Best 5 Smartwatches to look out for: Black Friday 2015


For those who still wear watches (cause for most, it’s been replaced by their phones), it comes down to two options. Whether they want a classic beautiful time piece on their wrists that’ll last them for years or a piece of cutting edge technology that’ll do a lot more than tell time. For those who prefer technology over traditional watches….
…. you would want the newest, classiest and the best. Choosing the best smartwatch in 2015 is is a tough task given the amount of smartwatches brands pouring in.  And if you think buying a good Smartwatch is out of your pockets’ league, I’ll remind you Black Friday 2015 is near. So, what watches are the best and which should you look out for this Black Friday? Here are the Best 5 Smartwatches to look out for: Black Friday 2015.

 1) Apple Watch

Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015Whether you find Apple Watch the best fashion tech or just an over-expensive gadget is up to you, but it is one of the best smartwatches to date and gives you good value for your money. Sure, maybe you wouldn’t choose this particular one in front of other smartwatches in terms of style, but it is something that has expanded the horizon of what a smartwatch could do.

It’s got a really good build, comes in 2 sizes for male and female ( 42 mm and 32 mm), and comes in three main finishes ( Plastic Sport, Steel Watch and Gold edition). It’s a great companion for your iPhone but with it’s proliferation of apps, it’s much more. It does everything your iPhone does, make calls, surf web, has all the apps of your iPhone and all. Plus, it has other useful features. It’s got this new Digital Crown, which looks identical to any other watches, but it’s a new navigational method of Apple. You can use it to move through lists, zooming in/out of pictures & maps, etc. It is also capable of replacing fitness bands as well.Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015But….this isn’t nearly perfect. You can say it does a lot of things your phone does, and some of it’s apps aren’t really useful at all. Like the heartbeat sender app- no practical use whatsoever and it’s 3D animated emojis are less expressive than the original ones and you can draw things and send them but with a 1.32″ screen, what are you going to do with it? Also, it’s lack of built-in GPS  and ow battery life are a concern. It’s more like a fashionable toy than a useful tool.

Despite it’s flaws, Apple has developed a hi-tech piece of genuine wearability and if you’re an Apple fan, kudos! It’s still pretty functional, useful, fun to wear and use. If we talk about it’s price, it’s expensive. It starts at $349 for the Sports version, leading to $599 for Steel Watch and then goes on to silly money for the Gold Edition starting at $10,000. Seriously, gold is out of style and too pricey, why would you want it?

Anyways, you aren’t going to find any deals on Apple Watches like other smartwatches. Apple is not known for offering discounts on it’s products but if you know where to look, you might just get these for cheap. Look anywhere other than Apple Stores, mostly in Sprint and Walmart as these stores have always been providing great deals on Apple products every Black Friday.

2) LG Watch Urbane

Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015For those of you who still want the classy traditional watch look combined with modern technology, this is the one. LG Watch Urbane is considered the best in terms of style. It’s classy, elegant & beautiful watch which is not only a good-looking smartwatch but a good-looking watch in general. It gives the look of a classic time-piece but it’s also a piece of modern technology.

It’s fully round which is  truly eye-catching, has genuine leather band which is comfortable, gives you good touch sensation and isn’t heavy. It’s got 1.3″ display P-OLED screen with 245 ppi graphics which is very good for a smartwatch. It offers 4 GB internal storage and has 410 mAh battery which boasts at least 2 days battery life. It’s power button is disguised as the winder which adds more to it’s traditional looks. It is also dust & water resistant, supports Wi-fi,  has Heart monitor, an Android pattern lock for security and a customizable watch face. It does most things an Android phone can do, so, more freedom from your phone.Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015But, it is considered as one of the big watches, so, for those who don’t like big watches on their wrists, this isn’t appealing. Also, it’s body is prone to scratches, finger smudges and prints. It’s Wi-fi is apparently spotty at times and it doesn’t offer any new features than other smartwatches except it’s traditional design. Also, it’s more expensive than other Android Wear watches out there, costing as much as an entry level Apple Watch. You can get the same kind of other watches for less.

