5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019

Your mouse is the most direct connection between you and your computer. It is also the most important, I guess. While any mouse can be good enough for day-to-day use, a good mouse will change the way you work. Your work will be more tolerable, gaming will be much better and you could even feel more connected to your computer. There are many types of Mice, but it will boil down to what you’re looking for. Gaming, Working, Media or just Daily Usage. Here are some considerable options for you to choose from. Also, Black Friday 2019 is coming up and surely, you are going to get great deals on some of these computer mice. So, have a look at the 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019 and make up your wishlist.

Just a heads up, the following list of 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019 contains mostly high-end mice. But it contains all kinds of mice for you to decide which one’s for you.

1) Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

master-mxLogitech’s MX Master is everywhere these days. So, it’s also first up on 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019. It is large in size, but it is really comfortable to use. Its unique design makes it sit comfortably in your hand and it can track anywhere: from glass surfaces to high-glossy surfaces with its laser tracking sensors. You can connect it with up to 3 devices either with a Unifying Receiver, or Bluetooth and switch between them are easy, with just a touch of a button.

Also, it features a unique Thumb Wheel for horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. In addition, it can last up to 40 days on a single charge with its advanced power management. You get three color choices: Stone, Black, and Navy for as little as $70. This is the mouse I use personally and it also happens to be my personal favorite in this list of 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019.

Check out the MX Master here>>

2) Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse

Something else to look at, isn’t it? Well, this is the Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless Mouse designed for comfort. It is flexible in design and has unique features to suit your convenience. You can easily turn it on / off by curving it up or flattening it down. And you can scroll easily by just swiping with your fingers for easy navigation. Also, it features Blue Tracking technology, making tracking on almost any surface possible.

It connects to your computer via USB Unifying Receiver and is super portable. Only thing is, it is non-rechargeable with up to 6 months of battery life. You can get it now for just a little over $40. For anyone who travels frequently, you can’t really go wrong with this mouse. Don’t be fooled, this mouse isn’t only for those who use Microsoft Surface. It works just as well on MacBook and other windows laptop.

Have a look at the flexible Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse here >>

3) Anker 2.4 G Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Next up on 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019, is this vertical ergonomic mouse. Now, this is a whole different thing to look at but it is designed for your comfort. This mouse sits vertically, and you use it as if you’re shaking hands with someone. This scientific and ergonomic design makes for comfortable arm positions for smoother movement and less strain. It feels strange to use at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll like it.

Also, it features extra buttons for Next / Previous options while Media watching or web browsing. And with up to 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking it gives great sensitivity and precise tracking on surfaces. Connects via USB Receiver. Furthermore, it’s also quite affordable, priced at less than $20 for now.

Take a look at this Anker vertical mouse here>>

4) Mad Catz R.A.T ProX Precision Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Okay, this is something only for the toughest and most hardcore gamers because it costs $200! Yes, it is pretty expensive, even for a gaming mouse, but it gives you so many features that none other mice can give you. First, it has an amazing Transformer look. Then, it is customizable for everything, every action you need. It features things like Swappable sensors, scroll wheel, palm rests, all according to your necessity or comfort.

It just has tons of features! In addition, you can have up to 90 programmable commands downloadable software for your PC with 10 programmable buttons and 9 modes. Also, it is made out of premium components like Titanium Magnesium alloy and carbon fiber. So, it’s an overpowered gaming mouse. Looking for an ultimate gaming mouse, we put this mouse in the top in this list of 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019.

View this Pro Gaming Mouse here>>

5) Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Finally, in this list of 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019, we have another one by Microsoft. This is nothing fancy. Just a simple mouse that works! It has a very small and compact design for comfort and it’s ambidextrous design makes it suitable for use with either hand. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and works on most surfaces smoothly. In addition, it features 4-way scroll wheel for navigating up, down and sideways as well.

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Its battery can last up to a year which is quite nice. This mouse is suitable for work and day to day casual use. It’s also really affordable at less than $20. You can choose from Black, Azul or Dark Red colors. Look, a mouse doesn’t always have to be fancy. It has to get the work done and this Microsoft Mouse 3600 certainly does it. You can really not go wrong with this mouse. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend you on getting this mouse in this list of 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019.

Check out this simple Microsoft mouse here >>

These were the 5 Best Mice to buy Black Friday 2019. Hope you made up your mind for the coming Black Friday. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news.

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