10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 [Updated]


Nokia may not be around anywhere but it has left us with a gift everyone will appreciate. It’s the Nokia Lumia 520. It is the best-selling Windows Phone and there is a reason for that. Priced extremely competitively, this phone offers high-end experience. Also, unlike low-end Android phones, this phone doesn’t lag and doesn’t have any major flaw.

Nokia Lumia 520 has 4″ screen same as that of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Protected by scratch-resistant glass, Nokia Lumia 520 can resist small drops and scratches. Still, if you drop it from certain height, the screen will shatter as with any other phone. The best way to protect your investment is by putting on a case. Here, we have made a list of 10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 which you are sure to look. So, be sure to check them out : 10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 updated post.

1) MYBAT Car Rubberized Case for Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

MyBat Car Rubberized case for Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the better cases we found. This case is sturdy and serves its purpose pretty well. This is a dual layer case giving maximum protection to the phone. In addition to that, this case features an integrated kickstand which can be used while watching videos and web browsing. The sides of this case has rubberized grip which makes holding the phone much easier.

This case by MyBat Car is available in 5 colour for less than $10. For the money, nothing can beat this case. The quality of material used to make this case is also really good. It’s really worth checking this case out.

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2) Reiko Silicon Case for Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

We really loved the material used to make Reiko Silicon Case for Nokia Lumia 520. Made from two material, this case really feels unique. It was a pleasant experience using this case. As with the first case, this case also has built-in kickstand.

This case is available in 6 colour and is also available for less than $10. This case is really rigid and can withstand drops and will also protect your phone from being scratched.

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3) Blue Stitch & Lilo Soft Silicone Case For Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Looking for a cute case for your brand new Nokia Lumia 520? Well, you have to check this case out. This case is super cool. Sure this case is bulky but look at the Blue Stitch, isn’t it super cute? If you are into these things, this is a must have case for your phone. This case fits perfectly in Nokia Lumia 520 giving you proper access to the ports and buttons.

The only bad about this case is that it is only available in blue colour as pictured above. Still, for the money you are paying, it is a steal. If you are one of those who keep your phone in purse or bag, get this case!

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4) Magic Mobile Premium Hybrid case for Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Magic Mobile Premium Hybrid Case for Nokia Lumia 520 is available in 5 exciting colours. This is protects the phone really well. Also, there are a lot of freebies you get with this case. The freebies includes 1 screen protector and 1 charm. I don’t know what the free charm is for but the screen protector is a really handy freebie. Also, we found that the screen protector is of high quality and installing it is relatively easy.

The case is available in whooping 11 colours. Installing and removing this case is really easy. This case is specifically made for Nokia Lumia 520 giving you full access to ports buttons and camera.

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5) Reiko Silicon Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Reiko Silicon Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 520 looks really premium. There is nothing fancy going on about this case. The best thing about this case is that it works! This case is really flawless and works as intended. Installing and removing this case is just as easy.

Reiko Silicon Case for Nokia Lumia 520 is available in 5 colours.

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6) Nokia Lumia 520 Case with Magnetic Closure and ID Card Slotbest-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

This flip cover style Nokia Lumia 520 case is available in 9 exciting colours. If you are looking for a flip cover styled case, this is a definite buy. Along with case you also get a free stylus. Nothing special but hey, it’s a freebie, right? Also, this case includes slots to store credit and ID cards. You can also use this case as a stand while watching video or while surfing the Internet.

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7) Speedtek Flower Pattern Premium PU Leather Case best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Be happy! This is what this case has to say to you. Made by Speedtek, who are well-known for making funky mobile cases. With this case, you also get a free stylus which can be attached to the case with the help of the loop. This case has a built-in storage for storing your I.D card or any other cards. As with any other flip cover stylus case, this Nokia Lumia 520 case closes magnetically with the help of magnetic strap.

SpeedTek Nokia Lumia 520 is available in whooping 9 colours and is backed by manufacturer warranty. If you are looking for a flip cover case for Nokia Lumia 520, be sure to check this one out.

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8) StarShop Nokia Lumia 520 iRobot Dual Layer Holster Case with Kickstand best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

StarShop Nokia Lumia 520 case looks like any other case but is isn’t! This is a three layer case which will protect the phone even in case of extreme drop. This case will not only protect the back of the phone but also the front. But, you don’t have to put on the front cover all the time. The third part of the case houses belt clip making carrying the phone just a little more easier.

This Nokia Lumia 520 case is available in 8 colours and costs less than $15. The inner part of the case is made from soft silicone and the outer part of this case is made from hard plastic. The best combination to provide better protection.

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9) PU Leather Folio Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 520best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Leather Folio Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 520 is made from synthetic leather (PU) which looks and feels premium. This case is available in 2 colours. The material used in making of this case is of high quality and resists fingerprints pretty well. This case closes magnetically securing your phone. Also, inside this case there are slots to store ID cards and money.

Also, with this case you get free stylus. This case is backed by one year manufacturer warranty. Further, this case can also be used as a kickstand to enhance video viewing experience.

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10) Nokia Lumia 520 Premium Leather Case best-Cases-for-Nokia-Lumia-520

Made by CellBee, this is a premium pouch for Nokia Lumia 520. You will be getting the exact same pouch with the purchase. One of the best thing about this case is that you can put on a case for your phone and still fit it inside the pouch. This pouch has belt clip which lets you easily install this case in your belt. To make this pouch even more secure, there is a magnetic closure which will make sure that your phone will not fall off without your notice.

This pouch is very premium looking. But, at the same time, it is very durable. The company is providing 1 year warranty with this product. If something goes wrong with the case, the manufacturer will replace it for you for free. This pouch is available in 4 colours.

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These are the 10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 you can buy today. Hope you liked at least one of these cases. We will update our list of 10 Best Cases for Nokia Lumia 520 every once in a while. You can find more cases at Microsoft Store. You can also find more beautiful cases for Nokia Lumia 520 here: AllaboutWindowsPhone


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