10 Premium Best Blackberry Priv Cases and Covers

The Blackberry Priv has been released, and it’s got strange looks for a smartphone- A fully touch display piled up on a fully-functioning separate qwerty-keyboard that slides out when you want. It’s safe to say that it will give you good touch-experience combined with the Blackberry keyboard on an Android platform but will the design be feasible to users? Well, that’s not for me judge, but every phone needs a case and here are the best premium cases for the Blackberry Priv. Due to its strange design, the phone will go better with pouches than cases, so, we’ve included them as well in 10 Premium Best Blackberry Priv Cases and Covers.

1) Official Blackberry Priv Slide Out Hard Shell Caseblackberry-priv-incipio-case

This Slide Out Hard Shell Case is an official Blackberry Priv case by Blackberry itself, so, you can say that it will fit perfectly with full access to all ports, keys, and camera. It provides your Blackberry Priv reliable front and back protection from every day wear & tear and has a design that gives excellent grip. It is a lightweight case that can protect your phone without compromising usability.

It’s got a few colors to choose from and since it’s an official Blackberry case, it’s a little expensive as well. View it here.

2) Official Blackberry Priv Smart Leather Flip Caseblackberry-priv-case-official

This is also another one of Blackberry’s official cases for its Blackberry Priv. It’s made out of genuine Nappa leather with a premium elegant design that feels supple in your hands and won’t wear out with age. It features customized opening for a view of time, date and notifications easily and conveniently, automatic power-saving technology and the ability to talk with the case closed.

This, too, is a little expensive and is available to choose from two colors: Black and Brown.

3) Incipio Premium Case for Blackberry Privblackberry-priv-incipio-case

This is a premium case for the Blackberry Priv which can protect your phone from scratches and smudges when kept in your pocket and can also prevent pocket dialings. This is hand sewn fine and glossy fabric that makes it a perfect fit accessory for the Blackberry Priv, but will only fit it without any extra cases or bumpers. It features Integrated Hi-tech Microfiber lining for display and phone cleaning as well.

There are a number of fashionable colors to choose from, and this sleeve is quite affordable as well.

4) JLTL Smartphone Flip Wallet Clutch Bag for Blackberry Priv

This might look like a phone case but it’s a flip cover wallet clutch bag designed for the Blackberry Priv. It is made out of genuine high-quality leather with attractive design. It has slots for holding cards, cash, etc. along with your Blackberry Priv. It also protects your phone from daily wear & tears, scratches and dirt. Also, it’s got beautiful designs on the cover making it more fashionable.

You can choose from many different colors and attractive cover designs, all of which, are also cheap.

5) iTalkOnline Premium Leather Wallet Flip Case  for Blackberry Priv

Who doesn’t like wallet cases? They are multi-functional and stylish as well. So, this is a wallet leather case for the Blackberry Priv. It is made out of durable PU Leather material that can protect your Blackberry Priv from scratches, smudges, and dirt effectively. It has a slot for holding cards or cash as well. With unique suction-pad design and magnetic closure to secure your phone, this case is also very slim and compact.

There are a lot of vibrant and stylish colors to choose from and it also comes at a really affordable price.

6) OEM Leather Swivel Holster Pouch for Blackberry Priv

A leather pouch by Blackberry made for convenient phone carriage. This pouch is made out of genuine Nappa Leather and has Automatic Power-saving feature and gives access to USB ports for easy charge or data transfer while still inside the pouch. It has got a 360-degree rotating belt clip for easy carrying it on your belt. It can effectively protect your phone from scratches and smudges as well.

It also includes an original Blackberry screen wipe for cleaning your Blackberry Priv’s screen. It is also somewhat expensive.

7) KuGi Ultra-thin HD Screen Protector for Blackberry Priv

A phone sometimes needs more to protect it’s screen since some cases can’t do that. So, this is a screen protector for the Blackberry Priv. It is made out of Optical grade PET substrate material which provides high resistance to scratches and screen wear. It features full transparency without compromising your Blackberry Priv’s normal display. With self-adhering surface, you can attach it easily and then forget about it.

This ultra-thin screen protector is very durable and can effectively protect against dirt, dust, scratches, smudges, etc. A good combo with a case for perfect protection. View details here.

8) Velocity Faux Leather Pouch with Belt Clip for Blackberry Priv

Another pouch for the Blackberry Priv. This pouch provides convenient storage for your Blackberry Priv while also protecting it from dust, dirt, and scratches. It is made out of genuine high-quality leather and its insides are made so that it doesn’t scratch your phone from the inside. It’s also got a belt-clip for effective and easy storage of your phone, leaving your pockets free for other stuff.

It is only available in leather texture but the designs on the cover can be chosen from a wide range of such.

9) Genric Universal Leather Wallet Case for Blackberry Priv

This is a Universal case but is also compatible with the Blackberry Priv. It is a standard wallet case with slots for holding cards and cash beside your phone, made out of high-grade PU leather. It holds your Blackberry Priv inside securely with 3M tape without damaging the surface. It also features stylish and attractive designs on the cover with top UV printing that is permanent and bright coloured.

It is available in a wide range of vibrant and stylish designs and colours to choose from. View price and details here.

10) Lencca Kymira II Vegan Leather Flip Wallet Flip Case Pouch

It is also more of a phone wallet than a case. It is made out of durable weather resistant material that can protect your Blackberry Priv against scratches, dirt, and smudges and also repels water. It’s inside also has wallet features with slots for holding IDs, cards, and cash easily. Also has a detachable wrist chain for easy carry.

It is a very fashionable accessory, especially for the ladies and there are a lot of bright and attractive colors to choose from. View price and details here.

So, these were the best premium cases and covers for your phone. The Blackberry Priv’s strange and unique design is the reason there are more pouches and bags than phone cases as they are better than cases for the Blackberry Priv. Anyways, thanks for reading and stay in touch with us for more such information.

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