10 Best Moto G6 Cases you don’t want to miss!

Motorola Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Play are finally available for purchase. The Moto G6 has to be the best-looking phone at this price point. Let’s check out the best Moto G6 cases that are available right now. We have Moto G6 cases for men as well as woman. Let’s hope you like the collection and find what you are looking for. 

1) Moto G6 Glitter Case with HD Screen Protector


Moto G6 Glitter Case Cover

First on this list, we have a really special case. This is the LeYi Moto G6 Glitter Case which is specifically designed for the girls. This is a transparent case with glitter and thick liquid infused between the two layers. You can get this phone case with glitter color option inching Blue, Turquoise, Purple and Rose Gold.

I personally think that the case looks best with Rose Gold colored glitter.

The other thing to love about this purchase is the fact that you get a free screen protector with your purchase.

Check out this Glitter Moto G6 Case here>>

2) Cimo Slim Moto G6 Case best-moto-g6-cases-slim-case

The Motorola Moto G6 is a slim and really well-designed phone. There’s no way you would like to ruin the design of the case by putting on a bulky thick case. If that’s the philosophy that you too happen to follow, this Cimo phone case is the one for you.

You can get the Cimo Slim Moto G6 Case in this Purple color option, Black color option or Clear Matte color option. If you like your phone to look stealthy, Black color option is the one to go for. You can get one of these phone cases for under $10. 

View this Slim Cimo Moto G6 Case here>>

3)EasyAcc Soft TPU Transparent Cover for Motorola Moto G6best-moto-g6-transparent-case-cover

This Transparent Moto G6 case is without one of the best Moto G6 cases you can get today. This case is slim and doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone. Also, it provides protection all around the phone as well as the back.

However, be warned though, the front of the phone, i.e. the screen is not protected. As such, a tempered glass screen protector is something that I highly recommend with this case. You can grab one of these cases for under $10.

Get this Slim Transparent Moto G6 case here>>

4) Spigen Moto G6 Case Rugged Armor best-spigen-moto-g6-rugged-case

I first got a Spigen case with my HTC Sensation 4G, my first Android smartphone back in 2013 and it was great. I have been using their cases from then and I haven’t regretted once.

All the Spigen cases come with a 2-year warranty and have really good build quality. This one right here is no different. This Moto G6 Rugged Armour case is made to take a beating and can protect your phone even in case of a drop. Sadly though, it is available only in Black color option.

View this Rugged Moto G6 Case here>>

5) MAIKEZI Motorola Moto G6 Hybrid Dual Layer TPU Case Cover


A designer case for the Moto G6!

This is the Maikezi Moto G6 Hybrid Dual-Layer case. This case not only looks beautiful, it is just as purposeful. Available in different colour and pattern options, the is one of the most stylish cases in this list of best Moto G6 Cases and Covers.

This is a dual-layer case and is made from two-layers providing it with maximum protection even in case of a drop to the concrete. If you are careless with your things, this case is the out you should get.

View the Design options for Moto G6 here>>

6) Cimo Premium Case Cover for Moto G6 Case best-moto-g6-slim-case-cover-cimo

This is another really good looking case for the Motorola Moto G6. This case doesn’t add all that much bulk to the phone and looks really good. This is a minimal case for the Moto G6 and something you will like if you aren’t looking for some bizarre-looking phone case.

Check out this Slim Matte Moto G6 Case here>>

7) Dretal Carbon Fiber Flexible Case for Motorola Moto G6 2018best-moto-g6-carbon-fiber-case-cover

Next, we have the Dretal Carbon Fiber Case. Sadly though, the case is all plastic. But hey! What more can we expect from a $5 phone case? For the price, this Moto G6 flexible case is hard to beat.

Available in 5 color options, this case is a looker! I think the case looks the best in Teal color option but you don’t take my word and see the color options for yourself! The brushed aluminum finish on the center is also what makes the case look so upmarket.

View this Carbon Fiber Moto G6 Case here>>

8) KuGi Moto G (6th Generation)Premium Flexible Soft Casekugi-best-moto-g6-leather-case-cover

This Kugi Moto G6 Premium Soft Case is my personal favorite case in this list of 10 Best Moto G6 Cases and Covers. You can get this case in Black, Gray, Navy, and Red in color. I think the case looks particularly good in Red color option.

This case is really well constructed. The high-quality soft-touch material feels really good in the hands. The leather-like pattern on the center and smooth finishing on the top and the bottom give it a real premium look. This case is definitely on my recommendation list.

See this Kugi Moto G (6th Gen) phone case here>>

9) Moto G6 Case with HD Screen Protectorbest-moto-g6-minimalistic-case

If you are someone who chooses form over function, this has to be it. Don’t get me wrong. This Moto G6 case is not bad by any means but just know that this case is very lifted. Maximum protection is not ensured.

However, what this phone case will do is protect the phone from getting scratches and scuffs that we get by moving the phone from one position to another.

You can get this Moto G6 phone case in Gold Black and White in color. The price of this case starts at $8.99.

Get this Ultra-slim Moto G6 case here>>

10) Bovon Motorola Moto G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector best-moto-g6-tempered-glass-screen-protector

Last but not least, we have the tempered glass screen protector for the Motorola Moto G6. This is the first accessory I suggest to buy when you first get your phone. This Moto G6 screen protector protects the front part of the display entirely.

So, even in case of a drop, it’s the tempered glass that breaks and not your $100+ display that gets shattered. This Bovon comes in a pack of 2 and is very easy to install right from home. If you find installing this tempered glass hard, you can also check out this tempered glass screen protector pasting tool. 

Get this Moto G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector here>>

The Motorola Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus, and the G6 Play are all available in the UK. However, in the US, only the Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Play is available. So, the Moto G6 is as good as it gets if you reside in the United States.

With that out of the way, these were the best Moto G6 cases and covers that you can get as of today. As new best Moto G6 cases come out for the phone, I will definitely update this list of phone cases.

Till then, stay tuned. And as always, thanks for reading through it post. Hope you found the post useful.

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  1. It’s been my experience that cases advertised as “carbon fiber” are quite easily faked and not at all to be trusted. They look like carbon fiber, but once in your hands are quite obviously not. I bought one of these, and upon delivery instantly regretted it.

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