Best 10 Premium Cases for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

With no fixed launch date of the new Microsoft’s Flagship phones, the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Microsoft, however, has said that they will be available by sometime this month and are available for pre-order. The 950 XL is bigger than its sibling and it might be slightly better as well.

The Scandinavian style phone comes in a plastic matte body in two colors: Black and White, and if that’s not something you like, you can always change it with a good case that’ll also protect your phone. Among the cases available in the market, here are the chosen best in terms of price, design, functionality and convenience. This is Best 10 Premium Cases for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

1) Fettion Premium Leather Case with Card Holder Standbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is a classic premium leather case made of high-quality PU synthetic leather material. The leather texture is comfortable to hold, gives good touch feeling and provides protection from scratches and scuffs. With stylish design, this also has a built-in card holder for credit cards or some extra cash, which also doubles as a stand for hands-free easy-viewing.

This is NOT a full wallet case but there also a wallet case option available. You can choose from five different colors and is also cheap. View price and details here.

2) Dretal Premium Frosted Slim Clear Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is a clear case for those who don’t want to hide their Lumia 950 Xl’s original beauty and design. It is made out of premium TPU material making it soft but durable against medium-level impacts and scratches. It is also ultra-thin with a matte black design that adds grip but very less weight. Its matte non-slip design adds firm but comfortable grip for your phone.

It is not crystal clear, though and is available in four different colors to choose from at different prices. View details here.

3) J&D Protective Premium Jelly Slim Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This case’s Jelly structure and texture makes it soft but it is capable of absorbing shock which acts as a cushion to your Lumia 950 XL against drops and impacts. It is very slim and lightweight with perfect cutout design. Also gives comfortable and good touch feeling with good grip. A combination of toughness and style.

Available in four bright and attractive colors, it is also cheap. View the details here.

4) Cimo Premium Slim Flexible Soft Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This stylish case by Cimo is made for effective protection with very less weight and bulk. It is made of soft but shatterproof TPU material making it flexible but durable. It also features beveled front edges that allow a lay-on-the-table-design which protects your screen against scratches when faced down. Its anti-slip texture gives it comfortable hold and firm grip.

It is also available with a Clear option or you can choose from five attractive colors.

5) APLUS Ultra Slim Hard Cover Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is a hard-skin case for your Lumia 950 XL. Its hard surface makes it impact and scratch resistant which makes it an effective protection for your phone against drops and bumps. It is also ultra-thin, very lightweight and durable. With that, it also possesses an attractive stylish design that compliments your phone’s looks.

It is available in two colors: Black and Pink. You can view details and price here.

6) HT Premium Leather Wallet Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

Now, this is a premium luxury case built for convenience rather than protection but it can still protect your Lumia 950 XL from scratches and scuffs. It is made out of high-quality PU leather material making it soft and comfortable. It features slots for storing cash and cards and can easily replace your wallet. Also can be converted into a kickstand for hands-free easy-viewing.

It is available in 4 different attractive colors.It looks best in the leather color especially since it’s a flip cover case.

7) LK Drop Protection Defender Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This case is for effective protection against drops and scratches. Its soft bumpers help absorb shock upon impact while its hard outer is impact-resistant and also has an anti-scratch texture with added grip. It is also slim-fitting and lightweight with easy snap-on / off the installation.

Available in five different colors as shown in the picture.

8) LK Heavy Duty Dual Layer Armor Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is an armor for your phone that is a complete protection set with two layers: an inner soft layer that absorbs shock and an outer hard layer that protects against hard impacts and scratches. Also, its corners have molded PC for outstanding protection around. It also features a belt-clip swivel for convenient storage that doubles as a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

It is a little bulky but the protection it provides is worth it. View details and price here.

9) IVSO Dual Layer Rugged Protection Case for Lumia 950 XLbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is for those who want absolute protection and don’t mind bulky cases. This case has dual layers: soft rubber gel silicone inner that absorbs shock and hard TPU + PC plastic outer cover that is impact resistant. This, too, has a belt-clip swivel that also acts as a kickstand. It sports a muscular rugged look and is bulky and somewhat heavy but gives excellent grip.

If you can compromise its looks for its excellent protection, then you can choose from its five different colors.

10) Vangoddy Voyage Premium Leather Wallet + Pouchbest-10-premium-cases-for-microsoft-lumia-950-xl

This is technically a wallet/pouch to hold your Lumia 950 XL rather than a case but it is also practical and functional all the same minus the protection. It has storage compartments for carrying IDs, cards, and cash. It also features a belt clip for convenient storage and a magnetic strap to hold everything securely.

The interior is made so that it doesn’t scratch your phone. You can view price and details here.

These are the Best 10 Premium Cases for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL you can buy right now. Since this phone is fairly new, we can expect some more awesome cases. As new cases come out in the market, we will make sure that we update this list of Best 10 Premium Cases for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated. Read about 950 XL here and here.

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