People are actually buying the 12-inch MacBook!


Everyone (including me) was skeptic about the new 12-inch MacBook sales. But it looks like people are actually buying the new laptop from Apple. They are not only buying but buying in millions. How did it happen? I was expecting this product to be a complete flop! With only one port which also doubles as charging port, who would expect this small laptop to sell so  much. Even more so when the base price of the laptop is whooping $1300!buying-the-12-inch-MacBook


Ya… Sure it does have a “Retina” display that Macbook Air users craved for years (and still crave) but that is all MacBook has more to offer. It is powered by significantly weaker 5W CPU compared to MacBook Airs 15W CPU. Heck! For $1299, you can get the MacBook Pro with Retina Display which is way way more powerful. It has got better screen, better processor, faster RAM, better connectivity options and better battery life.  That is how I, a tech geek, saw things. And this is where I messed up.

Looking from the eyes of a consumer, the new 2015 MacBook made more sense than ever. It is super slim, portable and perfect for everyday task like word processing, Facebooking and Youtubing. And the battery gets you through the day. What else does an average consumer look more for? The screen on the MacBook is superb and the build quality is excellent.

One feature that makes the 12-inch MacBook superior than the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the storage capacity on the base model. The base model 13 inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display comes with 128GB of SSD whereas the new MacBook comes with double the storage at 256GB. Also, the new 12-inch MacBook has ample 8GB RAM.


If you have got a lot of money for your new laptop and if you don’t edit huge videos in your laptop, 12-inch Macbook may be the perfect laptop for you. People are buying the 12-inch MacBook because it is good in many ways. Also, the USB Type-C that this MacBook uses is the future of ports. You will be seeing a lot of this ports in the days to come.

buying-the-12-inch-MacBookIf you are not a power hungry user and don’t intend to play games in this MacBook (there aren’t many games for Mac anyways), this is  certainly going to be a good buy. The Intel Core M processor is also not that bad at all. It easily competes with the MacBook Air from 2013. So, with this machine, you can do things like Photoshop editing and simple video editing with ease.

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