Microsoft Surface Pro 4: All there is to know


With Microsoft announcing another Surface Pro Tablet, it’s starting to move to a new height of innovation. Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablets have always been nothing short of a phenomenon. These one of a kind tablets offer everything a professional would want. While the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is out and about in the market, the Surface Pro 4 is all set to release by the end of this month. 

microsoft-surface-pro-4Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been in the market since last year, the Surface Pro 4 is set to release by October 26, 2015 (in the US) according to Microsoft. This will set you back about $899 (starting price) with the key-set costing extra. Sure, it can be considered as a little costly, but mind you, this is a tablet that can easily replace your laptop. It has got many good specs, stunning screen & display, very less weight and attractive look & design. So, if you want to know more about this amazing tablet, u have come to the right place. This is Microsoft Surface Pro 4: All there is to know.

Size & Design

The Surface Pro 4 has the same size as the Surface Pro 3, just thinner. It has dimensions of 11.50″ x 7.93″ x 0.33″ i.e. 292.10mm x 201.42mm x 8.45mm. It’s got the proportions of a sheet of paper and is lighter than ever. The one with the m3 processor weighs about 766 grams while the ones with i5 and i7 both weigh 786 grams.  As you can see, in comparison to the Surface Pro 3, it is basically the same size but thinner.








The design has not really changed since the Surface Pro 3. It has got a magnesium casing with silver color which gives a classy metallic look. Also, it features a flexible, multi-position kickstand at the back for convenience.

Screen and Display

The screen in the new Surface Pro 4 is phenomenal. It has slightly increased the screen size to 12.3″ (from 12″ of Surface Pro 3) but the device’s footprint hasn’t changed. The LCD gates directly goes into the panel itself, a process never done before. The cover glass is Gorilla Glass-4 and is 0.4mm thick, the thinnest ever, a 1.1mm backlight, and a 10-point multi-touch feature.
microsoft-surface-pro-4With PixelSense Display and a resolution of 267 ppi (that’s 5 million pixels) , it has the best display of any tablet or laptop until now. That’s 60% more pixels and better than the previous Surface Pro.

Software and Platform

The Surface Pro 4 runs on 6th Gen Intel® Core™, which is the biggest upgrade in the Surface Pro series. This will make the new Surface Pro 4 30% more faster than the Surface Pro 3. Besides the usual i5 and i7 processors, it will also come out in Intel’s Core M processor – m3, which is said to be low-power but highly efficient.


The device is powered by Windows 10, which turns the tablet into a fully functioning laptop that can run all of your desktop software. It includes all the features of Windows 10, including Cortana, and MS-Office. So, it’s basically a mobile workstation for you.

Camera, Audio and Ports

The Surface Pro 4 includes two cameras: a 5.0 MP HD front camera with Windows Hello facial recognition feature and a 8.0 MP rear auto-focus camera with 1080p HD video recording which is very impressive for a tablet. It has also got Stereo Microphones and Stereo Speakers with Dolby Audio so that you can get the best sound quality and movie experience.

It’s ports include a Surface Connect Cable port for charging and docking, a Mini-Display Port, a headset jack, a micro-SD card slot and a full-size USB 3.0 port. According to Microsoft, the device could’ve been thinner if not for the USB 3.0 port. An optional docking station with four USB 3.0 ports, 4K capable display ports and an Ethernet-jack is also available.

Battery, Memory and Storage

The Surface Pro 4 boasts upto 9 hours of battery life on Video playback, so, you can work uninterrupted. With such battery life, you can easily take your tablet anywhere you go.

The Surface Pro 4 boasts of being 30% more faster with upto 16 GB of RAM, but its basic tablet starts with 4 GB and also has one with 8 GB of RAM. Similarly, storage is done in  Solid State Drive (SSD) with options of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB available. The most basic model being the one with Intel Core M3 processor, 4 GB memory with 128 GB storage costing $899 while the most high-end stretching upto Core i7 processor, 16 GB memory and 1 TB storage that costs about $2,199.

Keyboard and Stylus

microsoft-surface-pro-4The Surface Pro keyboard (known as type-cover) is one of the best things about the Pro series. For the Surface Pro 4, the key-set has been redesigned to give you more comfort. The type-cover is now thinner and lighter but sturdier than ever. The key-set in it comes with a new type of key, known as Pro-set, that offers 1.33 mm travel. There’s also more space between the keys so that you can type more easily and comfortably. It also has a 40% larger trackpad (or touchpad) than it’s predecessor with 5-pint multi-touch. So, now you get the ultimate laptop keyboard experience. Also, it has got an optional fingerprint sensor for the Windows Hello one-touch login but this one will cost you extra.

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The Stylus included with the Surface Pro 4 is integrated with Windows 10.  One click can open Notes, and holding the button will open Cortana, Windows Digital Assistant. The stylus has 1024  points of pressure on the tip which will make you feel the natural ink flow of a real pen when you use it. It’s also got an eraser on the back, just rub the back over your writing and it gets erased! Microsoft boasts that it offers a full-year battery life without having to recharge it. Also, It just sticks to your tablet magnetically, so, no need to worry about storage.

Special Features

There are some special features in the Surface Pro 4 that’s going to knock you out. Let’s see what they are in Microsoft Surface Pro 4: All there is to know.

First, the Surface Pro 4 provides the best writing experience on a tablet. With the highly integrated stylus and Windows 10, you can get that natural writing experience. These are aligned with a custom Pen and Touch chipset  inside the device called the G-5 chipset, newest technology of Microsoft. Moreover, with the new Palm Block technology, you can rest your hand on your tab while you write!

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With one click to Open Note,  holding the button to open Cortana, an eraser in the stylus and such level of Pen and Touch Optimization, you will get the best writing experience. Also, you can write directly on web pages with Surface Pen in the new Microsoft Edge browser to share your notes easily. The tablet runs all Office products perfectly and it has the power to run even the most demanding apps.

Well, that’s all there is about the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4. So, to sum it up once again, here’s Microsoft Surface Pro 4: All there is to know

Size:  Dimensions: 11.50″ x 7.93″ x 0.33″ or 292.10mm x 201.42mm x 8.45mm

            Weight: 766 / 786 /786 grams for the M3 / i5 / i7

Display: 12.3″ screen with 0.4 mm Gorilla Glass and 1.1 mm backlight, photo align oxide display with 267 ppi resolution

OS and Platform: Running on Intel  Core Processors of M3 / i5 / i7 with Windows 10

Camera: 5.0 MP HD front camera and 8.0 MP 1080p HD video recording rear camera

Battery Life: Upto 9 hours of Video Playback

Memory: 4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB RAM for M3 / i5 / i7 but different combinations available according to price

Storage:  Solid-State-Drive, 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB ; various options available

Keyboard: Pro Keyset offering 1.3 mm travel and 40% larger trackpad with 5-point multi-touch

Stylus: Surface Pen highly integrated with Windows 10 with 1024 point pressure on tip and eraser and one click         Open Note function

Other Features: Palm Block technology while writing, G-5 Chipset with PixelSense technology to give the best     Pen and Touch experience

Body: Magnesium Casing with Silver Color and flexible kickstand

So, that’s all for Microsoft Surface Pro 4: All there is to know. Thanks for reading and hope you found all that you wanted to know. Keep visiting our site for more such new information and updates.


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