5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017


New Year…new me!! It’s a lot late to say that now…but new year, a list of brand new smartphones!! It’s never to late for that because everyone looks forward to new smartphones every year. And since it’s early 2017, there are so many to come! Sure, there will be many smartphones competing in the market, but out of those, there will be some, which will stand out of the crowd So, based on the information and rumors available, here are the 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017 

Which smartphones are on your mind right now? You might be wondering if they’ll make the list. And the phones in this list of 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017 might even change your mind about what you were going to buy this year! Nevertheless, read on to find out. Here are the 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017:

1) Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Best-phone-on-the-planetFirst up on 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017, is the Samsung Galaxy S8. After all the ruckus with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you might not be thinking about Samsung at all, but hey, this one’s still one of the best flagships of all time. And if you’re worried about explosions, reports suggest that the company is switching battery suppliers. So, there you go! It’s expected to launch on sometime on April. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S-series always bring something great and we can expect no less this time around. According to rumors, we can expect to see a 4K Bezel-less 5.8″ screen, with a large 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Also, there isn’t a physical home button / fingerprint sensor on the body, but it’s integrated on the touchscreen itself.

Rumors also suggest that it’ll feature the 3.2 GHz Snapdragon 835 as SoC. And in some regions, it might come with Exynos 8895. Combined with rumored 6 GB RAM, this phone is gonna be a powerhouse! Samsung flagships always posses one of the best cameras. The Galaxy S8 will feature the same 12 MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture with a slightly bumped 8 MP front facing camera. This phone will feature  3000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0 support. More rumors claim storage to go from 64 GB to upto 256 GB.  It will run on the Android 7.0 (Nougat), with improved TouchWiz UI on top. These are just the physical aspects of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will surely be something to look at, and that’s why it’s on the top of 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017.

2) Xiaomi Mi 6

5-Best-Upcoming-Smartphones-2017Xiaomi is rapidly becoming a tough contender in the smartphone world. The Chinese company is known for providing premium phones for a lesser price as well as budget phones. The Xiaomi Mi 5 was a premium phone for a relatively cheap price, but it’s processor was not par with it’s other specs. But the Xiaomi Mi 6 is rumored to have the Snapdragon 835 in it, which, if true, can make it a flagship killer. Some other rumors suggest that it will come with the Deca-core Helio X30. Both should be make the phone an outstanding performer. The RAM could most likely get stuck at 4 GB, but combined with the X30 or the Snapdragon 835, it could work like butter.

Other rumored specs include that it will most likely have a metal body with a curved 5.15″ screen, boasting a 2K resolution. There are also rumors that suggest ceramic build versions of the Xiaomi Mi 6.  The cameras could be bumped to 23 MP rear and 7 MP front or it will stay at 12 MP rear and 4 MP front, according to different rumors. Xiaomi always packs a big battery, so, a 4000 mAh (or higher), is most likely with Quick Charge 4.0 ! However, there might be three variants of the phone: Xiaomi Mi 6 (standard), Xiaomi Mi 6 Lite and Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro. And all of these will have differences in specs. Nevertheless, this phone, with it’s premium build and specs for lesser price, comes at number 2 in the list of 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017.

3) iPhone 7S


No list of “best phones” is complete without an iPhone. And after the success of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7S is the new most anticipated phone right now. No matter what you say, you can’t deny that iPhones are one of the best. And that’s why, even when it’s just rumors, the iPhone 7S makes it to this list of 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017. And while iPhone’s rumors aren’t really about the hardware specs, it’s all about what it can offer. Most rumors suggest that the iPhone 7S might be going curved screen design to with the home button integrated on the screen as well! This could really be something interesting as Samsung is also trying it.

The iPhone 7S might have a glass body front and back with better resistance to damage and even water. But this seems unlikely as well. Hardware wise, it seems that the iPhone 7S will get Apple’s A11 processor which will be the fastest phone processor yet. There have been claims that it will also support wireless charging, but I doubt Apple’s gonna do that. Anyways, it will have the 2nd Gen 3D Touch with better sensitivity and more versatility. It’s also highly likely that the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus will get Dual Lens Camera of the iPhone 7 Plus and a set of rumors has it that Apple’s working with LG to create a camera module to allow 3D photography, but I would take this with a pinch of salt. Anyways, there could be a wider variety of colors to choose from too! That’s always good.

And with so many things to offer, the iPhone 7S could easily be among the 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017.

4) OnePlus 4 / 5

5-Best-Upcoming-Smartphones-2017Next up on 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017, the flagship killer! OnePlus phones have been known to provide premium phone specs on a slim price tag, and sometimes, the specs are better that others. And so, with it’s rightful slogan, “Never Settle”, it didn’t take long to become popular. All OnePlus phones have had something nice to offer. The OnePlus 3T was the latest and the best OnePlus phone yet, and so, we’re looking forward to another flagship killing phone that will not let us settle for anything else. But, the brand might skip the OnePlus 4 and come out with OnePlus 5, because the number 4 is considered bad luck in China. So, the OnePlus 5 might be what we could get next.

Rumors has it that the OnePlus 4/5 will get Snapdragon 835 SoC supported by 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM. OnePlus is always ahead with speed, so, it’s sure to go with the latest. The screen could be QHD display this time around as it has stuck with 1080 p HD for so long. Also, the rear camera might see a drop to 12 MP, but with better sensors while the front camera might stay the same at 16 MP of the OnePlus 3T. The battery is definitely going up to 4000 mAh, and will have Dash Charge as well. One thing we’d like to see in the new OnePlus 4/5 is waterproofing and a slightly new design. But even without those, it will be another flagship killer.

5) Nokia P1 8


In this list of 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017, how can we not acknowledge it when the father is back?? Nokia made a huge comeback with the Nokia 6. And it’s new flagship could be the rumored Nokia P1 or Nokia 8 or the Nokia P1 8, the name is different according to various sources. Anyways, the most popular phone of a while ago is back and it can give the likes of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8 a run for their money. It’s most certain that the Nokia P1 8 will release on MWC 2017 but there aren’t many leaks and rumors to go on. The biggest leak is the one that suggests Nokia P1 8 is going to run on the Snapdragon 835. This alone is a pillar to support that it will give other flagships a run for their money.

Rumors suggest the Nokia P1 8 will pack 6 GB of RAM to go with the Snapdragon 835. This means the phone will have blazing speeds and buttery smooth operation. The body design will be all metal with a glassy finish that’ll be both eye-catching and sturdy too. It should have an IP68 Water and Dust Resistance as well. Another plus point will be a huge 3500 mAh battery to help you cruise through the day easily. The camera will be a whopping 22.6 MP Carl-Zeiss Lens camera with OIS and HDR. Also, it is certain to have a 5.5″ QHD (2560 x 1440) display. However, the price can be the phone’s stumbling point. But hey, it’s Nokia….

These were the 5 Best Upcoming Smartphones for 2017. These were strictly based on rumors, so, we’ll be sure to update with any arrival of new information. Thank you for reading and keep with us for more such news and information.


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