Black Friday 2015: What to Expect


The Holiday Season is approaching near and so is our shopping season for the holidays. And what holiday shopping is complete without the Black Friday? It’ll soon be that time of the year when shoppers will crowd to the nearest supermarkets to snag the best deals on all kinds of products. A great day for discount shoppers but also filled with chaos and some casualties. Ah, the glorious black Friday!

Black-Friday-2015Since it is the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season (starting after Thanksgiving in US), it’s a big deal for everyone. Sellers & retailers’ sales go through the roof and consumers get more for less. A win win for everyone, right? It was a great hit in 2014 but what will Black Friday 2015 be like? This time it will fall on Friday of November 27th, but I’m sure you know that already. Anyways, the tech deals of 2014 were jaw-dropping! And we hope it will be the same this year too.

What were the Tech Deals in 2014 like?

With 50% – 70% off on some gadgets and accessories, the Black Friday was a great hit in 2014. The tech giants such as Apple, Dell and HP were offering great deals on all their products.


Dell had many discounts on all of it’s laptops, computers and tablets. Some as low as $20 off on laptops and jaw dropping deals like $300 off on a $749.99 Inspiron desktop! Other great offers included $110 off on Dell Inspiron 15″ laptop, $130-$150 off on Inspiron 15 5000 Touch Series and as much as $250 off on Inspiron 15 7000 Series. It wasn’t only available on their own stores but in Malls such as Target and Costco as well.

Similarly, HP also had amazing offers and discounts. It’s best offers were on small accessories like upto 80% off on HP monitors, 35% off on Mice & Keyboards and 40% off on Backpacks and Cases. Other great offers were like $100- $150 off on HP Pavillion and Envy 14T Notebooks and $220 off on HP 110z Desktops.

Microsoft had another line of such great deals going on. It was offering discounts on every product- phones, tablets, laptops…you name it. They were giving off the Nokia Lumia 830 at $99, and the door-breaker was the ASUS Eeebook X205 for $99 (from regular price of $249)! With many various discounts on Dell Inspiron and Acer laptops, the most attractive ones were on the Surface Pro 3 tablets like $150 off of them and $100 off on Surface Pro 2. Also, discounts on gaming consoles like Xbox could also be seen with free game bundles on purchase.Black-Friday-2015

With all these going on, Apple wouldn’t be left out. But this time, it had combined it’s Black Friday shopping with World AIDS day promotion, so, as usual, it was offering Product (RED) iTunes gift cards to customers. It also had other offers like $100 off on iPads, upto $200 off on Macbooks ($500 on 6-core 3.5 GHz Mac Pro), $50 off on iPods and upto $20 off on Apple TV but through outlet stores.

Not only these tech giants but there were also other various attractive jaw-dropping deals on many gadgets such as TVs, headphones, speakers and fitness devices.  There were upto 60% discount on Panasonic HD Tvs, and $600 off the 55″ Samsung Smart LED TVs. For those, who don’t want to face the huge crowds, online shopping also offers great Black Friday discounts. Amazon, the giant online retailer, also had many of these exciting offers on it’s own Fire tablets and other gadgets as well.

With such great deals, 2014 was a big hit and increased our expectations on Black Friday 2015.

What can we expect from Black Friday 2015?

Well, with our hopes for Black Friday 2015 up, we can only hope that they won’t let us down. Considering the deals from Black Friday 2014, we can speculate that it will be at least similar to that level, if not higher.With October halfway through, Black Friday 2015 sure is near and some retailers offer good deals throughout the month of November  but nowhere near as the big day.

None of the tech giants as well as other retailers have announced such deals now,but they will be available very soon, in the early days of November.


HP has said that their Black Friday 2015 ad will be posted sometime in the end of October or beginning of November, once their HP Black Friday Flyer is released. However, some of their Black Friday 2015 deals is available for preview. Their best deals for Black Friday 2015 might include HP Pavillion 15T i7 laptop at $200 off, HP Envy 15T i7 latptop at $250 off and the doorbreaker being more than $850 off (more than 50%) on HP ENVY Phoenix desktop!

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Similarly, Dell has the same ideas. Their best deals are also on preview for Black Friday 2015.  Their best deals include about $50 off on their tablets, more than $120 off on their smaller desktops and their Inspiron 15.6″ laptops.

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While Microsoft has said that they too will have great offers for us for this year’s Black Friday, they haven’t given us any such previews yet. However, we can easily anticipate that this time too, their main attractions will be big discounts on their Surface Pro tablets. Let’s hope we can get big discounts on the new Surface Pro 4, eh? Besides that, their regular great deals will be up as well. You can sign-up for their Black Friday updates newsletters too!

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Apple, on the other hand, always has bad (if not the worst) Black Friday deals. Customers never get anything else than gift cards for iTunes on purchase of Apple products at full prices. We can easily predict that this year too, they’ll do the same because they hardly ever change their format but their gift cards bundles. They had gift cards ranging from $50-$100 in 2013 which was changed to $25-$100 in 2014. Will they go further down this year?

But, you can also get great offers on Apple products if you know where to look. You can usually get good discounts on iPads and Macbooks through other retailers during Black Friday. So, for Black Friday 2015, look for such deals anywhere else other than Apple Stores.


Amazon has announced that their Black Friday 2015 offers will be grander and exciting than last year’s. While it’s offers for this year are not visible yet, they have said that it will be in early November. You can sign-up to get the latest information on their best deals of Black Friday 2015 now.

So, guys that’s what you can expect from tech dealers this Black Friday 2015. Thank you for reading. These are speculations and assumptions based on last year’s deals. So, stay with us for more updated news on tech deals and such for Black Friday 2015. Happy Holiday Shopping Season!


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