5 Best Keyboards to buy: Black Friday 2017


Whether you are a gamer or a professional, you can’t deny how important your keyboard is. We take it for granted but we spend our life hacking away on it. So, a good keyboard might help you turn your everyday chores around on your computer. When you set out to buy a keyboard, you will be overwhelmed by their diversity in the market. There are cheap to pricey, fancy to functional, wired or wireless, etc. so, here are the best keyboards for you to choose from.And this is the right time to get a keyboard, with Black Friday deals going off already and also Cyber Monday coming up. So, check out the 5 Best Keyboards to buy: Black Friday 2015 and choose whichever suits your need best.

1) Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac

This keyboard is the Mac version of the Logitech Wireless 750 keyboard. This is only for Mac users, though and it is a good alternative over the Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard. The best thing about this keyboard is that it works not only on sunlight but ANY light, even indoors, which makes battery hassles a thing of the past.

It has a very streamlined design: only 1/3″ thick & with its high-quality plastic build, it’s also lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. It has the familiar Mac layout: all the keys are where you are used to and it works right out of the box, no additional software installation required. The top of the keyboard has two sets of solar panels for charging which can be charged with any light, so, even if you’re always indoors, you don’t have to worry about taking it outside to charge. To know if you’ve got enough charge or not, there’s an indicator as well as an app, the Solar Logitech App, which you can download after it’s installation.It connects to your MacBook or your iMac via Logitech Unifying Receiver, so, a USB port needs to be dedicated to your keyboard, but the Unifying receiver can connect up to 6 other additional devices. The upside is that the setup for it much easier than that of a Bluetooth keyboard and connection is more reliable. Also, this keyboard features concave designed keys, which make for a comfortable, quieter and faster typing. This is one hell of a good keyboard for you and it has a three years warranty.

It originally costs like $60 but black Friday deals are on, so, you can already get it for $10 less, or if you wait, you might be able to snag it for less on Cyber Monday. But it’s already a pretty sweet deal.

Check out this Keyboard here>>

2) AULA LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard might not be the most sophisticated or the best gaming keyboard there is, but it is affordable and surprisingly very functional which has put the AULA LED Backlit Gaming keyboard in this list of 5 Best Keyboards to buy: Black Friday 2015. Because the most expensive is not always the best, and when you save money on a keyboard, you gamers can go for what really matters, like the best graphics card or a very powerful CPU!

This keyboard is simple, thin and of average weight, not that it matters as it’s going to stay near your PC anyway. It’s, of course, wired and has the full set of keys of a standard keyboard. It’s got a very stylish design that gives away it’s a gaming keyboard, with gripping pads beneath the keys you would mostly use while gaming. Also, it’s backlit feature makes it easy for gaming with lights out. There are four gears to adjust between the three colorways lighting: Red, Blue and Purple and various lighting effects.

You also get a kit to remove keys and a set of 8 blank transparent keys should you choose to replace any for convenient gaming purposes. It also has the Windows-key lock feature for uninterrupted gaming. Its back surface is fully transparent to make it more stylish. It has 1 or 2 extra keys which you might have to get used to, but that’s no big deal. The only inconvenience is that the palm rest or grip pad doesn’t cover the whole key-set, so, it might be a little uncomfortable while normally typing, but other than that, it’s pretty good for gamers on a budget.

You can get in on Amazon now for around $25, which is pretty affordable, and with the Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday 2015 near, the price might go lower. There are also other versions of this keyboard available for various prices. View this keyboard here.

View this Aula Keyboard here>>

3) Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

If you spend your most days hacking away at your keyboard, like for instance, if you are a programmer or someone who does a lot of typing, you know the uncomfortable feeling of having your wrists in an awkward position and sometimes, it hurts. So, here we have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard, which is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency.


The keyboard is big & occupies a lot of desk space, but it’s all worth it. Its Ergonomic design helps you place your wrists at a comfortable angle which includes a soft-cushioned palm rest. It has split design in the middle so that your wrists stay away from each other, making typing more comfortable. It also has all the standard keys plus some extra keys above the number keypad for convenient data-entry or calculations. 

