New MacBook Pro 2016: All you need to know


So, Apple is supposedly releasing a new MacBook Pro, some time later this month. And not just a MacBook Pro with some updated features, but a whole new redesigned MacBook Pro. Well, it’s high time that they did, because we have not seen any major updates to the MacBook Pro lineup. With other things in the works, such as an innovative paper bag, we need something from Apple to keep our interest in the MacBook Pro alive! Yes, Apple really is working on an “innovative” paper bag for Apple stores, which has been patented as well. We will see a whole new MacBook Pro soon and what should we look forward to finding in it? Read on New MacBook Pro 2016: All you need to know to find out. 

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowHere, we have the latest updates on the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. Of course, most of the content is based on the rumors and leaks we’ve come across. But since these tend to be true as always, you can be sure that these will be the things to expect from the new MacBook Pro. We are getting more and more reports that the new MacBook Pro will be launched on October 27. And this time, they aren’t going to disappoint. With rumors such as 5K displays and Touch ID security in the new MacBook, well, you’re looking at something else entirely. The key reasons to get the new MacBook Pro will be better performance, longer battery life, sleeker design and OLED Touch Bar. So, stay for the ride as we break down what we’ve found so far in New MacBook Pro 2016: All you need to know .

Size and Design

The new MacBook Pro is set to come out in 2 sizes: a 13″ screen model and a 15″ screen model. Furthermore, the 13″ model will have two variants: a Non-Retina model and a Retina model. The laptops will be in aluminum casing and rumors suggest that the Apple Logo will not be glowing anymore. The hinges on the new MacBook Pro are also going to be redesigned. They are supposedly getting bigger for better flexibility and with something called Metal Injection Molding. Now, some rumors suggest that these hinges are being redesigned for detachable screens on these MacBooks, but it is rather unlikely.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowThe new MacBook Pro will definitely have a sleeker design. How so? For one, it is going to be slimmer. Apple seeks to make the slimmest device in the world, so, the new MacBook Pro is definitely going to be slimmer. For that, there are some major changes in here. These will only feature USB Type-C Ports! Everything else like the Thunderbolt Port and MagcSafe ports will be integrated within the USB Type-C Ports. Also, the Function keys on the top will be all but gone. They are going to be replaced with an OLED Touch Bar. Furthermore, the trackpad will also see an increase in size. The keyboard layout will be the same as the 12″ MacBook with increased Travel between the keys.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowWe have had leaked pictures of the designs from some Apple manufacturing company that highly suggest the above-mentioned designs: an all USB Type-C port, bigger trackpad, and an OLED Touch Bar instead of the Function keys. In addition, we’ll be seeing the new MacBook Pro in various colors: Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold.

Screen and Display

We don’t have much on the display of the new MacBook Pro except that they will have two screen size variants. The 13″ model with a Retina Display and a Non-Retina Display model while the 15″ model will have Retina Display. The price on these will differ according to the display and availability of the Retina Display.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowSome rumors suggest that there will be a 5K display but more claim that it will have a 4K display. Now, it’s not uncommon for other Windows laptops to have 4K displays, but if we could get it on the MacBook Pro, it would be awesome! But one of the sources claims that the resolution of the upcoming MacBook Pro will be 3360 x 2100 p, which is close to 4K but still far away from it. Since there have been no such leaks about the display, we can only speculate for now.

Audio and Ports

I already mentioned that the upcoming MacBook Pro will have only USB Type-C ports. So, yes, everything else will be removed as Apple isn’t too sentimental to remove stuff. The leaked pictures suggest that it will have speaker grills on the sides for better audio. Previously, the sound used to boom from under the keyboard only. So, now,  we’ll actually have speakers on the MacBook Pro. As you can see in the leaked image below (obtained by Cult of Mac), there’s space at the sides of the keyboard and there are speaker grills too.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowTalking about the USB-C ports, leaks say that there will be 4 of them. Furthermore, these USB-C ports will be USB 3.1 Gen 2, making them even faster than that of the 12″ MacBook. Gone is the SD-Card slot, MacSafe ports, the USB-A ports and the Thunderbolt ports. But the USB-C will be integrated with those features! So, all of those from a single port…except the SD-Card slot, for which you’ll have to carry an extra adapter around, I guess. Don’t worry, though…the headphone jack is staying, unlike in the iPhone 7. So, it’s still good.

