10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories


Well, the all new and redesigned MacBook Pro 2016 are out now. And sure enough, it was exactly as we’d speculated. The most exciting feature of the new MacBook Pro 2016 is the OLED Touch Bar. With it, the MacBook Pro offers much more functionality within all the apps and even without the apps as well. Sure, these MacBook Pros were a little more expensive than we’d hoped for, but I guess it’s worth the price you pay for. Anyways, now that you may have the new 13″ OLED MacBook Pro 2016 in your wishlist, you might also want to check out some of the accessories for it. These accessories can improve the way you interact with your MacBook Pro. So, here are the 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13 2016 Accessories 

The list of these accessories contain a variety of things. From keyboards to power banks to skins, we have it all covered to see which are the ones you’ll need. Therefore, here are 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13 2016 Accessories:

1) Macally USB-C Hub 4-port USB 3.0 Adapter

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesFirst up on 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13 2016 Accessories, we have an adapter and it’s obvious why. So, now the MacBook Pro has only USB-C ports. That, of course, is fine because soon every device will change to that. But for the time being, we still have plenty of devices with USB-A including pen-drives and such others. So, to be able to use it in your 13 MacBook Pro 2016, you’ll need an adapter first and foremost. This, here, is a USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter with 4 USB-A ports, so that you can use maximum no. of devices on it. It can be charged even while using it for data transfer and it offers upto 5 Gbps speeds.

You can also get this adapter with an HDMI port or an ethernet adapter. It costs a little above $50 but it will be a worthy investment.

Check out this adapter for 13″ MacBook Pro 2016 here>>

2) 38″ LG Ultrawide Display for MacBook Pro 2016

10-best-oled-macbook-pro-13-2016-accessoriesThe 13″ MacBook Pro 2016 has a great display, no doubt. And even more so, with the Retina display but laptops will never be able to provide the level of quality that desktop monitors do. And so, here we have LG’s top of the line 38 inch Curved Ultra Display screen with 3840 x 1600 resolution. With this, you’ll have plenty of space to work on and it also has additional ports.

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The only downside of this gorgeous display has to be its price. For this, you will be paying over $1000.But even so, it is worth it. With this as a monitor, watching movies will be a treat and working will be much easier and better as well.

Check out this LG 38inch USB C 13″ MacBook Pro monitor here>>

3) Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesNext on 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories, is a keyboard. The MacBook Pro keyboard is based on Butterfly mechanism, which is great but it has very less travel. So, if you think you might face some inconvenience, there are other wireless keyboard alternatives and this one happens to be one of the best. Now, this is also a USB-A type, but with an adapter, you’ll be good to go. This keyboard has the familiar Mac layout and it’s also very sleek. In addition, it is a Solar-keyboard, i.e. any light source will charge it for a battery that can last upto 3 months.

The keys on it feel super good and this will help you transition with your MacBook Pro’s keyboard. Also available in black color.

Check out the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 here>>

4) Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesThis, right here, is one of the best accessories you can have- for any laptop. So, it is also kind of a must-have for the MacBook Pro 2016 owners. The trackpad on the new MacBook Pro is refined and better than ever, but even so, it cannot simply compete with mouse like these, especially gamers. It features a unique thumb wheel for horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. Furthermore, it tracks anywhere! It’s Dark Field Laser Sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass or other glossy surfaces.

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You can use it either with it’s unifying receiver or Bluetooth also. It can last upto 40 days on a single charge. You can also have it in other colors like Black or Navy but this one, Stone-color looks best with the MacBook Pro 2016.

Check out this wireless mouse for MacBook Pro 2016 here>>

5) UAG MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Military Grade Laptop Case

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesNow, we have a laptop case in the 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories. It’s based on the previous 2016 13″ MacBook Pro model, but it can be compatible with the latest 13″ MacBook Pro as well. It features an armor shell and impact resistant bumpers that will keep your MacBook Pro safe from all drops and impacts. It also features Dual-lock secure screen closure and Frog Skin Non-Slip grip. In addition, it can prevent overheating with it’s cooling vents and it meets the Military Grade drop tests!

