Top 10 Cool HTC One A9 cases


HTC is readying their new flagship phone and it is expected to be released in November. The phone we are talking about is the HTC One A9. Right now the price of the phone is considerably low for pre order and it is rumoured that when it is released it will go up by about $100 so, if you want to own this phone, pre ordering it now would be wise.  This phone has a classy design and great functions. Many of you might be looking to buy this phone when it is available and most certainly you will be looking for cases in order to enhance the looks and keep your precious phone protected so, here we have collected for you a list of Top 10 Cool HTC One A9 cases. Have a look.

1) HTC One A9 Carbon Fibre skin by Decalrus


This carbon fibre skin provides more fashion than function. It is a durable, high quality adhesive vinyl sticker that you can apply to your HTC One A9. It gives a fashionable and attractive look to your phone with a jagged design all over. It is also very easy to apply without any liquids or solutions. If you want to remove the skin, you can simply peel it off with your hands.

For less than $5 you can have this attractive skin installed and don’t worry about colour choices as there are numerous colours to choose from. Click the link below to find more details.




This case by CASEFORMERS is a tough and functional case. It features shock absorbing layers to protect your phone from drops, scratches and bumps. It has a unique design that allows more grip and toughness. It also features a kickstand for media viewing convenience. All round protection for your phone is what this case offers as it also has enhanced corners for more protection.

For little more than $5, you can have this phone and you can choose from 3 colours. This will certainly make your HTC One A9 bulky but it will add extreme protection to your phone.


3) Tauri Wallet Leather Case for HTC One A9 

Top-10-Cool-HTC-One-A9-casesThis case by Tauri offers protection with style and function. This wallet case is made of premium synthetic leather and is impact proof, scratch & tear-resistant and dust proof. It features card slots with adequate space for money and cards so you don’t have to carry your wallet with you. It also has a kickstand feature for media viewing convenience in HTC One A9.The snap on/off magnetic strap helps to keep everything intact and protects your phone as well.

Available in 4 colours and costing under $10, this case is certainly a great deal looking at its functionality and durability.

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4) Tauri Protective Dual Layer Hybrid Defender Armor Case for HTC One A9 Case 


This lightweight perfect fit case is made of TPU rubberised inner case and hard PC outer case for maximum durability and protection. The gritty design provides extra grip to prevent HTC One A9 from drops bumps scratches etc. The case is easy to snap on/off so it is easy to install and remove the case. This case is precisely designed to ensure all the ports and jacks can be easily used without any restrictions.

This case is available in 4 colours and costs less than $10. For high-end protection and durability, this is the case for you.

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5) HTC One A9 Case by Nagebee 


This multi layer case by Nagebee is composed of inner enclosure hard shell constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double-enforced with a shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve. The corners have double enforced silicone that provides extra protection against drops. The rugged design also provides extra grip while handling HTC One A9. There are 2 pieces to this device, one with a belt clip swivel holster and another with a kickstand feature and you can change them as required.

This case is available in 3 colours and costs about $10, for just that much, you get extra protection and features with this wonderful case.


6) HTC One A9 Case NageBee Flip PU Leather Fold Wallet Flip Case

Top-10-Cool-HTC-One-A9-casesNow this case provides protection with style. It is made of high quality leather and is impact, scratch and tear resistant. This case features card slots that conveniently hold several credit cards, license, and business cards with a separate insert for cash and with that function, this case also acts as a wallet for you. The front cover will protect the HTC One A9s screen and the snap on/off magnetic strap will ensure everything is safe and intact.

With extra design and fanciness, this case is also available in other patterns and costs about $7 only.

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7) HTC One A9 Aero Wallet Pouch Case 


This is yet another classy wallet case for your HTC One A9. It has a fine synthetic design and also features multiple functions. This case has inner pockets to hold your cash and cards and acts like a wallet. The secure snap lock helps to keep everything safe and secure inside your wallet case. There is also a kickstand feature to help watch videos and face time with ease.

You can get this amazing case for your phone for just under $5! and you can also choose from 3 different colours.


8) Premium Rugged HTC one A9 Phone Case 


This tough case by Storm-buy is composed of high quality plastic material, with soft silicone rubber gel inner skin. It has 2 layers, one a rubberised interior and another an external hardened cover. This case provides super protection against drops, shocks and scratches. It also has a kickstand feature for media viewing convenience.

For those wanting great protection for your phone, this case will do just that. This case is form-fitting and doesn’t restrict any buttons or ports. Available in 5 colours, this case costs less than $10.


9) Cool HTC One A9 Case by Tauri 


Now this case by Tauri is a Bling case for the HTC One A9. This case offers a lot of style and at the same time offers the same amount of protection. For people who like shiny and attractive things, this case is a perfect find. It is a dual layer case with TPU rubberized inner case and a hard PC outer shell cover which will provide great protection against dust, dirt, scratches & damages. It is very easy to install and remove as well.

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This case contains studded rhinestone that gives the case a stylish design. Some people might not like the extra shine and fanciness but some may find it as attractive as well. This case is available in 3 colours and costs under $10.


10) Mr Shield For HTC One A9 Anti-Crash Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Alright there may be some of you who would want to show off the original design of the phone and that is completely understandable. Even so, you will need to protect your phone so with this Anti-crash screen protector, you can do that without a case. It has 9H Hard Coating and ensures better crack resistance with an un-smudgeable surface. This screen protector is made with Nanotechnology and has better properties compared to tempered glass. It is scratch resistant, scuff resistant and shatter proof.

For less than $10, you get this screen protector for HTC One A9 along with a lifetime warranty! That is an awesome deal so be sure to check it out.


That is all for this list of Top 10 Cool HTC One A9 cases if you want to know more about the phone, Click here. Keep visiting our page for more lists on Best cases and updates on latest Smartphones.


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