10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE


The March 21 Apple Event is behind us, and since we’d already predicted everything Apple would be revealing then, it was not much of a show for me. They announced the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro next-gen whose specs were already all over, so, yeah, nothing new seems to have come out of it. Well, the iPhone SE is bound to be launching in the 31st of March, and with it, we’ll once again have 4″ iPhones in the market. The iPhone SE combines the body of the iPhone 5S with the specs of the iPhone 6S , proving that small phones, too, can be powerful. So, if you’re thinking of getting the new iPhone SE, and if you’ve used iPhone 5S in the past, then, you can use the same old case for it as well. But, if you’re anything like me, you won’t be satisfied until you get a new case for a brand new phone. So, let’s have a look at the 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE. 

Since the iPhone 5S cases perfectly fit the new iPhone SE, there are bound to be plenty of choices for the cases for  iPhone SE. So, let’s have a look at the premium ones in 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE.

1) Speck CandyShell Inked Tough Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SETo kick-off this list of 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE, this one is a cool inked dual-layer case by Speck. This case offers two layers of protection: a soft cushioned interior, and a tough outer hard cover. Together, it effectively protects your phone from almost all damages. Also, the outer cover features cool and vibrant ink designs making it look more stylish. The scratch resistant hard coating keeps the inked designs and vibrant colors intact and in pristine condition. Also, it features rubberized covers that protects buttons.

It is available in many vibrant colors and designs to choose from but this premium design doesn’t come cheap. Take a look at it here.


2) iCaseIT Handmade Premium Wood Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SETake a look at this sweet case for your iPhone SE. It is constructed of premium quality genuine natural wood combined with hard polycarbonate bumpers. This not only gives it a premium look, but also a premium feel on your hands and your iPhone SE. And since these cases have natural wood grain, which makes it unique so that no two cases are ever  the same. It is also very thin, light and super ergonomic in your hands while being super durable and strong.

Available in many wood designs, colors and carvings to choose from. Check them out at:


3) Verus Hi-Pro Shield Heavy Duty Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SENext on the list of 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE is this VRS design case from Verus. This case is a heavy duty armor for the iPhone SE with a slim and minimalistic profile. It is constructed of two layers: a soft inner TPU layer that absorbs shock and a hard outer that protects against serious collisions. The case also gives a premium vibe and feel through it’s design and finish and you can also proudly show off the apple logo.

It is available in four different colors to choose from. View it here.


4) Trianium Clear Cushion Shock-Absorbing Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SEIf you are one of those who prefer clear cases to show off the beauty and design of the iPhone SE, but still want some good protection, this one is the case to go. This is a dual layer clear case with a soft inner layer to absorb shock and a hard outer layer that resists heavy impacts. The case is also super slim with seamless design, and the crystal clear profile clearly enables you to show off the iPhone’s elegance.

It comes with a lifetime warranty as well, so you can know it is some premium stuff. View it here.


5) AceAbove Premium Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SEWhen you think premium, you think something stylish and classy and when it comes to classy, nothing says more so than leather cases. So, next up on 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE, is this genuine premium quality wallet leather case. It is made of high quality and genuine Cordoba leather. It is scratch resistant, and it’s wallet feature allows you to hold cards and cash as well. The outer texture also prevents slips by adding more grip.

It is available in two different colors to choose from. View it here.


6) Caseology Savoy Series Chrome Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SEA three layer case for the protection of your precious iPhone SE. What can get more premium than that? Get an effective protection with the tough outer polycarbonate layer, a very good and firm grip with the outer soft coating and also prevent scratches with the soft microfiber interior. It gives you good touch and feel with premium look and the rosy chrome color accents contrast with the sleek matte colors for indulgent beauty.

It is available in four different colors to choose from. View them here.


7) Snugg Leather Wallet Cover Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SEThis is another leather case that has made it into the list of 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE. Now this case doesn’t come cheap, but you will feel the difference when you hold it in your hands. It is made out of high quality leather material with very elegant craftmanship that makes it look premium. It features two card slots and a cash pocket as well. Also features a built-in foldable stand to support your iPhone SE.

Available in a wide range of vibrant color choices to choose from. View it here.


8) X-Doria Engage Plus Hard Cover Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SENow this here is a unique and stylish case for your iPhone SE that makes it premium in itself. It is constructed of hard and durable polycarbonate shell that protects your iPhone effectively. It shows off your iPhone’s premium design while adding a unique layer of another color to your device, making it look all the more cooler. It’s a matter of preference, though.

All the features are easily accessible with it. View the case here.


9) Wetherby Premium Design Skin Wallet Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SEFirst, this beauty will set you back around $50. Why? Well, this case is constructed out of genuine high quality leather and it’s 100% handcrafted. The genuine leather and outer design texture adds more beauty to it and more grip at the same time. The wallet feature offers four card slots and a cash pocket, so, you can leave your wallet at home! It can also protect your phone easily against scratches and dirt and such.

It is available in three different colors to choose from. Also available in different designs. Check it out here.


10) Totallee Super Ultra Thin Case for iPhone SE

10-Best-Premium-Case-for-iPhone-SELast but not the least in this list of 10 Best Premium Cases for iPhone SE, if you’re someone of a “slim-freak” or just like your phone to be super slim while still getting some level of protection, then this one here is for you. This is the thinnest case out there for the iPhone SE. We’re talking 0.014 inches thin! It is semi-transparent which also helps you show off your iPhone SE while providing protection at the same time. It’s extra brushed finish gives a texture that also provides extra grip on your phone. The ultimate case for minimalists!

Available in four different colors to choose from. View it here.


These are the 10 Best Premium Cases for the iPhone SE. Thanks for reading and stick with us for more such information and news.


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