Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get


While the iPhone 7 has been around for a little more than a month, the Google Pixel has just been released. Google came up with 2 new phones: the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL to compete with Apple’s premium phones: the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There isn’t much difference between the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL but there is a considerable amount of difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Since Google Pixel is the smaller in the Pixel line-up, so is the iPhone 7 for Apple. So, here we are going to compare the two and help you decide which one to get. This is Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get Google-Pixel-vs-iPhone7-Which-One-Should-You-Get

Both the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel cost the same, i.e. $649 for their 32 GB baseline model. So, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to compare now. Both of these phones are nowhere as similar. So, we have to look very carefully what each of these are offering. I don’t think that any one of these phones are going to fully stand out from the other, but there is quite a contrast between these two phones. So, read on Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get to find which one’ll will suit you best. We’ll be comparing on the two phones on these basis:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Hardware
  • Storage
  • Software

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Design

The Google Pixel and iPhone 7 look very different, which is obvious. Both have very good designs and feel very premium on the hands as well. They are a treat for your eyes too. The Google Pixel goes for a dual-tone design of aluminum and glass while the iPhone 7 has a full aluminum unibody. Both feature a fingerprint sensor: the Google Pixel at the back while the iPhone 7 in the front as the home button. The Pixel has no buttons on the front but has a big chin upfront, which is a design flaw, in my opinion. Google-Pixel-vs-iPhone7-Which-One-Should-You-Get

The iPhone 7 is slightly smaller with 4.7″ display, compared to 5″  of the Google Pixel. Google Pixel measures (143.8 x 69.5 x 8.5) mm weighing 143 grams while the iPhone 7 measures (138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1) mm and weighs 138 grams. The iPhone 7 is definitely more compact and slimmer but the Google Pixel is also very nifty. The iPhone 7 derives much of it’s design from the iPhone 6S, different only in the terms of the antenna lines that now go around the top and the slight bump of the camera. Then, of course, there’s the headphone jack, (or should I say, there’s no headphone jack!) which has been replaced by Stereo Speakers on the sides of the Lightning Port that makes for a better audio experience.

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The Google Pixel’s design also looks somewhat familiar. It kinda looks like a combination of the iPhone with something else. With the same rounded edges antenna lines at the bottom of the back, these two phones bear some similarity. The Google Pixel has down-firing speaker on either side of the USB-C port, and a headphone jack at the top, which is a definite advantage. However, the Google Pixel is only IP53 certified, which means it is Splash and Dust resistant but cannot be submerged while the iPhone 7 is IP67, that makes it Dust and Water resistant upto 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Google Pixel is available in Very Silver, Quite Black and Really Blue while the color options for the iPhone 7 include Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold and Jet Black. The build quality is about equal on both but the design depends on your personal preference.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Display

Now, we compare the display on Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get. Talking about the display, the Google Pixel stands superior. It has a larger, crispier display with more resolution than that of iPhone 7. Google Pixel features 5″ AMOLED Full-HD display at (1920 x 1080)p resolution. It offers a greater pixel density of 441 PPI. It is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and the AMOLED display offers more vibrant and sharper colors.


The iPhone 7 features a 4.7″ LCD display with a resolution of (1334 x 750) p. This is a tad bit more than the 720 P HD display but still, it is nowhere near to that of the Google Pixel. Nevertheless, it’s Retina screen makes for quite a display on the iPhone 7 as well. It has a pixel density of 326 PPI with Ion-strengthened glass protection. We cannot notice the individual pixel on either of the phones, and the slightly smaller screen of the iPhone 7 makes it quite alright but there is no doubt that the Google Pixel, with it’s higher resolution and AMOLED panel is the better of the two.

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Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Camera

Both the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel have excellent cameras. iPhone’s cameras have always been great in the smartphone market. And Google Pixel also developed a camera that can go head to head with the likes of iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7. The iPhone 7 has a 12 MP primary camera with a f/1.8 aperture. It has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and phase-detection auto-focus as well as quad-LED flash. It features a 7 MP front camera with a f/2.2 aperture.

Google-Pixel-vs-iPhone7-Which-One-Should-You-GetGoogle Pixel features a 12.3 MP primary camera with f/2.0 aperture. It has no OIS but has EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), which is entirely software based.  It also has video stabilization, laser detection auto-focus and dual-LED flash. Also, it features an 8 MP front camera with f/2.4 aperture. Both of these cameras are capable of recording 4K videos at 30 fps as well. Google Pixel has got the highest camera rating right now, but the iPhone 7’s camera is also a tough contender. Both these cameras take sharp, crisp and great pictures.

