Best Affordable Cases for Huawei Nexus 6P


The Huawei Nexus 6P is a top-notch phone, different from LG Nexus 5X, in terms of Display, Memory, Battery Power and Size. The 6P is wider, has a 5,7″ display, has 3 GB RAM, and 3450 mAh battery (against 5.2″, 2 GB & 2300 of 5X). Both have the same camera and while both feature the Android 6.0- Marshmallow, the 6P features the Octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, so, we can easily say that the 6P will have better performance. However, both are very powerful phones and give good value for your money.

The 6P qualifies as a phablet, and if you are for “bigger is better”, go for it. It has a sleek anodized aluminium body with 3D curved glass and is very stylish, a treat for the eyes! For such a world-class phone, you would want a world-class case to compliment it but if your pocket is light after the purchase of a brand new phone, you would want something good at less price. Well, let’s check out the Best Affordable Cases for Huawei Nexus 6P.

1) Verus High-Pro Shield Drop-Protection & Slim-Fit for Nexus 6P

Best-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesFor a full-degree protection, this phone case is the one. It covers all four corners, includes raised edges and TPU-lip to keep the screen from touching the ground; it leaves no weak-spots. The outer body shows-off a luxury metallic luster, while the inner layer is soft, cushioning the phone against drops and impacts. With precise cut-out ports, snug-fit, and minimal thickness, this case is the way to go for protecting your beloved phone.

It is also available in a range of vibrant colors for all kinds of users, all available for the price of around $17 which is all worth it.


2) RedShield Anti-Shock Slim & Clear Case for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6p-CasesIf you want to protection for your phone but still want to show-off it’s stylish design, this clear case should be your choice. This high-quality slim & flexible case is shock-absorpant which protects the phone form average drops and shocks (impacts). It is soft for easy installation but firm enough to provide good protection. It’s matte finish body makes it look even more attractive.

Talk about bang-for-the-buck! Also available in Smokey-color design. Both for less than $11.


3) MoKo Anti-Drop Hard Case for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesThis case has a  hard Polycarbonate & silicone protector bumper cover which provides full protection against drops and scratch resistance.It has a soft inner layer for shock absorption and the outer hard cover also serves to give high-grip to ensure your phone doesn’t slip. With precise-cutouts for all ports, buttons and camera, it compliments your stylish phone even more.

Also, this case boasts of life-time warranty for less than $8.


4) Nexus 6P Dual-Layer Shock Absorbing Case by Oeago

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesThis case also possesses the shock-absorbing technology with dual-layers. A soft, inner layer that absorbs shocks against impacts and a hard protective outer layer that also provides extra-grip to avoid drops. The outer layer has a soft coating for smooth texture for that pleasant touch sensation when you hold it.

It is available in a range of vibrant color-stripes design and for other phones in the Nexus range as well. This case can be yours for affordable price of around $8.


5) Kugi Ultra-Thin Hard Case Cover for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesA lightweight super-slim case that’s easy to install and fits perfectly on your phone. It has a very nice “tough-guy” appearance its smooth texture gives you the special touch sensation when you hold it. It has prefect cut-outs for all ports and buttons and can protect your phone from scratches and dust and also provides some level of protection against drops.

Available in other color ranges as well like black, red and white. Price differs according to the color but this particular one will not cost more than $8.


6) DGtle Soft & Flexible Premium Case for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesHere is another one for the clear-case enthusiasts. This case maintains the original look of your phone without adding much bulk but adding more protection and is a perfect fit. Made of shatter-proof TPU material, this case is slim, lightweight and flexible  that provides  shock-absorption and anti-scratch protection along with the comfortable touch sensation.

Available in 4 different clear colors and one in black, it is affordable costing not more than $8.


7) Leevin Flip Cover Wallet Leather Case for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesThis ultra-slim case is for those who are tired of carrying heavy hard cover cases, specially made to minimize bulk. It is made out of branded leather with flip-cover that doesn’t scratch your screen when closed. It has slots for holding cards but cannot replace your wallet entirely. Also features a foldable stand for easy-viewing.

It can protect against dust, dirt and scratches but not against drops and heavy impacts. It is available for affordable price of around $9.


8) MoKo Heavy Duty Full Body Rugged Protection for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesFor those of you who don’t mind a little bulk in exchange for some heavy-duty protection, this case is for you. This hard case offers max protection from drops, impacts and scratches all over while sporting a rugged and masculine design. Another added feature is that it has a 180-degree rotating belt-clip swivel if your phone’s too big for your pocket which also doubles as stand for convenient easy-viewing.

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While it may be a little bulky and heavy, this case defines its own style. Available is some basic colors, all for the affordable price of around $8.


9) Tauri Luxury Wallet Premium Leather Case for Nexus 6P

Best-Affordable-Huawei-Nexus-6P-CasesThis premium luxury case is for those who prefer something light and classy. It is made out of premium luxury leather, which gives comfortable touch feeling too. With slots for holding cards and cash, it can easily replace your wallet as well. While it cannot protect against drops and large impacts, it does so against scratches and makes up for the other factors in its looks. Also features a kickstand for easy-viewing and a magnetic close-strap which never wears out.

Costing less than $10, it is light on your phone as well as your pocket.


These are the Best Affordable Cases for Huawei Nexus 6P you can buy at the moment. As new cases come up, we will make sure to update this list of cases. As always, thanks for reading this post.


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