5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone


When it comes to smartphones, there is always this debate. Do you need a case on your smartphone? Or not? Well, this is something that has been going on for as long as smartphones came into existence. While there are a number of good reasons to bundle up your phone in a case, there are also some good reasons not to. In the end, it all boils down to your preference, but preferences tend to change. I, for one, always go for some protection on my phone. First, because its expensive and some other reasons. If you’re getting a new phone soon and can’t decide whether or not to get a case, here 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone

Now, of course, these are some obvious reasons and also from my point of view. Read on the 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone to see if you’d like a case on your phone.

1) Protection

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneNow, isn’t it obvious? The first reason on 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone is for protection. Phone cases provide protection to your phone on an everyday basis. You carry your phone around everywhere you go, and its prone to a lot of dangers during its use. The danger of accidentally dropping your phone or spilling something on it. Not only that, but sometimes, you put your phone in your pocket with other objects which might damage your phone in some way. Just a small impact can make a big dent or scratch on your phone! So, why not put on a good protective case that’ll safeguard it against drops and such impacts? 5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-Smartphone

Also, cases provide better grip on your phone which prevents drops beforehand. And some cases even have the good touch feel in your hands! A case is an armor for your valuable device. Get it and assure protection.

2) Appearance

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneIf you have premium phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or some super stylish phone to look at, you wouldn’t normally encase it. But, if you possess phones which are at the shallow end of style, then, a case can very easily add some good looks to it. And it’s not that you have to do it only for less-stylish phones, but if you want to switch your phones’ looks, then, a case can easily do it. You can get from super stylish luxury finish appearances to classy looking wooden cases that give it a modern-vintage look and also, there are lot in between to choose from.

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneAlso, with a personalized case, you can make your phone look unique. You can even make it represent yourself and stand out in the crowd with a stylish case.

3) Functionality and Convenience


Another reason we present to you on 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone is Functionality and Convenience. Your phone case can serve as much more than an armor or some skin. It can also provide extra functionalities or some sort of convenient means. Some Smart-Cases can act as an always-on feature which will allow you to glance at the time and notifications without turning on your phone. And some cases have kickstands for convenient media watching.

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneWhile smart cases might not be common, there are such leather cases that include wallet feature enabling you to store cards, and cash in them. So, it eliminates your need for a wallet and also, they too feature kickstands. A good case can provide additional convenience and functionality.

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4) Re-Sale Value

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneGadgets such as smartphones tend to lose their monetary value once they’ve come into use for sometime. And if you want to resale your phones to get new ones, then you definitely have to keep them in good condition. Now, if you live like a dare-devil and use your phones without cases, then your phone might get a bit of scratches and scuffs here and there. A little bit of scratch can drop your phone’s value by a lot! And you don’t want that, do you? So, if you want your phone in pristine condition, then, you know you gotta encase it. With a case, you can save it from any unfortunate accidents as well as daily wear-n-tear. Therefore, the re-sale value is another good reason in 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone.

5) Cover-ups

5-Best-Reasons-why-you-should-put-a-case-on-your-SmartphoneA phone case offers protection for your valuable smartphone. But let’s say your phone is already damaged or has some minor rough-ups and scratches that degrades its looks in some way. So, a phone case can also help you to cover up your phone’s “dark-side”. Its obvious that you can’t really buy a smartphone every time you drop or slightly damage yours. Hence, you will need to cover it up if you care. And good phone cases can certainly help you do that in a very subtle way. Maybe there’s a big scratch on the back of my Samsung Galaxy S6…maybe there isn’t. Who knows, right??

So, I guess these are the 5 Best Reasons why you should put a case on your Smartphone. Now, your reasons may differ than mine but it is all about preference in the end. If you want to be a daredevil and use your phone without cases, then, sure go ahead. But, if you do want to extend the life of your device, then, a phone case is a must. It protects, covers, makes it stylish, retains your phone’s resale value, and provide some extra functionality. In any case, you should definitely put a case on your smartphone.

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