5 Best Apple iPad Pro accessories


With Apple releasing the iPad Pro this month, some have labelled it the best tablet yet and some have also stated that it could replace PCs. The iPad Pro has a lot of exciting and new features and also an excellent battery life. With the iPad Pro, Apple have certainly raised the bar for tablet developments.

The iPad Pro comes with many new features as well as the classic old ones. If you are keen to know more about the iPad Pro, click here. Now you may be one of those who has bought your very own iPad Pro or you may be looking to buy it, there is no denying the iPad Pro is a wonderful and tempting device. But there are additions that can be made to the device to enhance its functionality and usage. So, here is a list of 5 Best Apple iPad Pro accessories currently available.

1) iPad Pro Tablet Holder Stand, Rotatable Desktop Holder 


This is basically a stylish stand for the iPad Pro. You might find it difficult to hold the iPad in your hand for a long time while using it. So, this aluminium stand allows you to attach the iPad Pro in the front case and allows for convenient use of the device. While attached, you can also rotation the iPad Pro at a 270° viewing angle. The stand has an anti-slip silicone feet under the bottom of the holder suitable for the desk at your home, office or anywhere else.

This stand is also available in Amazon and if you want more details on the price, check out the link below.


2) Apple pencil


It is a special stylus developed just for the iPad Pro. Apple Pencil is quite expensive and you have to buy it separately, it would cost about $99. The tip is packed with sensors that work with the display to detect the position, force, and tilt, that means you can press lightly for a thin stroke and harder to get a darker, wider stroke. You can also pop off the end to reveal a Lightning connector for charging. If you like to jot notes by hand, quickly annotate documents, or sketch artwork, you’re probably going to want one. The Apple pencil is a very convenient device if you own the iPad Pro.

Check it out here>>

3) ZILU 16800 mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank 

5-Best-Apple-iPad-Pro-accessoriesThe iPad Pro has an impressive 10307 mAh battery in it, but you are bound to run out of juice from time to time, and it pays to have a little extra with you. This Zilu power bank is rated at 16800 mAh, and you will get a complete recharge for your iPad Pro from it. It’s also fairly compact and it charges quickly. The portability just makes it better as well.


The power bank can be bought from Amazon and has also different renditions of colour, for the price and colour choice, check out the link below.


4) Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus


If you really want a stylus for sketching, and you like the idea of painting on your iPad Pro too, then check out this offering from Sensu. You can use the rubber stylus for sketching, but you can also pull off the cover and insert the stylus the other way round, to reveal an artist’s brush with a comfortable grip. It has a big tip, so you can use it from any angle, but it isn’t ideal if you want precision or you intend to use it for note taking. It’s definitely one for the artists.

Check out the link below if you are interested in buying the Artist brush and stylus.


5) iPad Pro Magnetically Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Smart Cover with Note Holder 


This is a special case for your iPad Pro. The leather case comes with a magnetically detachable wireless Bluetooth keyboard. For those of you who find it easier to type in a keyboard, this is an accessory you have to have. The special design of the case comes with a note holder and it helps to take some files or notes while on the go. The elastic strap secures your precious tablet even better. This keyboard case comes with a stylus holder as well.

You can find different colours of the case as well and for the price of this extension, click the link below.


That is all for this list of 5 Best Apple iPad Pro accessories, keep referring to our page for more updates of similar contents and thanks a lot for reading. Visit 1i1o.com for latest tech news and reviews.


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