5 Best HTC Bolt Cases


HTC released a new phone that is exclusive to Sprint carrier, the HTC Bolt. It is named so because it claims to be the fastest phone on the Sprint network. The HTC Bolt will use Sprint’s LTE Plus network for really high data speed, and hence the name. Specwise, the HTC Bolt has a full-aluminum body with IP57 water and dust resistance. It features a 5.5″ Super LCD QHD display (2560 x 1440) p. It runs on the latest updated version of Snapdragon 810 supported by 3 GB RAM. Also, it has 16 MP primary camera with an 8 MP front shooter. It appears to be a good phone, too. If you’re getting it, have a look at some cases for the new phone. Here are 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases. 

There aren’t many cases for the phone that’s just been released, but here are the best ones we could find. These are the 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases.

1) Tauri Scratch Resistant Slim Flexible Clear Case for HTC Bolt

5-Best-HTC-Bolt-CasesThe HTC Bolt is a good looking phone by most standards and it’s okay if you want to show off your phone’s design. So, with the first one on 5 Best HTC Bolt Case, you can do so. It is a clear case for HTC Bolt made out of high-quality TPU material, which makes it soft and flexible. The TPU material keeps your phone safe against scratches and scuffs effectively.

The slim and lightweight case is also available in a smokey black transparent profile. Furthermore, it is really affordable at less than $8.

Check out this clear case for HTC Bolt here>>

2) ATUS Hybrid Dual Layer Protective Case for HTC Bolt


Next up on 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases, is this tough hybrid protective case. It has dual layers: a shock absorbing soft silicone layer and it is enforced with a tough polycarbonate shell. This ensures full protection for your HTC Bolt from almost all kinds of impacts and drops. The outer casing also provides a sleek, smooth finish that is satisfying to the touch as well.

Also available in Rose Gold color, but the Black one is better to look at. In addition, it comes with a stylus and for less than $5. It’s hard to believe that you can get such good case for this price. This HTC Bolt case is a no brainer.

View this protective case for HTC Bolt here>>

3) LK Ultra Slim Scratch Resistant Soft Case for HTC Bolt

5-Best-HTC-Bolt-CasesAnother soft and flexible case in the list of 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases. It is made out of premium quality TPU and rubber molded together for excellent shock absorption. Also, the sleek and lightweight design fits your device perfectly and on your hands as well. It’s anti-slip properties give good and comfortable grip too.

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This HTC Bolt case is also available in four other attractive colors. You can pick one for less than $10. For the price you are paying, you can’t go wrong with this case.

Take a look at this soft and ultra-light case here>>

4) Mr. Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector for HTC Bolt

5-Best-HTC-Bolt-CasesHere on 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases, we have a screen protector. Screen protectors are also necessary accessories for your phone as they prevent your precious phone screens from getting damaged. This screen protector is anti-glare and in matte profile. It’s rated 4H anti-scratch and scuff resistant. Also, it is 100% bubble free with strong glue that won’t come off easily.

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You get 3 pieces of this screen protector for just about $6. Protect your phone screen with this screen protector.

Get this tempered glass screen protector hor HTC Bolt here>>

5) JATEN Rugged Hybrid Case for HTC Bolt

Finally, on 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases, there is this rugged hybrid case that ensures maximum protection for your phone. It has two layers: a soft inner silicone layer to absorb shock and hard outer smooth polycarbonate shell that resists impacts. Also, it features a kickstand for easy and convenient media watching. In addition, it includes a detachable belt clip for easy storage.

This rugged case is somewhat bulky, but it provides excellent protection. Furthermore, you also get a stylus pen with it for the price of less than $10.

View this rugged case for HTC Bolt here>>

So, this was 5 Best HTC Bolt Cases. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news. Htc Bolt is a very new phone and good cases are yet to come. As soon as those cases become available, we aill make sure to update this list of 5 Best HTC Bolt cases and also make sure to add new ones.


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