Also, the indicator lights are placed down below on the raised edge, which helps you see them more clearly and you can make out which of your keys are on, such as the Caps Lock. Another interesting feature is that it possesses a set of five silver keys that are re-programmable to do any particular thing, like open your browser at the touch of a button, etc. which will decrease the amount of “mousing” you do. Moreover, it has a Zoom-Slider in the middle of the split-edge, which helps you zoom in and out of documents and screens with the touch of a finger.

This keyboard is all designed for comfort and convenience and it’s designed makes it much more useful than other expensive keyboards for typing and it can also minimize the number of wrist problems you might face with other keyboards. It’s already available on Amazon for a much-discounted price for just above $30. View it here.

Check out this Microsoft Keyboard here>>

4) Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

For those looking for cut-throat technology at their fingertips, this is the one keyboard that might satisfy you. The CTX Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is a remarkable device, that projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface which connects to your device via Bluetooth and you can easily pair it with your device without requiring any additional software. You can use it on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, PC, laptops or Mac. It works on battery and comes with a USB cord for recharging it.

The keyboard is a standard laptop keyboard, with no Number Keypad or Function keys, for that matter. It is very small and compact, designed to be more suitable to phones and tablets rather than computers. This can also be switched to use as a mouse if you press a key. The brightness can be increased or decreased according to preference and the best thing about it is it’s portability, due to its size.

However, this has more flaws than advantages. First, it’s very small and those who are used to laptops and PCs will have difficulty in using it accurately. The Mouse feature doesn’t work with a Mac, only for Windows and the absence of Function keys on some models make it all the more inconvenient for computers. It also requires a dark environment to fully be visible, which is not always possible. Gamers take note: this keyboard is USELESS for you. And it’s not a very good bargain for the price you pay for it.

The original price was above $100 but for the Black Friday, it is now $99 on Amazon, which, if you ask me, is silly money for something which serves very less purpose. It is not very functional, only a fancy gadget that you can show-off, really. So, buy it at your own risk. View it here.

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5) Logitech Wireless Wave Combo Mk550: Keyboard + Laser Mouse

The Logitech Wireless Wave Combo includes a Logitech K350 model keyboard and M510 Mouse. These devices are wireless and both connect to your computer via a Logitech Unifying Receiver with a powerful 2.4 GHz spectrum, NOT Bluetooth. You can connect and use up to 6 additional compatible devices through the receiver as well. Both the keyboard and the mouse run on NON-rechargeable batteries.

The design of the keyboard is also pretty ergonomic, which provides enough comfort for using. It has raised edges in the middle and somewhat at the sides, so, the “wave” actually comes from its design. It also includes the cushioned palm rest for comfort and features two levels of prop-up angles for convenience. The keyboard has somewhat of a strange layout than the standard ones, with some keys being re-arranged in different positions than we’re used to. It also features other sets of re-programmable keys to carry out functions according to your requirements and an easy Zoom-in / Zoom-out feature key on the side.

The mouse is also pretty good, has five buttons and works on non-rechargeable battery as well. The mouse is sensitive to touch and both these devices can work from up to 10 meters of range. The battery life offered is pretty good, Logitech claims it should last up to 3 years but it will definitely vary according to the computing conditions. The re-arranged format on the keyboard can take a while to get used to, and the extra buttons on the mouse is a little uncomfortable while holding it which is the only flaw I can point out. You have to set it up with a software that comes with the keyboard, which is also fairly easy.

This combo Wave package is already available on Amazon for $30 off, so, you should definitely get it now while the offer lasts. This is a pretty good set, even for gamers and professionals alike. View it here.

Get this Logitech Keyboard here>>

So, this was 5 Best Keyboards to buy: Black Friday 2015. You never really know how shitty your keyboard is until you try a better one, that’s for sure. So, this Black Friday, get yourself a new keyboard, suitable to your needs. Thanks for reading and stay with us for more such information.


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