: silicone and hard PC with metallized buttons for effective protection of your smartphone, against dust, dirt, scratches, bumps and damages. It also has a raised design at the front to protect the screen while laying down and at the back as well, for anti-slip purposes and a good & comfortable grip. It is also very lightweight and slim.

Available in two different color choices, among which the silver might be a good choice. View it here.


4) Leevin Frosted Hard Cover Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8Another great choice for those of you who are into frosted hard cover cases. This super frosted case for your Huawei Mate 8 is high quality PC material with dustless UV matte paint technology which gives it an elegant appearance and feels comfortable to hold. The salient point design also makes it dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and very easy to clean while protecting your phone from scratches, bumps and everyday wear and tear.

It is available in various colors to choose from. View it here.


5) Vostorostone Ultra-thin YW Style PU Cover Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8This is a stylish leather cover case for your Huawei Mate 8. Leather cases are already great, but this added YW design makes it look more fashionable and attractive. The cover is made out of premium PU leather while the case itself is TPU material that protects your phone from dust, dirt, scratches and small damages. The slim and form-fitted case offers good touch feeling with comfortable grip on the phone.

Available in three different colors, the black is the best looking. View it here.


6) Tomplus Heavy Military Tank Armor for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8Want something extra heavy duty protection for your Mate 8? Well, if you don’t mind some bulk, you can have it with this military grade armor for your phone. With three layers of protection: silicone impact truss, with sealed aluminum port cover over the phone combined with Gorilla Glass for the screen will make your phone resistant to high damages, and weather-resistant, not to mention protection against scratches and dust. It will take some time to put it on but if you’re that concerned for your phone, it’s all good. That’s why it has secured a place in this 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8 list.

The case make it water resistant in the rain, but not for submerging in water. It’s available in five different colors and is a little pricey. View it here.


7) Huawei Premium Leather S-View Flip Case

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8If you want everything about your phone to be Huawei, well then, this official case by Huawei for your Mate 8 is for you. This premium flip case is constructed with imported PU leather with real microfiber lining, and the PC frame is durable enough to protect it against scratches and damages. This case sports the S-view, i.e let’s you answer calls and view notifications without having to lift the cover. With sleek design over hard shell back protection, it also features auto sleep / wake-up features.

The original S-view case by Huawei is available in three different attractive colors. View them here.


8) Fettion Premium Leather Wallet Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8Leather cases are already great, as I said earlier, and what makes them better are wallet features so that they replace your bulky wallets. That’s why this case has secured a spot on the 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8. The case is made out of premium PU leather capable of providing protection against scratches and daily wear. It’s wallet feature gives you ample space to store credit cards and cash comfortably, and everything is locked in place by a magnetic strap. The case can also be used as a stand for convenient face-time and viewing media.

Available in a range of multiple colors to choose from. View them here.


9) oneCase Heavy Duty Dual Layer Ultra-Slim Protection for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8If you do want heavy duty protection but something low profile, so, this case can be for you. This is a dual layer protective case constructed of rubberized TPU absorbs shocks and the hard PC withstands hard impacts to keep your device safe from damages and stuff. It gives comfortable grip to your device and the added benefit is the built-in kickstand for easy media viewing. The elegant design adds more to it’s fancy sporty looks.

Available in two different colors to choose from. View it here.


10) A Plus Slim PU Leather Flip Case for Huawei Mate 8

10-Best-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-8This classy-looking leather flip cover case is last but not the least in the list of 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8. Made out of PU leather, the cover is soft and offers good touch feeling while the soft TPU back plate is capable of protecting your Mate 8 against scratches and damages. It also includes stand function for conveniently watching media and face-time. The surface is easy to clean as it’s dust-proof and anti-fingerprint.

It is available in four different colors, among which the brown gives the genuine leather appearance. View it here.


So, these were the 10 Best Cases for Huawei Mate 8 in the market until now. It will be updated once more are added in the market. Thanks for reading and stick with us for more such information and news.



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