This is the best way to keep your MacBook Pro safe against all accidents! Available in two colors profiles: Ash and Ice. There’s also a bit of price difference among the two.

Have a look at this laptop case here>>

6) Kopack Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesSince you have a laptop or a MacBook, you will need something to carry it in. So, on 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories, we have this laptop backpack for you. This backpack has a sleeve that can fit upto 15.6″ laptops but is adjustable for upto 13″ . There are layers of protection inside: a soft bubble layer and a foam padded layer to protect your devices inside. Also, this bag is fully water-resistant and anti-scratch. In addition, it can perfectly allow scanning of inside for airport security as well. The stylish design makes the zipper invisible to others which also prevents thefts.

In addition, it’s padded back and shoulder straps provide extra comfort. Furthermore, it features two luminous lines along the back for convenience in the dark. It is perfect for long trips or daily usage alike. You can choose from either gray or black colors for less than $40.

View this Anti-theft backpack for MacBook 2016 here>>

7) Samsung T3 Portable USB-C SSD External Hard Drive

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesMacBooks are really not known for their storage. The storage they offer like 128 GB or 256 GB just can’t cut it. So, an extra hard drive always comes in handy. Therefore, we have this external hard drive with 2 TB of storage that provides SSD level performance for your MacBook Pro. It is constructed in a shock resistant way and also features secure encryption features. In addition, it has a USB-C interface and can give upto 450 MB/s transfer speeds. Now that’s just zippy fast!

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It is also available in a 1 TB version if you’re looking for something small. Also, it’s very nifty and lighweight as well. It costs about $730 at a discounted price if you hurry now!

Get this external SSD here>>

8) Direct Wire-n-Cable Premium 5-in-1 USB Type-C Hub

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AccessoriesAnother USB-C port Hub in 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories. This is originally meant for the 12″ MacBook but you can use it with the new MacBook Pro 2016 as well. This USB-C hub includes 2 USB-A ports, a micro-SD-card slot and an SD / MMC card slot. Also, it has another USB-C ports to make up for the one it occupies! So, with this you don’t lose any of the USB-C ports of your MacBook Pro.

Also, this USB-C Hub provides more functionality than the ones with only USB-A ports. Sure, it is a little more expensive than that one but it has way to much usefulness. You can choose from Gold, Gray or Space Gray for less than $45.

Check out this 5-in-1 USB-C Hub here>>

9) Mycestro Wearable Gesture Based Mouse

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AcNow this is something really interesting! A wearable wireless 3D mouse that tracks the movement of your fingers in 3D space and works accordingly. This can even change the way you use your MacBook Pro! It is very ergonomic, which means that you can hold your arm in any comfortable position and use this device. Also, it’s very comfortable to wear with adjustable finger strap and comfort lining. It weighs only half an ounce, so, you won’t really feel it’s there.

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It connects via a USB dongle for which you’ll need an adapter on the 13″ MacBook OLED 2016 though. But with this, you can stop groping for your mouse, and combined with the OLED Touch Bar, it can really improve your MacBook Pro experience. It will set you back about $150, but it’s totally worth it!

Check out this Wearable Mouse here>>

10) iSkelter Slate 2.0 Desk Space Mobile Lapdesk

10-Best-OLED-MacBook-Pro-13-2016-AcFinally, in 10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories, we have a mobile lap desk for using your 13″ MacBook Pro conveniently. This wooden lapdesk allows you to use your MacBook comfortably on your lap along with a mouse. It also features a display dock for placing your phones or tablets comfortably. The lapdesk is for a 11″ to 13″ laptops, so, your MacBook Pro can fit comfortably in it. In addition, the slate features cooling vents to prevent overheating.

The lapdesk is very strong and ultra-light so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can use it while on your bed or sofa, comfortably. It might not seem like much but it’s just that practical. It costs a little over $50 and you can choose between two wooden profiles.

Take a look at this lap desk for 13″ MacBook Pro here>>

So, this was  10 Best OLED MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 Accessories. Thank you for reading and hope you find all the accessories you are looking for. Stick with us for such information and news. There will a lot of USB C based accessories and peripherals coming out for the new Macbook 13 inch with Oled display as well as the 15 inch Macbook Pro.


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