5 Best ZTE Blade X9 Covers and Pouches


So, the ZTE Blade X9 has been released and it’s a great phone for a sweet budget price. This phone features some great specs of other leading smartphones for a comparatively less price. It has a 13 MP with f/2.2 aperture for a camera which is capable of taking 1080p videos, and it’s 5.5″ HD screen is a great combination with it. It possesses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC aand has 2 GB RAM to it. It’s a fairly large phone and if you think this won’t fit in your pocket, so, consider carrying pouches for it. Check out the  5 Best ZTE Blade X9 Covers and Pouches.

You might think that such pouches and holders for phones are not useful, but they sure do come in handy when you have no pockets in your pants, and need to keep them in a bag which leaves a chance of scratching your phone’s delicate surface or screen. Or, when you need to go to a party, and don’t want to carry a big handbag. So, these are the 5 Best ZTE Blade X9 Covers and Pouches :

1) VanGoddy Grab-n-Go Wallet Pouch compatible with ZTE Blade X9

5-ZTE-Blade-X9-Covers-and-PouchesThis fashionable pouch for your ZTE Blade X9 is made out of tough nylon and tightly woven to make it water resistant which protects your phone from accidental spills and light rain. It has a dedicated padded device slot to store your phone which doesn’t scratch your phone. Also, has slots for storing cash and cards inside, and everything inside stays secure with velcro patches. The exterior also features an extra zippered pocket for storing extra materials.

It is available in three different colors of the same texture. It is not just a pouch for your phone but a wallet for it. Check it here.


2) IWIO ZTE Blade X9 Leather Side Pouch Case Cover

5-ZTE-Blade-X9-Covers-and-PouchesThis pouch case cover is made up of PU leather with interior that doesn’t scratch your Blade X9 when you keep it in. It is specially designed for the ZTE Blade X9 unlike those one-size-fits-all types.  It holds your phone securely with a magnetic strap closure. It prevents scratches on your phone and also features a belt-loop for easy carry. Also, the premium PU leather material gives you  smooth and good touch feeling.

It is also available in three different colors and also has slots through which you can access your ports as well. View it here.


3) iTALKonline ZTE Blade X9 Premium Leather Side Pouch Case Cover

5-ZTE-Blade-X9-Covers-and-PouchesThis is also a PU leather side pouch case in vertical style to store your Blade X9 conveniently, also designed specifically for the ZTE Blade X9. Made out of premium PU leather, it gives the good touch feel and is resistant to scratches and such and securely holds your phone with magnetic strap enclosure. Also, features a magnetic strap enclosure for easy carry and no hassle of fitting it into your pocket.

It is available in a wide range of attractive colors to choose from. View them here.


4) NextDia Women’s Wristlet Clutch Wallet Compatible with ZTE Blade X9

5-ZTE-Blade-X9-Covers-and-PouchesLet’s face it guys, when it comes to wallet pouches or bags for phones, women have more choices than men. So, this one is for the ladies out there. This wallet pouch is nicely compatible with your ZTE Blade X9, and it is made of PU leather material to give you the good touch feeling. It has a main slot for storing your phone and also sports 3 slots for storing cash and cards, with a back zipper pocket for extras such as coins and bills. It comes with a detachable wrist strap for carrying preference.

It features very pretty designs on the cover and is available in many such designs or in plain colors if you prefer. Check them out here.


5) iTALKonline ZTE Blade X9 Sports Arm Band Case Cover

5-ZTE-Blade-X9-Covers-and-PouchesIf you’re looking for something that can conveniently hold your phone during any physical activities, then you should consider an armband cover or your ZTE Blade X9. This armband holds your phone securely and is also fully water-resistant which makes it suitable to carry even while swimming and such. The armband pouch also has another small pocket for storing coins or earphones and it’s velcro strap armband gives you a comfortable grip on your hands with very less impact for the body. You can always know where your phone is with this.

It is available in a variety of range of colors to choose from. View them here.


So, this were the 5 Best ZTE Blade X9 Covers and Pouches. Hope you found it useful. Thanks for reading and stay in touch with us for more such product news and information.


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