5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016


Keyboards are the most underrated devices in any computer. It’s true. Yes, when we buy a computer, we will look at all the specs it has to offer, but we’ll make do with any keyboard. But keyboards matter more than we think. You might not feel it, but once you get a good keyboard, you’ll never go back. Sure, it depends on what you are looking for: a simple keyboard or a classy high-end one or a gaming keyboard or even a portable one. There are lots to choose from. So, if you are confused, here are some options. And since Black Friday 2016 is near, you can get some slick deals on these. So, look out for them this Black Friday! Here are the 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016. 

The following list of 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016 contains mostly high-end keyboards of 2016 which might be a little pricey. So, if you are looking for something cheap, this isn’t for you. Anyways, here they are – 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016. We are sure that you will like at least one of them. This list is updated frequently so you get best of deals.

1) Das Keyboard Prime 13

5-Best-Keyboards-to-buy-Black-Friday-2016First up on 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016, is this badass Das Keyboard Prime 13. Now, it looks simple but it’s got a solid aluminum body making it very durable. It’s got the Cherry MX mechanical key switches; meaning it’s mechanical switches provide quite comfortable typing. It’s got a USB 2.0 port right on it which is good to have as an extra than on your computer. It features White LED Backlighting on the keys only, which provide good contrast on the keys in dim light.

Also, it offers quick media controls via function keys which is really a handy feature. It’s got quite the compactness for a full size keyboard and it’s wired, by the way. It’s not very affordable, but provides one of the most premium typing experience ever. For now, you can get it for less than $150, but it might soften of Black Friday. Check out the Das Keyboard Prime 13 here>>

Check out the Das Keyboard Prime 13 here>>

2) Qwerkywriter Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

5-Best-Keyboards-to-buy-Black-Friday-2016Typewriters are all but gone but if you still want that classic old-school typewriter experience, the Qwerkywriter is for you. It is a vintage typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard which looks and feels like a typewriter. It has an all aluminum body and clicky mechanical switches with vintage round keycaps. This is wireless which connects via Bluetooth to your device: computer, phones or tablets.

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Also, it has an integrated tablet stand that can fit upto tablets as large as the 12″ iPad Pro. It gives a very good clicky typing experience and a fresh vintage look to your devices. This could actually be a very fancy addition to your desktop. You can have it now for less than $300 for now. Have a look at the vintage Qwerkywriter here>>

Have a look at the vintage Qwerkywriter here>>

3) Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard

5-Best-Keyboards-to-buy-Black-Friday-2016Up next on  5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016, is something for the gamers out there. This is something, any gamer can be sastisfied with. It has a full aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum body for superior quality and Cherry MX Key Switches for fast performance. The Backlighting is pretty good with Rainbow color pattern for great visibility. Also, this one features 18 G-Keys customizable for upto 108 macros in various modes for some smooth gaming experience.

The body is rigid and quite large. It features media controller keys as well on the other side. In addition, you have quite a large and comfortable detachable wrist rest. You can customize the macro keys with it’s software which can be quite difficult to master, though. So, this is for someone who’s into hardcore gaming. You can have this now for just $180. Have a look at this awesome gaming keyboard here>>

Have a look at this awesome gaming keyboard here>>

4) Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

5-Best-Keyboards-to-buy-Black-Friday-2016If you want to use multiple devices with a single keyboard, then, this one can be for you. The Logitech K780 is a wireless keyboard than can connect with upto three devices: either computers, or tablets or phones via Bluetooth. You can also easily switch between the devices with an easy flick of a switch. It is compatible with all kinds of OS: Mac, iOS, Windows or Android.

It is a full size keyboard with all the standard keys and numberpad. The keys are soft and quiet and quite comfortable to type on. The keys are round and smooth that give a pleasure to type on. It runs with AA batteries, though. For now, you can purchase it for $80.

View this Logitech Wireless keyboard here>>

5) Microsoft All-in-One Universal Media Keyboard

5-Best-Keyboards-to-buy-Black-Friday-2016Finally, in 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016, we have another wireless keyboard. It is also really affordable one on this list. This is the Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard. You can connect to your PC, smart TVs or gaming consoles via USB Wireless for any purpose like gaming, surfing the web or media watching. It has set of extra keys for controlling the media besides the standard keyboard layout like Volume Control or Play / Pause, etc.

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Also, it features a Multi-Touch trackpad for effortless navigation. It has a flat, durable and spill-resistant design. This one is an all-purpose keyboard: very convenient and practical for almost anything. You can get this now for just $25.

Check out this Microsoft All-Purpose Media Keyboard here>>


These were the 5 Best Keyboards to buy Black Friday 2016. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news. Keep checking out such and add these items on your wishlist for the upcoming Black Friday 2016!


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