5 Best iPhone 6S Accessories Deals: Black Friday 2015


With the release of the new iPhone 6S, there are many who have got the iPhone 6S and there are still others who are rushing to buy it, and when you buy it, there’s always a familiar itch to pick up some new accessories that go along with your iPhone 6S that can help you get the best out of your iPhone. With the amount of third parties that make accessories, you can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of accessories available and it’s certainly confusing about which can be the best for you. And if your pocket is feeling light after the purchase of a brand new iPhone, then, this is the best time to pick up accessories for it with Black Friday approaching. Here, we have compiled a list of the best accessories for your iPhone 6S which are available in great deals. So, read on 5 Best iPhone 6S Accessories Deals: Black Friday 2015

1) Apple Watch

5-Best-iPhone-6S-Accessories-Deals-Black-Friday-2015The Apple Watch might be expensive, but it is a very good tech accessory. Why would you need it? Well, in your busy schedule, your phone bustles with notifications and it’s just not practical that you reach in your pocket or bag everytime  to look at it. The Apple Watch connects to your iPhone 6S and gives you the freedom of not having to look at your phone everytime. Not only that, but the Apple Watch itself comes with a variety of apps and functionality that helps you a lot in your daily life, like Heart-rate monitor, Fitness apps, and others. You can pretty much do everything your iPhone does with it: make calls, surf web, and all. So, if you’ve got the iPhone 6S, why not get the best companion for it?


Plus, with Black Friday 2015 coming, you can get sweet deals on this amazing device. Amazon is already offering a great deal for it. Check it out down below.


2) FRE LifeProof Water Resistant Cases for iPhone 6S

5-Best-iPhone-6S-Accessories-Deals-Black-Friday-2015Let’s face it, even if  the iPhone 6S might boast some level of water resistance, it’s not entirely good enough to risk it. So, the Fre Lifeproof case for iPhone 6S can be the best protection you can find for your precious phone. It is also water resistant, for upto 2 metres of water for an hour and also snowproof, which combined with the 6S’ already provided water resistance, this is gonna be the toughest combo protection! Also, it has built-in scratch protector which is virtually invisible to the naked eyes, provides full access to all ports and speakers, and is able to withstand drops and shocks very effectively.

So, this case will be a very good accessory for your iPhone 6S’ protection. This particular one is available for grabs at a discounted price for Black Friday. Check it out down below.


3) Jabra Move Wireless On-Ear Headphones

5-Best-iPhone-6S-Accessories-Deals-Black-Friday-2015If you want to upgrade the somewhat disappointing set of headphones that come with the iPhone 6S when you buy it, then you should consider the Jabra Move Wireless headphone. This has been ranked as one of the best headphones for iPhone for 2015, and rightfully so, as it’s not very expensive but provides a good deal for your money. This headphone connects through Bluetooth 4.0 and also has built-in NFC for easy pairing. It provides you with 8 hrs of music on single charge and also includes a detachable cord, should you run out of battery. With it’s simple and comfortable design, and it’s crisp and clear audio that can compete with most branded headphones, this can be a very good headphone to replace the one you have.

Also, you can now get it in Amazon with a great discount, because it’s Black Friday month! Check it here.


4) GoGo Universal Selfie Stick

5-Best-iPhone-6S-Accessories-Deals-Black-Friday-2015If you’ve got the iPhone 6S, you know you can’t stay without taking pictures with it’s awesome camera. The very good EyeSight Camera of iPhone gets a boost in the iPhone 6S, making it better than ever. And so, taking selfies will be your favorite activity. If so, you should get an accessory to help take better selfies- the GoGo universal Selfie stick, which boasts to be number one and is compatible with all iOS and Android Devices. It extends upto 3.5 ft, is very lightweight, and equipped with SoftGrip technology, that holds your phone securely. It’s very easy to pair with your Bluetooth and easy to take selfies too.

It’s available for half the original price on Amazon. Check it here.


5) Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device

5-Best-iPhone-6S-Accessories-Deals-Black-Friday-2015It’s pretty upsetting for Apple fans that the base model iPhone 6S have such less storage space and the ones with large storage are expensive. So, you can enhance your device storage with this private cloud device. It’s compatible with almost all platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS and other smartphones. You can easily store your files and share them instantly. This device is also compatible with AirPlay, so, another great advantage for movie lovers.  With this, even your phone can hold several terabytes of data, and since this isn’t some distant servers, your data is safe.

It’s an amazing device for iPhone base models. However, it’s not on sale for Black Friday right now, but it’s sure to be once the big day comes. View it down below by clicking the link.


So, this was 5 Best iPhone 6S Accessories Deals: Black Friday 2015 with the best deals for iPhone 6S accessories. Thanks for reading and happy shopping! Keep with us for more such exciting Black Friday deals info and news.


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