Expect poor battery life with HTC One A9 2150mAh Battery


I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC died in a year or two! Most of you must know it already that HTC isn’t doing all that well in past few years. While the competition is getting better and better by the day, HTC has been trying to find the perfect balance but not has been able to come to a conclusion. 

Poor-battery-life-with-HTC-One-A9HTC has just launched their new mid-range flagship phone, the HTC One A9. While the phone is very promising to say the least, there are a couple of things that are clearly underwhelming. Spoiler alert: HTC One A9 will have awful poor battery life with HTC One A9!

And the sad thing is that the things that are underwhelming are the most important aspect of any modern smartphone. In this post, let’s look at one thing that is the most important to all of us: Battery Life!

I don’t know what HTC has been doing in the recent years! Do that not listen to the average consumers? At all? All we asked is a bigger battery! And what do they give us with the HTC One A9? A friggin 2150mAh battery!

Expect nothing but poor battery life with HTC One A9. I am saying this with confidence even bore the phone is out to the general public! Doesn’t matter how much optimization they do to the phone, 2150 mAh battery is too small for a phone that has a 5″ Full HD screen.

Poor-battery-life-with-HTC-One-A9HTC One A9 is the first phone to use the all new Snapdragon 617 SoC. Sure Qualcomm has done some optimization in making the processor more efficient but it isn’t going to be world’s better than Snapdragon 615 which wasn’t that efficient chip at all! I am a die hard HTC fan. I chose the HTC Sensation over the Galaxy S2 and the One X over the Galaxy S3. But I can’t keep holding on to HTC forever. Either they change quick or I am done with HTC!


It’s really sad to see how awful HTC is doing. We would love i they came out with a smartphone that would go head to head with the likes of Samsung Galaxy line and the iPhone. The HTC One A9 just doesn’t cut it, sadly! I said it earlier and I am saying it again, expect some poor battery life with HTC One A9.

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