Top 10 Cases for Huawei Mate S


The Huawei Mate S is another venture from the Chinese firm, and it has been out and about since some time on October. The Huawei Mate S has a very good design indeed, with the slightly curved back, it’s super thin and very comfortable to hold. It is in the high-end of the phones costing nearly $700. It features some very interesting features, besides the ones we’ve already seen a lot. It also sports the Force Touch, which, can also weigh things but I don’t know why it’s necessary. Another is it’s fingerprint sensor which is located conveniently at the back of the phone and besides scanning for fingerprints for security, there are a lot more you can do with it. But if you own it, I’m sure you know it already. The Huawei Mate S’ design is, I think, the best about the phone, and I’m sure you would like to keep it safe and damage free. So, here are the best cases for your phone in Top 10 Cases for Huawei Mate S

1) Tip-Top Ultra-thin Luxury Metal Bumper with Drawbench back cover case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis luxury case is specially made for the Huawei Mate S only, and is compatible with none other. It’s got a very sturdy construction: an aluminium metal bumper with mirror drawbench back of electroplate plastic, which makes for a very comfortable grip. Also, it’s very lightweight and has   sleek design that protects your phone effectively against dust, dirt, bump and scratches effectively without adding any bulk.

It is available in five different attractive colors. View price and details here.


2) Nillkin Frosted Shield Matte Plastic Case Cover for Shell for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis case is very strong and sturdy, thanks to it’s high quality plastic material construction. And, with it’s elegant dustless matte UV painting technology, it’s also got a very nice appearance and comfortable feeling while holding it. It can protect your phone effectively form most types of damages, scratches, etc. Also, the surface is dust-proof and also anti-fingerprint, which makes it very easy to clean.

It’s available to buy in four different colors. View price and details here.


3) Terrapin Slim Fit Premium TPU Gel Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-STPU Gel Cases are known for their sturdiness while being very lightweight. This case is no exception. It is made out of hard TPU Gel material which is ultra slim and it’s a perfect fit giving full access to all the phone features while protecting the cases from mid-level impacts, scratches and smudges. It also gives a bold look and is a low-profile case for your phone.

It is available in six stylish bold colors. View them here.


4) Suensan TPU Slim Fit Transparent Case


For those who don’t want to cover up their phone’s original beautiful look but still want some protection, this is a good choice. This is an ultra-slim flexible TPU case which can protect the phone from scratches, dust and dirt, and some medium level impacts. With it’s rounded sides and flexible material construction, it also has a very good grip on your Mate S and it’s intense transparency maintains your Mate S’ original beauty.

This clear case is also available in another darker version as well. View price and details here.


5) Suensan Flip Window View Smart Leather Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SLeather cases are something which represent style and class, and this leather case for your mate S is made out of imported leather with bumper of leather and PC material combo which gives it good resistance from bumps and shocks around the sides. It’s got very slight thickness and has a very delicate looking texture, which makes for an outstanding visual. With it’s flip window design, you can view the time and and status without lifting the cover up, which is convenient and it features special magnetism with intelligent wake up / sleep function.

This case gives you the special good touch feeling and is available in two different colors. View it here.


6) Terrapin Premium Leather Wallet Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SLeather cases are very stylish but it’s better if they offer some more functionality. So, here we have a premium leather case with wallet feature for your mate S. Built out of premium PU leather, it has slots for holding cards and IDs and also cash. It features a magnetic strap for securing your things inside and also a wrist strap for easy carry and handling. The leather texture is sturdy enough to protect your phone from scratches and fingerprints.

This particular one is for Ladies, but there are such cases in other bold colors for gents as well. View them here.


7) GMYLE Slim Hard Glossy Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis is a super attractive case with killer looks. This case is a perfect fit to your Mate S which provides easy access to all phone’s physical features. The case is made out of hard plastic material which is strong enough to protect it from bumps, scratches& fingerprints and durable enough not to wear and tear with time. It is also very slim and lightweight and features very attractive black marble design which complements your phone’s beauty.

This case is very easy to install with it’s snap-on feature. You can view it here.


8) APLUS Frosted Matte Shield Hard Cover Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis is another one of the matte cases that offer very elegant appearance that complements your phone with style. It is made out of high quality plastic material and latest dustless matte UV paint that doesn’t fade away. This case is perfectly capable of protecting your phone against impacts and the texture is dustproof, scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint making it easy to clean. It provides comfortable grip and is lightweight with minimal bulk.

You can choose from any one of the five elegant colors. Also includes an HD LCD screen protector for your Mate S. View them here


9) APLUS Slim Crystal TPU Soft Clear Case for Huawei Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis is another case for the clear case enthusiasts. This time, it is a crystal clear soft and flexible case made out of high grade TPU, making it a great shock absorbent case so that it can protect against drops and some impacts. With it’s refreshing cool and slim design, it is also easier to hold which makes for a better grip. All your phone’s physical features are accessible and you can protect your phone without losing it’s original beauty.

Check out the updated price and details by clicking the link down below.


10) Qialino Ultra-thin Genuine Leather Handcrafted case for Mate S

Top-10-Cases-for-Huawei-Mate-SThis is a classic leather case made out of premium genuine leather and totally handcrafted with perfect stitching, which is why it’s a bit pricey. The genuine leather texture gives it soft and smooth handling and touch feeling, also providing protection from scratches, shocks and bumps. It is also ultra-thin and lightweight and features a card slot at the back for holding credit cards or IDs.

It is available in Black and Brown colors to choose from. View it down below.


These are the Top 10 Cases for Huawei Mate S you can get today. We are pretty sure new cases will come out for this phone. As new cases comes out, we will also make sure that we update this list of Top 10 Cases for Huawei Mate S. As always thanks for reading this post.


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