Does iOS 11 have Bluetooth mouse support for iPad and iPhone?


There were a lot of cool features that were introduced for the iOS 11 in the Apple WWDC keynote. A lot of the cool features were introduced especially for the iPad. This year, the WWDC event was quite unique. There were not only software update announcements but also major hardware update announcements.

ios-11-bluetooth-mouse-support-for-ipad-iphone-10bestcaseI will start with the sad news. Unfortunately, iOS 11 still misses out on Mouse support all the iOS devices. It would have made sense if there was no Mouse support for the iPhone but for iPad? Really, I think it’s a missed opportunity. For anything that needs precision, iPad is out of option.

It would really have been great if iPad supported Mouse input. Doing professional work like video editing and photo editing would have been much easier with mouse support. Not only that, browsing the web is so much easier with Mouse input. iPads are large enough to enable “Desktop Site” which without any doubt work best where there is a cursor around.

So, that’s it. iOS 11 still doesn’t have Bluetooth Mouse support for the iPad or the iPhone yet. Users who were hoping Apple to bring Mouse support for the iPad will sadly not be able to do anything but wait. iOS 11 Bluetooth mouse support for iPad is something we will have to wait for a while.


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