7 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases WORTH your money!

BLU Vivo 8 is the flagship phone from BLU and is the best BLU phone yet. Not only does the phone have really good specs, it’s one of the best phones you can buy for under $250. And here’s a fun fact, BLU stands for Bold Like Us. Did you know that? Anyways, the phone packs quite a punch and the looks of the phone is also really good. For now, let’s check out the Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases that are worth your money!

BLU Vivo 8 has a lot of things going for it. For one, it packs a lot of RAM for the money. The phone comes equipped with 4GB of RAM and has got a huge 4010mAh battery. Also, the front facing camera happens to be really good.

BLU Vivo 8 has got a really good design. The phone is made out of metal and looks really good. In fact, I personally think that the phone looks the best when it’s naked. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be carrying the phone around without putting on a case or a tempered glass. The cases listed below are the best ones I have found so far. Hopefully, you will like at least one of them.

1) BLU VIVO 8 Drop Protection Hybrid Dual Layer CaseBest-BLU-Vivo-8-Cases

If you want a phone case that secures your Vivo 8 and doesn’t cost a lot of money, this Biaotai Hybrid Dual Layer Case may be the one for you. Installing this Hybrid case is an easy affair and the case itself snaps in perfectly. Once you have installed this case, you really don’t have to worry about it coming off easily.

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The BLU Vivo 8 comes in 3 colors including Gold and Rose Gold. I personally like the looks of the case in Gold. Rose Gold seems quite off and Black is for only those who like stealthy look on their phone.

Another thing to love about this case is the fact that the seller provides you with 30-day refund and return policy. You don’t even get that policy even with your phone!

View this Vivo 8 Hybrid Case here>>

2) BLU VIVO 8 Case Slim Armor Hybrid CoverBest-BLU-Vivo-8-Cases

Looking for a case that is rugged but doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone? If so, you should definitely look into this case. This Armor Hybrid case for the BLU Vivo 8 is a dual-layer case which means that the case has 2 layers in it.

The outer layer of the case is hard which protects the phone from being affected in case of a drop. The interior part of the case is made from soft material which absorbs the impact in case of a drop. You can get this case in 5 exciting colors and is priced under $10.

Check out this BLU Vivo 8 Slim Armor case here>>

3) KuGi BLU VIVO 8 PU Cover CaseBest-BLU-Vivo-8-Cases

KuGi BLU Vivo 8 case looks good and feels good on the hand as well. The case is really well made and the quality of materials used in the making of the case is also excellent. Even though it is a PU leather that you get with this case, it looks and feels as though it is a real leather case.

KuGi is known for making quality cases. This one is no exception. It’s available in more than 4 colors and we are pretty sure that you will like at least one of them.

Check out this BLU Vivo 8 Flip Case here>>

4) ZLDECO Elegant Back Bumper BLU Vivo 8 CaseBest-BLU-Vivo-8-Cases

ZLDECO Elegant BLU Vivo 8 case is for those who want fancy looking case. And get this case if you are willing to get it in other color options as well. The case is slim and doesn’t add up much bulk to the phone.

This Vivo 8 case is available in more than 7 colors and there’s one color option for everyone. The color options include: Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Blue, Pink, Gold and much more. Hit the link below if you want to check out all the color options below. It may not be the best case in this list of 7 Best BLU Vivo 8 cases, but this one is definitely worth your money.

Check out this Slim Vivo 8 Bumper Case here>>

5) Skinomi TechSkin BLU Vivo 8 Silver Carbon Fiber

Best-BLU-Vivo-8-CasesSkins and vinyls are getting a lot of attention of late. So, I thought why not include one in this list of Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases. And here it is. The Skinomi TechSkin BLU Vivo 8 Silver Carbon Fiber Skin. Since dBrand doesn’t seem to make skins for BLU phones, this is the best one I found.

And you really don’t need to worry about the quality of the skin. It’s made from the best quality film that is used in the luxury cards and other cars. Once you have them installed on the phone, you are all set. It gives really high-grade protection to the BLU Vivo 8. But do keep in mind that you will have to shell out $15 to have one of these.

See this Skinomi TechSkin Skin here>>

6) KuGi Ultra Thin Case Vivo 8 Case here

Blu-vivo-8-casesIf Flip case cover is your thing, this KuGi BLU Ultra Vivo 8 definitely deserves your look. This flip cover case comes in 4 colors including Black, Navy, Gold and Rose Gold. I personally like the Vivo 8 Flip Case in Navy color. This case is the best flip case in this list of Best BLU Vivo 8 cases, no questions asked.

Although a few people think that flip case covers are impractical as you have to open the case every time you have to use the phone, I do like them. One of the reasons why I like them so much has to do with the fact that, the phone gets much more protection as the front part if the phone is also completely secure when you have flip case.

The other great thing about this case is that you can use it as a kickstand which comes in really handy if you happen to watch a lot of videos on your phone. There’s also a slot where you can store-in credit card or identity card. Be sure to check this one out by clicking the link below.

Get this KuGi BLU Vivo 8 Case here>>

7) KuGi BLU VIVO 8 Tempered Glass Screen protectorBest-BLU-Vivo-8-Cases

Okay, it’s a list that is supposed to list the Best BLU Vivo 8 cases but I will throw in the best tempered glass you can get for the phone anyways. The front glass is the most fragile part of the phone and most of the cases fail to completely protect the screen of the phone. As such, I highly recommend you to put on a tempered glass screen protector.

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There’s a lot of tempered glasses you will find for the BLU Vivo 8 but the KuGi Screen protector is the best there is. You really don’t need to go to a shop to install the glass screen protector. You can do it right at your home and there’s really no tools required for the installation.

Also, if you are worried if you will have bubbles while installing the glass on the BLU Vivo 8, really don’t worry. The glass sits in a way that there won’t be any bubbles in between the two screens.

Another great thing about this tempered glass is that it doesn’t leave any residue when you finally plan to take off the screen protector to install a new one and that’s what I really love about the KuGi Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The screen protector also in no ways affects the responsiveness of the phone.

Check out this BLU Vivo 8 Tempered Glass here>>

Verdict: Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases

Alright, then, hope you liked the list of the Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases that are out there. The phone is out for only a few months now and chances are there will be better cases for the phone. I personally think that the KuGi flip case is the best one in this list. If you aren’t satisfied with the list we have in for you in an offer, don’t worry. We update our articles more frequently than you think we do. As such, this list will certainly grow long with better cases and for better prices.

Till then, stick with us and check out the latest trending tech news at 10bestcase. And as always, thanks for reading this blog post.

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