5 Best Google Nexus 6 Cases


The Nexus series of smartphone is developed by Google and is one of the best range of smartphones available in the market. The Nexus 6 is developed by Motorola and by far the best Nexus smartphone Google has come up with. Nexus consists of Android Lollipop 5.0 (upgradable to 5.1) and has some very attractive features along with a elegant body.Of course people would want to protect their prized possessions such as the Nexus 6, and for that, here is a list of 5 Best Google nexus 6 cases available in the market.

1) Ultra Slim Protection Case Cover for Google Nexus 6 (Transparent)Best-google-Nexus-6-Cases

The most likeable feature about the Ultra Slim Protection Case Cover for Google Nexus 6 is that it is ultra slim and very nifty. This makes the phone more handy and easier to carry around and will not be extra bulk. It consists of high quality shock-absorbent thermoplastic fibres that protects Google Nexus 6 from unwanted scratches and bumps. It is a case with a transparent centre that retains the original design of your device. The front part has an optimal lift which lifts screen lip from your device’s screen from the surface when placed face down. It is designed in such a way that you can have easy access to all the buttons, ports and features.

This ultra slim case comes in 4 colours and costs less than 15$. It is one of the best covers for the Nexus 6 and is worth buying.


2)Nexus 6 Case i-Blason Prime Series Holster Cover with Kickstand and Locking Belt    Best-google-Nexus-6-Cases

This amazing case comes with a holster cover and a kickstand for easier access. the kickstand feature can be used for watching movies or working on texts with less effort. The outer hard shell is constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate and double enforced with a shock absorbing silicone in the inside. The corners have double thick silicone for outstanding protection against drops and other impacts. This tough case is very durable and absorbs impact force. It consists of a newly improved side-mount holster for more secure and easier mounting and dismounting of the phone. This case has very precise cuts and design and is attractive as well.

The case comes in 3 different colours and if you are looking for features as well as functions, then this will be a perfect buy.


3)Nexus 6 Case OBLIQ Shock Resistance Soft TPU Jelly Cases 


The Shock Resistance Soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Jelly Case is very elegant, slim and has precision cuts for Nexus 6. It is easier to handle as it has comfortable grips on the sides and has anti-slip feature to prevent accidental drops. This neat cover is made from flexible material yet is very strong and can easily resist shocks and scratches. It is very slim and doesn’t take bulk space.

This simple yet elegant case comes in 4 different colours. This case portrays simplicity at its finest.


4) i-Blason Google Nexus 6 Phone Case Hybrid Full-body Protective Case with Front Cover and Built-in Screen Protector


This tough cover comes with an added feature of front protective cover and a built in screen protector giving extra all round protection. It has a hard shell with flexible inner core layer which provides protection from drops and scratches. It also gives extra shock protection. It has fine cuts and designs making it easier to access all the ports and features.

This extra protective cover comes in 3 attractive colours and is priced right. If you really want to protect your phone from external calamities, then this case would be an excellent choice.


5)Snugg Nexus 6 Case – Leather Wallet Case with Lifetime Guarantee Best-google-Nexus-6-Cases

The Snugg Nexus 6 Case – Leather Wallet Case with Lifetime Guarantee is a classic wallet type case which boasts an amazing feature of a lifetime guarantee. Ensuring a lifetime guarantee is not a small deal and this case ensures you with that feature. It is made up of high quality material and is a perfect fit. It gives and added specification of card slots and hidden pockets. It also has a built in stand to support the phone in a horizontal way. This amazingly handy case also comes with a magnetic strap to handily close the cover and keep everything intact.

If you are a busy person and one who likes everything managed and in one place, then this is a perfect case for you.


These are the 5 Best Google Nexus 6 Cases. If you want to know more about the phone itself, you can follow this link: Nexus6


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