Software and Platform

Specs-wise, the upcoming MacBook Pro will be running on the latest 6th Generation Dual-Core Intel M processors according to rumors. Another set of rumor suggests that they’ll be using the 6th Gen Intel Skylake processors. Skylake will be able to get us longer battery life as well. Whichever they use, the new MacBook Pro will be a beast of a performer because, it will also include a GPU, namely, 11 AMD Polaris Graphic cards. It will make it better in the Gaming zone, but since MacBooks are not really meant for gaming, it will just be great for the performance.

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To accumulate with all these hardware customizations, Apple is reportedly working on the improvement of it’s OS as well. So, the new MacBook Pro 2016 will come with macOS Sierra 10.12.1 pre-installed. It will be able to cope with all the changes such as the USB-C ports doubling as Thunderbolt cables, Mac-Safe ports, etc and the operating of OLED Touch Bar as well.

New: OLED Touch Bar

The Function Keys set are to be replaced by an OLED Touch Bar, which is an absolute game changer.  It is an OLED touchscreen, which is basically a secondary screen in place of the function keys. You can call it a touchscreen or a touch bar, it doesn’t really matter.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowSo, this OLED Touch Bar will allow us to do everything that the Function Keys do, and more. You can also have some app shortcuts in there and some more integrated buttons for inside-app functions. It will have media controls and you will be able to customize it as per your requirement.

New: Touch ID

Several rumors have now hinted towards Touch ID being included in the new MacBook Pro 2016. It may not include all those fingerprint functions from the iPhone Touch ID like Apple Pay but it will in the very least allow you to unlock your MacBook Pro with your fingerprint.

New-MacBook-Pro-2016-All-there-is-to-knowThe Touch ID will be integrated with the Power Button which is located right beside the OLED Touch Bar. So, forget passwords…now, you will be able to unlock your MacBook with your fingerprint. Also, there are reports that Apple has patented a way to unlock MacBooks using iPhones too. So, for those MacBooks that don’t have an integrated Touch ID, this could be the solution.


After going through the New MacBook Pro 2016: All you need to know, don’t you wish that all these rumors were true? Well, almost all of them are, so, don’t worry. The MacBook Pro hasn’t seen such an update in many years, and now, it is on its way to becoming a game-changer. It will easily change the way we interact with our laptops.

For example, you don’t need to remember passwords to your MacBook anymore. Just your fingerprint and you’re good to go. And, it will be more secure as a device as well. If this Touch ID could be made more applicable to the web browsing and such, that would even be more awesome! Also, you don’t need all those cables for your MacBook Pro now. Since everything can be done with the USB-C port, it’s all so easy. Well, you might have to carry around an adapter for a pen-drive or SD-card, but well, you can charge it, or use the Thunderbolt cable with the same, it’s great convenience.

In addition, the OLED Touch Bar will make your life easier. Forget pressing the Function keys, you’ll be able to do all those just by touch! Maybe you can have a brightness indicator there and just swipe up to increase it and down to decrease it. You can control the media with it all too easily. Also, you’ll be able to add shortcuts to some apps in there. You can also add shortcuts inside the apps in there which will be a great help while Photo-editing or video-editing or even Gaming.

With such great specs and so many new features, it will be a treat once you get your hands on this MacBook Pro 2016. Now that is some innovation Apple really needed.

So, this was New MacBook Pro 2016: All you need to know. Thank you for reading and I know there are a lot of potholes in here, but it’s just because the it is yet to release. We will be sure to update it if we receive any major update regarding the new MacBook Pro 2016.


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