Even though, it’s the best-looking Android watch, is pretty independent of your phone, is the first to support Wi-fi and new parts of Android Wear software interface. It’s fun to use as well, very comfortable on your wrists and if you don’t like the leather band, it can be replaced. It is expensive than other previous Android Wear watches though, costing about $349 and it’s also got a LG Watch Urbane Luxe which features 23-karat gold body and alligator leather strap costing $12,000 which is just silly money, if you ask me.

LG is one of the top companies to offer generous discounts on it’s products, especially on Black Friday but it is offering no such discounts on the LG Watch Urbane until now. However, LG’s G Watch is bound to have 50% off this Black Friday. Still, you can get pretty amazing deals for the LG Watch Urbane- Silver in Amazon, which is said to be the best place to buy the watch.

3) Samsung Gear S

Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015If you don’t mind carrying a  big-ass device in your wrist that screams it’s a smartwatch, then, this is by far the best you’ll get. The Samsung Gear S is technically a smartwatch but it’s physically more bracelet than wristband and functionally more smartphone than an accessory. It’s the best in terms of technology but it’s not really elegant. Whether you find it stylish or an abomination in design, it’s up to your taste.

It’s larger than any other smartwatches but surprisingly lightweight. It’s got rubber wrist band with metal strap which is nothing classy, really. It’s got many other features which you won’t get in any other. One of it’s best feature is it’s water-resistant removable module. It has a 2″ Super-AMOLED display in curved design reduces it’s footprint while giving you big and vibrant display and a futuristic flavor. It works on Tizen OS, Samsung’s own OS for it’s smartwatches  with 1000s of apps and even has it’s own SIM ID, so it’s capable of making it’s own call and texting while not being connected to your phone. It has a very nice and advanced fitness monitor with it’s own GPS, not to mention Wi-fi. It’s battery can last upto 2-3 days while tethered to a phone.Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015But the bad news is you’re looking at only upto 24 hrs of battery life in stand-alone mode. Also, it is compatible only with a Samsung smartphone. With it’s complex interface, it takes a lot of steps to open even the most basic apps and can be frustrating sometimes. Also, it’s big design means it’s not really elegant and isn’t preferable for many and it’s big size means it is also uncomfortable sometimes, especially while typing on a computer. Also, combined with it’s SIM monthly charges on top of gadget cost, you’re looking at an expensive gadget (around $349), it’s price depending on various plans you choose.

Overall, it’s a very ambitious smartwatch, very powerful and capable of lot more than others and can double as an standalone smartphone. If you’re just looking for a simple gear to go with your smartphone, this is not for you and also not if you don’t carry a Samsung smartphone. But, if you’re looking for raw power, capability and extravaganza, then, go nuts!

For this Black Friday, the deals preview for the smartwatch doesn’t seem to be up yet. But since it’s cost also depends on the plans you choose, you are likely to get many amazing deals for this. You can get pretty sweet deals from AT&T and Amazon. Also, if you’d like to have this watch, here’s a hint: The Samsung Gear S (White) is way cheaper than it’s black counterpart.

4) Motorola Moto 360 V2

st-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015This watch also comes off as a traditional and classic timepiece rather than a smartwatch in appearance. The Motorola Moto V2 is a 2nd-gen to last year’s Moto 360 with some upgrades. It’s beautiful, elegant and stylish that can really be called a good smartwatch.

