Top 5 Best Razer Phone Cases Gamers will love!

Razer Phone has been getting a lot of hype lately and that too for good reasons. It’s one of the best phones you can buy in 2017. And no, it doesn’t cost $1000 to own one. Let’s check out the 5 Best Razer Phone Cases gamers will definitely love!Razer phone is a solid phone with top of the line specs and a really solid built quality. While it may look more or less like the Nextbit Robin, it is far more sturdy and beautifully constructed. However, putting on a case for the phone is a good option. You really don’t want to crack that 1440p 120Hz display for sure. So, here’s the Top 5 Best Razer Phone Cases you can get today.

1) Orzly Flexi Gaming Razer Phone Caserazer-phone-case

First on the list of Best Razer Phone Cases is the Orzly Flexi Razer Phone case. It was one of the first phone case to come out for the Razer phone. We loved it in the beginning and we still think that this is one of the best cases for the phone.

This Razer Phone case comes in only Black Translucent color though. And the reason why you would want to choose it over a completely transparent case is the fact that this one doesn’t get dirty as quick as the transparent one. You can get one for under $10 at the moment.

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2) Rugged Razer Cell Phone Caserazer-phone-case

This is the official Razer phone case from Razer. There are two cases that Razer makes for the phone, one is a slim one and the other one is a heavy-duty variant of the same phone case. This one right here is the rugged variant of the phone case.

The Razer Phone rugged case comes in two color options. I like the black one especially since it looks really stealthy and kind of mean. Since it’s a first party case, it isn’t cheap. At price of over $30, you may certainly want to look at other alternatives. However, it’s got the best quality compared to all the other cases mentioned in the list.

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3) Orzly Multi-Function Wallet Case for the Razer Phonerazer-phone-case

This is another awesome case for the Razer phone. Made by Orzly, this Razer Phone Flip Cover case has slots where you can store in your cards. Also, the case can be used as a stand while watching movies or playing games.

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You can get this Razer Phone flip cover case in either Red color or Black color and the price of this phone case is under $15. At this price point, you really can’t go wrong with this case.

View this Flip Cover Case for Razer Phone>>

4) Slim Razer Cell Phone Caserazer-phone-case

This is another official case from Razer. However, this is a slim one and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. The case too comes in Black color which is kind of disappointing. It’s made out of translucent polycarbonate which feels really good on the hands.

If the phone drops to a concrete in any direction but the face down direction, the phone is likely to survive a drop. However, we highly recommend to put on a tempered glass if you are planning to get a slim case for the phone.

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5) Razer Phone Tempered Glass Screen Protectorrazer-phone-case

Sure, this is not a phone case but I figured that I should put it on the list anyways. For one, even if you put on a case, if you drop the phone with the screen up front, the chances are, the phone screen will crack. Also, this transparent screen protector doesn’t cost all that much. You can get one for under $10.

What’s more? The Razer phone tempered glass screen protector doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the phone screen in anyways. So, I highly recommend you to get this one, at least.

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So these are the best Razer Phone cases out there. The selection of the cases for the Razer phone as of now is limited but it is expected to expand significantly as the Black Friday 2018 is approaching near. We will update this list on the Best Razer Phone Cases as new cases come out for the phone for sure.

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