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The Google Pixel has a higher resolution front camera but the iPhone 7 has a wider aperture in both. While the Google Pixel has video stabilization, the iPhone 7 has OIS. Therefore, it is only a matter of which feature you want even though there’s not much difference between the picture qualities.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Battery

Next on Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get, let’s compare the battery.  Now, Apple never puts huge sized batteries on their phones. So, iPhone 7 features a battery of 1960 mAh. It is the iPhone 7’s least impressive feature. It has a hard time lasting through the day with a single charge, but it charges fairly quickly as well. The Google Pixel has a 2770 mAh battery, which will barely allow you to make it through the day in a single charge. But, the Google Pixel features Fast Charging, which allows you to get 7 hours of battery life in 15 minutes. So, if you compare these phones by battery, the Google Pixel easily outperforms the iPhone 7.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Hardware

In the hardware department, Apple has built some impressively powerful phones. It features Apple’s Quad-Core A10 Fusion Processor supported by 2 GB RAM. This gives the iPhone 7 top level performance and smooth user experience. The iPhone 7 has actually been tested to be 30% faster than the iPhone 6S and 12% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now, Google Pixel is also very powerful. It has the latest Quad-Core Snapdragon 821 processor supported by 4 GB of RAM. There is no doubt that it is one hell of a powerful device. But, the iPhone 7 beats the Google Pixel in performance power, according the benchmark scores. In the latest Geekbench tests, the iPhone 7 had twice the score than the Google Pixel for single-core and still maintained a significant lead for the multi-core score. So, it’s very clear that the iPhone 7 has more power and easily outperforms the Google Pixel.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Storage

Let’s now talk about the storage options in these phones on Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get. The storage options for both phones start at 32 GB as the baseline models. None of these have expandable storage. The Google Pixel is also available in 128 GB model option while the iPhone 7 is available in 128 GB and 256 GB model options. But, the Google Pixel offers unlimited Cloud storage for Photos and Videos at full resolution, which the iPhone 7 cannot compete with. You can also purchase cloud storage on the iPhone’s iCloud but well, free is free and on top of that, it is unlimited.

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Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Software

It’s very difficult to compare between the software of these two phones as they are worlds apart. Android vs iOS: a never-ending battle. While Android is open-ended and gives the possibility of customization to fit your personal sense of style, iOS is closed ended with least customization but provides easier and smooth user experience.


The Google Pixel runs on the latest Android 7.1 Nougat with the Pixel Launcher skin on top. It is the closest to stock Android ever. It has more features and is more improved than Android Marshmallow. Some improvements are the split-screen feature and some 3D Touch like features in some apps, that can get you the inside menu with a long press minus the pressure sensitivity. There’s also Google Assistant on this phone which is simply great. It is ferociously accurate, more contextual, and also slightly more conversational. You can also use it inside apps. Also, it can make use of the vast Google Database, which is definitely more advantageous.

The iPhone 7 runs on the latest version of iOS – the iOS 10.0.1, which is the best OS from Apple to date. With many improvements over the 3D Touch and a few tweaks in the control center, this is definitely great. The 3D Touch experience is just gold on it and is much better than what is available on the Google Pixel. Then, there’s Siri, the well-known voice assistant from Apple. It is also very easy and fun to use but it can’t be used inside apps. It is also very accurate, but less contextual. And since the Apple database is inferior to Google Database, well, we’d have to give this one to Google Pixel.

Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Conclusion

Finally, in Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get, what is the result? We have compared these two phones in many respects and it’s tough to say which one particularly stands out than the other. Both are almost as equal in terms of specs according to their price.

The Google Pixel stands out in terms of the Display, Resolution, Battery Capacity, RAM, Front-facing camera and the Voice Assistant and also Storage. However, the iPhone is a clear winner in terms of Physical Size, Water-proof design, 3D-Touch, Storage model options, and Raw Performance power. We cannot quite compare between the software because it’s just a matter of your preference.

It’s on you to make the decision based on what you’ve learned so far. No matter which one you choose, they’re both great phones and won’t disappoint you for the price tag. These phones are worlds apart in some terms but mostly similar in others. Me, being an Android user, would definitely go for the Google Pixel but that’s just me. What about you?

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So, this was Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: Which one should you get . Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such information and news. Hope this helps you make a decision. And Choose Wisely.


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