Top 10 Best Cases for BLU R1 HD


BLU R1 HD has to be the best smartphone you can buy for under $50. At Amazon right now, the phone costs $49.99. This smartphone comes from partnership of BLU with Amazon and it seems to work perfectly. The phone is really really good for the price you pay. If you have already bought this phone, here are the Top 10 Best Cases for BLU R1 HD you can buy right now. 

BLU R1 HD is quite powerful as it comes with MediaTek 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor and 2GB of RAM. The phone looks sleek with metal sides but has a plastic back which not everyone will like. As such, it is a good idea to put on a premium case for the BLU R1 HD. It immediately makes the phone stand out and protects the phone in case of a drop too. So, in this article, let’s have a look at Top 10 Best Cases for Blu R1 Hd you can grab right now. So, here we go.

    1. BLU R1 HD ArmorFlex Case + Screen ProtectorTop-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      If you want to get a new case for your BLU R1 HD but not sure which case to get, this case is what you should go for. Why? This is the official case for the BLU R1 HD and made by BLU

      Also with this case, you get a free screen protector which is an added bonus. You can both the case and the screen protector for under $10 at the moment. You can get this case in either Black or Gold colour.

      Check out this case here>>

    2. BLU R1 HD case Slim Case by KugiTop-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      BLU R1 HD Case by Kugi is my personal favourite in this list of Top 10 Best Cases for BLU R1 HD. Why? Simply because there are no flaws in this case and the case as of now costs less than $5.

      You can get this BLU R1 HD case in 2 colours: Black and Frosted Silver. The case is specifically designed for BLU R1 HD and all the ports cut outs are in right place. Be sure to check this case out.

      Check out this Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    3. Blu R1 HD Slim TPU case (2016)Top-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      Looking for a premium case for your BLU R1 HD? This is the best premium case we could find online for the BLU R1 HD. This Premium Leather Case is the most expensive in this list but also the top rated case in this list of Top 10 Best Cases for BLU R1 HD.
      You can get this case in whooping 5 colours. You can also use this case as a kickstand and use it to watch movies and view photos. All in all one of the best cases you can buy for the BLU R1 HD right now.

      See this Premium Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    4. IVSO BLU R1 HD Flip Cover CaseTop-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      This is another really good case for the BLU R1 HD. This however lacks the premium look and feel that the previous case had. Apart from that both the cases are extremely identical.

      The upside of this case, however, is the fact that it costs just half of the previous mentioned case. This case too comes in 5 exciting colours.

      Check out this Blu R1 HD Wallet Case here>>

    5. KuGi BLU R1 HD ultra-thin MX Style PU Cover  Top-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      BLU R1 HD is a simple phone for those with tight budget. And this is the best combination case you can get today. This case is extremely cheap. It also comes in 9 colours and there are no flaws to the design of this case. The ports are all well laid out and the design of the case is just as good. Be sure to check this case out.

      View this Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    6. Blu R1 HD R0010UU Flip Case Top-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      Remember the original flip cover case for the Samsung Galaxy S3? Since then, we have all kinds of flip cover cases for our phones. This one is made by a reputed brand and it works just as fine as the OEM one.

      This case for the BLU R1 HD  is available in 5 different colours. The transparent front also means that you will be able to see who is calling and also view the notifications and messages. This is one of the best flip cover case for the BLU R1 HdD.

      Check out this Cool Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    7.  BLU R1 HD ArmorFlex Case + Screen Protector – White/GoldTop-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      This is another official case from BLU. As with the #Case No.1, this case too comes with a free screen protector although not a glass one. This case is made from high quality polycarbonate plastic and since the case is custom made for the Blue R1 HD, the ports and camera cut offs are right in place.

      You can get this case in 2 colours. You may want to choose this case over the black one as it looks more premium also has quite a lot of shine to it.
      Check out this cheap Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    8.  KuGi BLU R1 HD Folio Leather Case with Card SlotsTop-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      This is another premium case for the BLU R1 HD. This case is made by Kugi who has a really good reputation for making high quality phone cases. This specific case comes in 5 different colours.

      The thing to love about this case is the number of pockets you have to store some change and ID/Credit cards. And even with everything in place, the case is fairly compact. The case looks pretty handsome too. You can have this case for under $15 at the moment.

      Check out this Premium Blu R1 HD Case here>>

    9. BLU R1 HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Top-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      Gone are the days when you used to have a screen protector made out of plastic. Now we get tempered glass screen protector for our phones and this is the best one we could find for the price.

      This case is made from high quality glass of 9H thickness and installing the tempered glass is just as easy. You won’t have bubble marks after the completion of the installation of this tempered glass.

      Get this Tempered Glass for Blu R1 HD>>

    10.  Skinomi – BLU R1 HD Screen Protector + Gold Carbon Fiber Full Body Skin Top-10-Best-Cases-for-BLU-R1-HD

      Skinomi is well known for making really high quality screen protectors. But recently there are doing a really good job of making high quality skins for phones and tablets too. In this iteration, the company has come out with high quality  skin for the BLU R1 HD. Be sure to check it out.
      View this Carbon Fiber Skin forBlu R1 HD here>> 

Blu R1 HD surely looks pretty with one of these cases put on. Hope you liked at least one of the cases from our list of Top 10 Best Cases for BLU R1 HD. As new cases comes out, we will make sure to update this list of Top 10 Best Cases for Blu R1 HD. As always thanks for reading this post!


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