10 Top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage


Amazon Kindle Voyage is Amazon’s flagship E-Book Reader. Amazon sells other Kindle E-Book readers like the Kindle and the Kindle PaperWhite (which is the most popular of the three) too but if you have got the money and if you are looking for the best book reading experience, Kindle Voyage is the way to go. 

Amazon Kindle Voyage has a 6″ HD Screen with 300 pixels per inch. Texts look extremely sharp and it has extra features like PagePress Features you are sure to love. But this post isn’t about the Kindle Voyage itself but the top cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage you can buy right now. So, here is the run-down of the 10 Top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage you can buy right now.

1) Amazon Protective Leather Cover for Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

Amazon Protective Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage is the official cover for Kindle Voyage from Amazon. The protective Leather Cover is made from natural leather. The Origami stand in addition to that folds into portrait orientation for hands-free viewing. With over 410 purchases from Amazon, this is one of the best cover you can buy for the Kindle Voyage.

This case is available in 3 colours namely Red, Blue and Black. However, this case is a little costly compared to covers from 3rd party manufacturers.


2) Amazon Protective Cover for Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

Looking for a little cheaper case compared to the Leather Amazon Kindle Voyage Cover? Be sure to check out the Amazon Protective Cover for Kindle Voyage. It costs $20 less than the leather counterpart but is just as good.

In addition to that, the Protective Case for the Kindle Voyage is available in 5 exciting colours- 2 more than the colour option of Kindle Voyage.


3) Limited Edition Premium Leather Origami Cover for Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

If money is no problem to you, you should definitely get this case. This case as with the two aforementioned cover is made by Amazon itself. This case cover is the most expensive of the lot but this being the limited edition makes sense. Also, the leather used in making of this case is much more premium than the material used in the other two cases.

This case cover from Amazon is available in only one colour. This cover has a microfiber interior to protect the screen. Installing and removing the case is very easy.


4) Incipio Atlas Waterproof Cover for Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

This one certainly is an unique case. If you go a lot to beaches and take your Kindle Voyage to places where there is likely to be water, this is a really good cover. This case made into the Top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage because it just works so flawlessly. In addition to that, this case cover is one of a kind.

There are no other case manufacturers which have come up with water-proof case for the Kindle Voyage. As with most rugged cover, this cover is only available in one colour option- Black.


5) Incipio Journal Cover for Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

Incipio Journal Cover for Kindle Voyage is the best looking cover for the Kindle Voyage. This cover tops the Top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage list.

What’s more? This case is priced reasonably and won’t break the bank in any ways. The colour option is also just as good. The default brown colour is the one we like most.


6) SUPCASE Premium Ultra Slim Cover Case for Amazon Kindle VoyageTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

Not fond of flip cover style covers? I personally am not fond of such flip covers and like cases like this one. SupCase Premium Amazon Kindle Voyage Case is rugged and offers excellent protection to the tablet. This case is available in 2 colours. This is the best case-case in the Top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage list.


7) Kindle Voyage Case by ACdream with Auto Wake Sleep FeatureTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

This Amazon Kindle Voyage case looks and feels like the case from the E-Book Reader manufacturer itself. The case cover is available in 4 colours and costs fraction less money than from the case made by the manufacturer.

This cover from ACdream looks good and performs just as well.



8) ACcase Kindle Voyage SmartShell Protective CaseTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

What we liked most about this case had to be its colour option. This case is available in a lot of colours. It is also a smart case which means sleeping and waking of the tablet is automatic as you open or close the case cover.

This case is available in more than 10 colours and can be brought for as low as $20.


9) Fintie Kindle Voyage Folio Premium PU Leather Case Cover with Auto Sleep/WakeTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

This case is extremely similar to Incipio Journal Cover for Kindle Voyage. The only difference is the range of colours you can buy this case in. You will be surprised to learn that there are 15 colours to choose from when you are buying this case.

This case is also relatively cheap and works as you would expect a premium case to work. The case is available for less than $30.


10) VIMVIP Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Kindle Voyage Ultra-thin 9H Hardness 2.5DTop-Cases-for-Amazon-Kindle-Voyage

Don’t want to put on a case in your shiny Kindly Voyage? This may solve your problem. Get this tempered glass screen protector which will protect the screen of your Kindle Voyage from cracking in case of a drop.

This glass screen protector is available for limited-time only for less than $10. So grab one before the deal expires.


Amazon Kindle Voyage is the best E-Book Reader you can buy if you are serious about reading books. If you are not that much into reading and just want to buy E-book to read some basic books, you are better off with tablets like Amazon Kindle HDX or the nVidia Shield Tablet.  You can read the review of the Kindle Voyage here (CNet) and here (Engadget).

These are the top Cases for Amazon Kindle Voyage you can buy today. We hope you liked at least one of them. All of them are hand-picked. None of them have any flaws.


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