10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories


MHTC decided to team up with mobile carrier Sprint to release an exclusive smartphone which is said to be the fastest phone on Sprint’s network. The phone is called HTC Bolt: after the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. The name is interesting, too. Anyways, it packs a 5.5″ Super LCD display on an aluminum body. It is also IP57  certified water and dust resistant. It sports 16 MP primary camera and an 8 MP front shooter, which is pretty good. Anyways, if you’ve got this phone or if you’re planning on it, you are going to need some accessories. So, here are the 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories 

The following list contains cases, screen protectors, headphones, etc. anything that you could possibly need with your HTC Bolt. And these are the best ones from the many. Here are the 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories. 

1) Zizo Military Grade Armor Case for HTC Bolt

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesI think cases are one of the most important accessories for a phone. So, first up on 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories, we have this super protective military grade case for your HTC Bolt. This case is constructed to be super durable and resistant to drops. It passes the Military 810-G Drop Test and has Shock absorption and impact dispersion technology. Also, it features a built-in kickstand for easy and convenient media watching.

In addition, you get a 9H hardness 0.33 mm screen protector with this case. You can choose from seven different colors for less than $20.

Check out this military grade armor here>>

2) Omoton Soft Anti-Scratch Clear Case for HTC Bolt

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesAnother case in this list of 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories. This case is made out of soft TPU which makes it flexible, slim and lightweight. It has a hard Acrylic back panel for extra protection against impacts and scratches. The soft TPU edges also provide good and comfortable grip on your hands.

Also, the clear profile of the case will help retain the original look of your HTC Bolt. You can have this transparent case for less than $9.

View this clear HTC Bolt case here>>

3) ATUS Ultra-Thin Shatterproof Tempered Glass for HTC Bolt

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesNext up on 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories, we have a tempered glass screen protector for your HTC Bolt. The screen protector is designed with perfect cutouts for the phone. It has a rated hardness of 9H which ensures protection against scratches, impacts and drops effectively. Also, it’s super thin 0.3 mm glass retains good light transmittance for clear display and touch sensitivity. In addition, it’s oleophobic coating makes cleaning fingerprints and smudges on the screen very easy.

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In addition, this one is very cheap. For less than $4, you can have two of these.

Get this screen protector for your HTC Bolt here>>

4) Newbee USB-C Stereo Earbuds Hifi Clear Bass Earphones

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesNext on 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories, we have a pair of USB-C headphones. Of course, you have a pair of USB-C  headphones with your HTC Bolt, but in case you lose it or something, this one is just as good. It’s Hifi level CDLA standard digital architecture ensures full high-quality audio without any loss. Also, it has Dynamic Noise reduction which offers stereo sound quality and super noise isolating effects. In addition, the ceramic material construction and ergonmic cochlear fixing design offers comfortable hold in you ears, which makes listening to music all that better.

Also available in two other colors: White and Pink. You can pick it up for less than $50.

Check out these USB-C stereo earphones here>>

5) AUKEY USB-C Portable Charger

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesPower banks are life-saving accessories for some. So, here we have a power bank for your HTC Bolt. This power bank is one of the best for your HTC Bolt because this one charges Snapdragon powered devices upto 75%faster. It has 16000 mAh battery capacity which is enough for charging your HTC Bolt over three times in a single charge. Also, it’s EntireProtect technology safeguards your phone against excessive currents, short-circuits and overheating.

You get a USB-A to USB-C cable for easy charging of your HTC Bolt along with a micro USB cable for other devices as well. You can get it for less than $30.

Check out this power bank for HTC Bolt here>>

6) Vomelon V6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesNow just in case you lose your USB-C headphones, or if you want to listen to music while charging your phone, these are for you. This is a wireless bluetooth headphone for your HTC Bolt. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.1 and can give you good connection for  upto 33 ft. from your phone. Also, these headphones provide great audio with incredible bass and noise cancellation. In addition, it’s ultra-light and sports design architecture makes it sweat proof in your ears as well.

This will last you for a long time after a single charge too and provides easy connection with a handy button. Furthermore, with the headphones connected to each-other, you won’t easily lose it. You can get it for less than $20.

Check out this Bluetooth headphone for HTC Bolt here>>

7) SanDisk 256 GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesThe HTC Bolt offers only 32 GB of phone storage, and of course, that’s not gonna be enough. But it has a dedicated card slot that can hold upto 256 GB microSD card. So, now in 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories, we have a 256 GB microSD card for your HTC Bolt. Of course, you can get these with less storage, but I think it’s the more the merrier. This SanDisk Ultra can give you transfer speeds upto 90 MB/s and it is a class 10 SD card for full HD video recording and such tasks.

In addition, you also get an SD card adapter with it. If you watch a lot of movies and want something to carry around as you go, this micro-sd card is the way to go.

Check this 256GB MicroSD out here>>

8) Melop Phone Armband

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesSo you like working out or running every once in a while? Then this armband is for you. This armband is built to hold phones below 6 inches comfortably while working out or running. It can hold your phone conveniently while providing full access to it as well. There are holes to access your audio ports and the Touchscreen feature is not compromised as well. The pouch is also moisture proof which keeps your phone secure against sweat and wet weather too.

It is designed to be comfortable around your arm while being securely held in place with strong velcro straps. Also, the armholder is lightweight and skin friendly. You can also choose from 4 other colors for less than $8.

Take a look at this armband for your HTC Bolt here>>

9) Mpow Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesSometimes, you need to use your phone while driving. It’s not exactly recommended but in times of emergency like when you need GPS, you have to use your phone. So, a car mount phone holder is what you need and that’s what is here in 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories. This car mount sticks to your windshield or dashboard or any smooth surface and hold your HTC Bolt in multiple angles for convenient usage. It offers 360-degree rotation and flexible distance setting between the user and the device.

The phone holder is adjustable to size, so, you can easily and comfortably fit your HTC Bolt securely in it. Also, this mount provides excellent stability for comfortable usage. You can get it right now for less than $15.

Check out this car mount phone holder here>>

10) Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

10-Best-HTC-Bolt-AccessoriesSure the HTC Bolts’ audio is great with the Boom Speakers but sometimes, it just won’t do. So, in 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories, we have a best selling bluetooth speaker for your HTC Bolt. It gives off high-quality crystal clear sound with precision stereo and bass radiation technology. With distortion free bass and clear sounds at maximum volume, it is perfect for parties, dorms, rooms, etc. In addition, it is IPX5 rated waterproof, which makes it good for showering and pool parties as well.

It weighs only 10 ounces, so, it’s ultra-portable. Also, it can give up to 7 hrs of music playback in a single charge. Furthermore, connecting it to your device with Bluetooth is super easy and no configuration is required. You can purchase it now for less than $30.

View this Bluetooth Speaker for HTC Bolt here>>

So, these were the 10 Best HTC Bolt Accessories. Hope you liked what you saw. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news. And pick your accessories wisely. HTC Bolt is really good but for something claiming to be the fastest phone on Sprint, it runs on a year old Snapdragon 810 supported by 3 GB RAM. That might be powerful but there are faster phones out there.  But whatever be, we will make sure that we are the fastest to update articles on HTC Bolt, especially 10 Best HTC Bolt accessories article in the days to come.


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