10 Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X


The all round champ of the phones is back with two new phones under it’s belt. Yes, we are talking about the LG  Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P by Google. Not Excited yet? While the 6P is slightly bigger, wider and slimmer, the 5X is lighter and more compact with a 5.2″ display and hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor that provides world-class speed.  It is the descendant to the Nexus 5 (2013) and therefore, we can certainly expect better performance and features from it.

For those who can’t stand big sizes (6P features 5.7″ display), we recommend the 5X. But for those who prefer the 5X, what’s gonna be disappointing is that it’s body is made of Plastic, which is one of the biggest downgrades it has. But….nothing a good phone case can’t take care of, right? So, here are the 10 Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X.

The 10 Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X mentioned here are the best cases you can buy at the moment. These cases are flawless and work as advertised.

1) Spigen® Hybrid Air Cushion Crystal Clear Nexus 5X Case

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XThis beautiful case by Spigen is crystal clear and ultra-slim to preserve the phone’s original design- perfect for those who want to show it off. It features a 1.2 mm raised lip and 4-point rear guards to protect the front screen and the back from flat surfaces and drops along with embossed buttons for easy press.

It also has an integrated strap insert on the lower left corner for attaching things (if you want). A beauty case, which is available for less than $15.


2) Verus Heavy Duty High-Pro Shield Drop Protection for Nexus 5X


This highly practical, refined and functional case is all about protection. It offers full degree protection to the phone- covers all four corners with raised edges and TPU lip to protect the screen against scratches and touching the ground. It has dual layers- a soft inside and a hard protective bumper outer for maximum protection.

The best thing about it, though, is it’s brushed metal lusture look that gives a premium vibe and available in multiple color-stripes. You can have it for less than $17.


3) Ringke Fusion Shock Absorber Crystal Clear Case for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XThis case possesses the shock-absorption technology which is very handy against drops and impacts. Also, this clear, ultra-slim case enhances the original phone design with minimal bulk. Features attached Dust-Caps on charger ports and audio-jack to protect against dirt and dust particles.

It also includes an free HD screen protector to compliment your phone and case. All of this available for the price of less than $12.


4) Cimo Premium Slim Fit Flexible Case for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XThis one is another shock-absorbing case which is made out of shatterproof TPU material to protect against impacts and bumps and drops. Also features a beveled front edges that allow lay-on-the-table design and anti-slip properties that provide extra-grip on your phone.

This super-slim phone case is available for less than $10.


5) Tauri Heavy Duty Hybrid Armor Case for Nexus 5X with Kickstand

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XAnother one for those who prioritize protection over all, this one, too, has dual layers- a soft inner layer and a hard shock-absorbing outer that provides full-degree protection against drops, impacts, scratches, dirt & dust. It also has a belt-clip for easy carriage.


Another added feature is its 180-degree rotating belt-clip swivel which allows multiple carriage positions and foldable kickstand for easy viewing. Looks cool and highly practical case for just over $10.


6) SupCase Unicorn Beetle Series Slim Protection for Nexus 5XBest-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5X

This sporty design case is a cool look for your new phone. Made out of high-grade soft TPU and PC materials, it ensures great protection with  minimal bulk. It’s snap-on cover also means easy and quick installation.


Designed especially for the Nexus 5X and also proudly shows-off the Nexus logo….this one is for those who look for something cool. And it is also really cheap! Costing just under $10. Thanks to its price, this case made it into the list of 10 Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X.


7) Tauri Wallet Leather Case Flip Cover for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XIf you are tired of all the plastic and hardcover cases taking up much space in your pocket with no room for your wallet…this, here is especially for you- a cool looking premium synthetic leather wallet case with magnetic strap flip cover. Featuring built-in card pockets to easily store cards and cash, and a kickstand for hands-free easy viewing.

Also, it provides protection for your phone against dust, dirt, scratches and soft damages. Although it doesn’t offer hard protection, it certainly is very handy and convenient, and available in many colors. You can have it for less than $10.


8) Cruzerlite BugDroid Circuit Case  for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XIf you are bored of plain cases and looking for something vibrant, this one might suit your needs. Made from durable TPU, it ensures good damage resistance for your phone. It is easy to apply and to slip-off, a useful feature which many cases ignore.

Also, the cool Android logo & circuit design on the back is something unique to show-off. This case is available in a range of vibrant and attractive colors. So, take your pick- all under cheap price of less than $10.


9) AceAbove Premium Wallet Leather Case for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XThose who go for something classic can go for this, a casual leather case with a button-clip that allows quick fastening and access without any hassle. Features raised edges on all four corners to protect every side of your phone.

Besides that, it includes everything a wallet case can have- card slots and a kickstand feature as well. This casual/classy look for your phone costs you a little more that $12. This flip cover case comes in 4 colours.


10) Tauri Hybrid Armor Bling Case with Rhinestone for Nexus 5X

Best-Cases-for-the-Nexus-5XLast but not the least, is the Bling Case. A case that offers as much style as it offers protection, mostly for those who don’t mind shiny stuff. It is a also dual-layer case which provides effective protection from dirt, dust, scratches and protection. It is also easy to install and remove.

This case contains studded rhinestone that makes the case what it is- a stylish bling. It can be a turn-off for some but some might find it equally attractive as well. It will cost you less than $9.


Thank you for reading this article and keep visiting our site for more news on Phone Cases as we constantly update our site with new information. We will also make sure that we update this list of Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X too.

For now, Best Cases for LG Nexus 5X. Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned for more news and cases review. You can read more about the Nexus 5X here.


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