10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X


So, they say the Z’s dead…or the Z’s gone to Zzzzzz… you could say!!! We’re talking about the new Sony Xperia smartphone that’s about to replace the Xperia Z-series. The buzz is about the new Sony Xperia X, which, truth be told, is a very nice, compact and ergonomic smartphone. A 5″ Full HD display with a fingerprint sensor (which for some reason doesn’t work on US variants!) and a dedicated camera button make it very easy to use. 

It’s chosen to leave the trend of latest SoC by going with a Snapdragon 650 on 3 GB of RAM, which is still pretty good. It’s the dream for photographers and selfie enthusiasts as it features 23 MP primary shooter with a 13 MP selfie camera! But still, No 4K video recording! Also, gone is Sony’s trademark: No more water resistance!  Oh well, the best thing about the phone is it’s super compact size and with it’s seamless metal-glass body, it look super cool and feels super premium in your hands. For now, let’s have a look for some of the best cases for this beauty in 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X. Here are the 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X :

1) TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte Arch Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XTopping of the list of 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X is this soft case by TUDIA. This case is made up of high quality TPU material molded into soft rubberized gel silicone case for your Xperia X. This provides a soft touch feel and a comfortable grip on top of a durable and flexible case for your phone. The raised bezels allow for a lay-on-the-table-design as well.

It is available in four different colors to choose from. View it here:


2) Yaker Nature Clear Soft Cover Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XThe Sony Xperia X is really a very beautiful phone and it looks very much premium, and if you want to show it off, you can do just that with the next case on our list of 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X. This is a crystal clear soft case, and doesn’t hide your phone’s beauty at all. With a high quality build of TPU material, this is one tough and a durable case as well.

It’s ultra thin makes it very lightweight and quite nifty. Check it out here.


3) Aomax Dual Layer Slim Fit Armor Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XGive your phone an armor, not just a case with this hybrid dual layer protection for your phone. This, in our list of 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X, is the Slim Fit Armor case by Aomax. Made out of two layers: inner shock absorbing TPU combined with hard PC on the outside, it provides tough protection against almost all kinds of bumps and drops! It also features an integrated kickstand for easy and comfortable media viewing.

Still very slim with all that layers! Available in 5 attractive colors to pick from. View them here.


4) Terrapin Ultra-Slim Hybrid Hard Protection Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XAnother hybrid case for your Xperia X in this list of 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X! This one offers hybrid protection in a single layer, making it slimmer and lighter but just as tough! It’s got rubberized construction combined with hard outer for impact resistance and shock absorption for added durability. Also, it gives off a very good touch feeling and comfortable grip as well.

This case is dust resistant as well, so, feel free to carry your phone wherever you go!! View it here.


5) Mama Mouth Premium Leather Wallet Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XIf you’re tired of all the things you have to carry with you, then here’s something that can replace your wallet! This wallet case is made out of genuine PU leather that protects your phone against scratches and some minor bumps. But most of all, it’s very convenient with slots to put in cards and a cash pocket as well. With it, you can either leave your thick wallet at home, or not worry about forgetting your wallet…whichever you choose! On top of that, it features an integrated stand for comfortable viewing as well.

You can pick from among variety of colors. View it here.


6) Cocomii Ultra Vulcan Armor Shield Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XGive your Xperia X the utmost protection with this ultra-armor! With a unique and rugged design that comprises of dual layers: inner shock-absorbing TPU and hard outer polycarbonate, this case combines some military grade protection with a little bit of style. Raised edges around the screen for face-down protection along with a cool aesthetic design that adds to your phone’s beauty!

Available in various attractive color choices. Check out this case here.


7) Yaker MX Super Frosted PC Hard Case Cover for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XNext up on 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X, we have something for our hard-case enthusiasts. Well, you gotta agree that hard cases are a good protection! So, this one is made out of hard PC, that resists impacts very effectively, and it’s frosted layout makes it more durable. The surface is salient point design, which means it’s wear-resistant, dust-proof, anti-skidding, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean, all these with comfortable touch and elegant appearance.

It is also available in nature clear design if you wish to show off your Xperia X! Check it out here.


8) Sony Official X-Style Flip Case Cover for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XWhat can be better than an official case by the phone makers themselves? This one is an official case for your Xperia X by Sony itself. It is a little pricey but for all the right reasons! This case wraps your phone in  a hard and durable form fitting case enclosed with soft microfiber inner lining that prevents scratches and such. Since, it’s official, it’s also got an auto Sleep / Wake-Up function.

It’s lime golden color gives it a very premium look, adding to your phone’s beauty. Check it out here.

View this Lime Gold Xperia X Case here>>

9) Sony Official X-Style Cover Touch Case for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XAnother official case in the list of 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X. This one is a smart case for your smartphone! This case houses your Xperia X in this SCR50 official smart cover that protects the case effectively, while providing full functionality with the flip cover on. You can interact with your smartphone easily without removing the cover, so, it acts like a shield, reducing nasty fingerprints and keeping the display fresh for longer.

Also, it is very stylish to look at and hold. Available in four different colors. Check it out here.

Check out this Graphite Black case here>>

10) Skinomi TechSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Sony Xperia X

10-Best-Cases-for-Sony-Xpera-XIf you’re like me and you like the feel of the naked phone in your hands, then you’ll at least need a screen protector for your screen. It is scratch-proof, anti-puncture, UV resistant and will not yellow on your phone. Also, the screen protector won’t compromise the HD display or the touch sensitivity in any way. It’s tough enough to protect your smartphone screen against various drops. It also includes a TPU skin for the back to protect it from scratches and scuffs.

Virtually transparent clear protection, which is a good alternative for those who don’t like to put cases on your phone. Check it here.


So, these are the 10 Best Cases for Sony Xperia X available right now. Will be sure to update with more once they arrive. Thanks for reading and keep with us for more such information and news.


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