It comes in two sizes (46 mm and 42 mm), which can be considered a big watch but can be overlooked as it is not shy about it’s design. Much hasn’t changed since last year’s. It features Snapdragon 400 with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. It does have wireless charging and can reach 0% to 100% in about an hour and half while the battery life is about a day and a half. A gorilla glass display of 1.37″ / 1.56″ with 263 ppi resolution. It’s screen is clear and bright and is mostly visible in normal light. The best thing which was upgraded is it’s customizable design. You can customize the watch you want yourself on Moto Maker where there are about 300 possible combinations in color, texture, etc. It doesn’t have a GPS, though but it’ll be available in Moto Sports model. It’s also water resistant, has motion tracker and heart rate monitor as of it’s problems is it’s big size. It is not suitable for those with small wrists at all. The main problem is that, even though the watch’s body is round, it’s display is not. There’s a flat bar at the bottom which makes for an annoying and very noticeable flaw. Also there’s apparently voice recognition problems even in normal environment and the fitness app it uses – Moto Body, has to installed in your smartphone first. Also, no built-in GPS and small battery life are a concern. And it doesn’t offer any more than other Android Wear watches.


Overall, it’s improved performance and unique customization options make the Moto 360 V2 a worthy successor to last year’s smartwatch  but it does have the same limitations as any other Android Wear smartwatches. It can cost you about $299 upto $430 but that depends on the customization you choose. It’s great that how much it costs depends on you. Also, Moto 360 Sports Edition will be available soon with built-in GPS and sunlight visibility.

It’s too early to tell if Motorola will drop it’s 2nd gen smartwatch’s price for this Black Friday but last year’s Moto 360 is available for much less. You might be able to get good deals on BestBuy and Amazon for pre-customized watches. But if you want to design your own, it still depends on how much design you add to it. So, choose wisely.

5) Pebble Time Steel

st-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015This is a regular watch first and smartwatch second, a low key device No, it doesn’t do any of the stuff that other smartwatches do, but it does have a lot more battery life and it is a very simple, elegant smartwatch. The Pebble Time Steel is basically just Pebble Time with a steel body and more battery life with added cost, of course which now makes it more regular watch than a cheap geek accessory.

It’s slightly larger than Pebble Time (only 1 mm) and thanks to it’s steel body, it looks much more like a dress watch or a regular time piece rather than an accessory. It doesn’t have a touchscreen but works with physical buttons but still is very useful. It’s screen is always on and display is bright and vibrant which is easily visible even in sunlight. It’s neither too big nor too small in terms of size but it has a small screen, but since it’s not a touchscreen, what are you going to do with it anyway? The best thing about it is it’s battery life, with upto 10 days of battery life after a single charge. Also, every app this watch uses has been consolidated in a single smartphone app, unlike before and it is compatible with iPhone as well as an Android phone. You can choose from the metal and leather band option. Best-5-Smartwatches-to-look-out-for-Black-Friday-2015The problem with it being that it’s very less of a smartwatch compared to other smartwatches available for the same price range. It doesn’t have the same realm of functionality as them. It doesn’t feature a touch screen, to start with. It isn’t built to perform all the functions that other smartwatches can do. It’s just a simple  notifications center for your phone. Without your smartphone, it’s but a regular watch. Also, it’s fitness tracker is less accurate than that of rival wearables. If you want more functionality, then, this is not the one for you at all.


But what it is built for is simplicity. It is very easy to use, doesn’t try too hard to replace your smartphone like the others, but compliments it. It’s certainly not the best one, that’s for sure but certainly a good one. If you think your smartphone takes care of other stuff and just want something simple and easy to use with lots of battery power, go for it.

The Pebble Steel costs about $250 usually but for this Black Friday, rumors are there that you can get it for $50 less as you will be getting discounts on Pebble Time and Pebble Round. BestBuy is already offering deals on this watch, according to some who claim to have got it for $149 only  (older version, perhaps). But you are more than likely to get great deals on it as many other better smartwatches will be available for less.

So, that’s it for the Best 5 Smartwatches to look out for: Black Friday 2015. Thank you for reading and stay with us for more Black Friday 2015 Deals. We will update this article if we find any news about deals on these smartwatches, so keep visiting.


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