5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards


Okay. So, the new MacBook Pro OLED 2016 is out and about. It’s interesting to look at and has a lot of interesting features in it. But, the keyboard of this new MacBook Pro is smaller than before and has less travel. Sure, we’ll get used to it but it’ll take time. And since I’ve been using external keyboards with my laptops, I just find them more comfortable and more productive. With an external keyboard, you can sit in any weird position you want while working and it’s also less stress on your hands. An external keyboard is a must have laptop accessory now. So, here are the 5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards

Also, for the MacBook Pro OLED 2016, if you want those Function keys, you gotta have an external keyboard. So, here they are. The 5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards.

1) Apple Magic Keyboard

5-best-2016-oled-macbook-pro-keyboardsWhat would go best with the new MacBook Pro 2016? An official keyboard by Apple would definitely be the best choice. So first, up in 5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards is the Apple Magic Keyboard. It has improved scissor mechanism underneath each key for increased stability and optimized key travel for lower profile. This Magic keyboard provides a remarkably comforting typing experience.

It pairs automatically with your MacBook Pro OLED with Bluetooth, so, no need for set-ups. Also, the battery lasts up to a month on a single charge. It costs about a $100, but it’s worth it for the typing experience it gives.

Check out this keyboard for the new MacBook Pro 2016 here>>

2) Smick Foldable Wireless Keyboard

5-best-2016-oled-macbook-pro-keyboardsHere’s something ultra-portable and easy to carry. This foldable wireless keyboard is lightweight and has very less form-factor yet has most of the necessary keys in it. It turns on when you open it and turns off when you fold it. How easy is that? It connects to your MacBook Pro 2016 via Bluetooth 3.0 and can work from up to 10 meters. It’s aircraft grade aluminum alloy texture makes it strong and durable as well.

With 2-3 hrs of charge, it can last for up to 100 hrs in continuous usage and 60 days in standby mode. You can pick up from any of Gold, Silver and White colors for less than $40.

Have a look at this folding keyboard for MacBook Pro 2016 here>>

3) Kanex Multi-Sync Wireless Keyboard


Next up, on 5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards, is this full-size multi-sync keyboard. It is an ideal option for those who want to switch between multiple bluetooth devices quickly while working. With this, you can sync up to 4 bluetooth devices including iPads, tablets, MacBooks, etc. with Bluetooth 3.0. Switching between devices is super easy with just one button and the connection lasts up to 33 ft.

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It has a simple and sleek design with the familiar desktop keyboard layout. You can choose from either Black or White for less than $60.

Take a look at this multi-sync keyboard for MacBook Pro here>>

4) Gosin Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad

5-best-2016-oled-macbook-pro-keyboardsHere we have a wireless keyboard and a trackpad combined as one. It is a full-size keyboard minus the numeric keys. In place of the numeric keys, you have a trackpad, so that you can work comfortably without an external mouse. It’s highly portable and fashionable. Made out of high-quality ABS-plastic, it’s also very durable. This keyboard connects to your MacBook Pro via Bluetooth 3.0 and has an operating distance upto 10 meters.

In addition, it has auto-sleep function which lets it go to stand-by mode when not in use. Therefore, the battery can last quite a while. You can choose from either black or white for less than $35.

View this keyboard for MacBook Pro 2016 here>>

5) Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

5-best-2016-oled-macbook-pro-keyboardsFinally, in the 5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards, we have this Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard. Now, this isn’t Bluetooth compatible nor has USB-C Unifying receiver. You’ll have to use an adapter on your MacBook Pro 2016 to use this keyboard. But nevertheless, it’s one of the best keyboards for MacBook Pro out there. It is a full-size keyboard with a standard set of keys and has the familiar Mac layout. The ultra-thin design adds sleek style while the concave key-designs make for a better typing experience.

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In addition, you won’t have any battery hassles as it can be powered with any light source: even a flashlight! Also, it can last for up to 3 months on a single full-charge. You can choose from either Black or Silver for just over $50. Quite a deal – only it’s USB-A and you need an adapter but it’s worth it.

Check out this Solar Keyboard for MacBook Pro here>>

So, these were the  5 Best 2016 OLED MacBook Pro Keyboards. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information. As new accessories and keyboards become available for the Macbook Pro Oled 2016, we will make sure to update this list. As always, thanks for reading this post.


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