5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases


The HTC U Ultra is the upcoming new phone of the Taiwanese phone company, HTC. With it’s bold combination of specs and bold design, it could be a great phone. But it will come with an expensive price tag and we’ll have to see whether that’ll be worth it. However, the phone, supposed to release in sometime, this March, packs some interesting specs. In a metal and glass body, it packs a 5.7″ QHD Dual display which makes for some convenience. In terms of hardware, it packs Snapdragon 821 as SoC and is supported by 4 GB RAM.  The cameras are great with OIS and 4K video recording. However, the phone decides to remove the headphone jack and that can be a turn off. Anyways, let’s check out the best cases for this upcoming phone in 5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases

Since the phone is yet to arrive in the markets, many cases aren’t out there. So, these are the best of the ones that are available. We’ll be sure to update with the arrival of new ones in the market. For now, these are the 5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases:

1) Belk Premium Retro Leather Wallet Case for HTC Ultra

5-best-premium-htc-u-ultra-casesWhat else can say premium more than leather cases? So, first up on 5 Best Premium HTC U Ulra Cases, we have just that. This case is made out of premium PU leather and hand-stitched for the perfect and solid form. The case can protect your phone against scratches, scuffs and small impacts. It has the wallet feature that allows you to store 3 cards and some cash comfortably. The flip cover can also function as a kickstand for easy media watching.

You can choose from four different colors for as less as $11.

Check this premium leather case out here>>

2) Sparin Crystal Clear Soft Premium Case for HTC U Ultra

5-best-premium-htc-u-ultra-casesNext up on 5 Best Premium HTC U Ulra Cases, we have this crystal clear case for those who want to show off the HTC U Ultra. The U Ultra has quite an elegant design, and if you want to show it off, you can do so with this transparent case that won’t compromise it’s beauty. This case is made of premium TPU material that can protect your phone by absorbing shock. It’s soft, flexible, thin and very lightweight. Also, it is quite nifty for the large phone.

You can get this case for less than $9 for now.

Have a look at this clear and soft case here>>

3) ATUS Hybrid Premium Protection Case for HTC U Ultra

5-best-premium-htc-u-ultra-casesFor some premium protection, this hybrid case is just the right thing. This case has dual layers of soft silicone on the inside and is enforced by hard PC on the outside. The combination can safeguard your phone against most kind of drops and impacts effectively. Also, it’s not very rugged and is comparatively slimmer than other muscular cases. In addition, the brushed metal texture adds to it’s premium look and feel.

There are two colors to choose from and you can have each for a small price of $5.

Take a look at this premium protective case here>>

4) LK Ultra Slim Premium Soft Skin Case for HTC U Ultra

htc-u-ultra-case-10bestcaseSoft cases are easy to put on / off and are great shock absorbers as well. So, we have this soft case next on 5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases. This case is constructed out of TPU material that absorbs shock to protect against impacts and drops. It’s flexible profile is very convenient for easy snap on and off. It’s surface is designed to resist scratches, and add more grip with comfortable hold as well.

You can choose from among three different colors and a clear profile as well. This case won’t cost you more than $8.

See this soft premium case here>>

5) Nagebee Premium Leather Wallet Designer Case for HTC U Ultra

htc-u-ultra-case-10bestcaseLast but not the least in 5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases, we have another leather case. This case is also constructed out of premium PU leather which can safeguard your HTC U Ultra against scratches and scuffs. It also has the wallet feature that allows you to store upto 3 cards and some cash in it. In addition, the flip cover can be used as a kickstand for easy media watching as well. Furthermore, it features interesting designs on the cover that adds cool new looks on your phone.

Also available in two other attractive designs and colors. You can have this case for less than $7.

View this premium leather case here>>

So, these were the 5 Best Premium HTC U Ultra Cases. Also, we will be sure to update with new cases once they are out. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.


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