Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories


HTC’s 2017 flagship, the HTC U11 is here. Sure, nobody expected HTC to continue its flagship with it’s U-series, but its what it is. The HTC U11 has a premium liquid design, which is great to look at and hold with IP-67 Water and Dust Resistance. It runs on the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC which definitely makes it a powerhouse. Also, this is phone is the new leader in the camera department with a DxO-Mark rating of 90. Previously, it belonged to Google Pixel and Pixel XL. A new unique feature includes the “Squeeze“, which enables you to access various features by squeezing the sides of the phone which reacts to pressure. Anyways, we can be looking at a great flagship in our hands. If you are thinking of getting it, then why not check out the Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories .

The following contains a list of cases and accessories that might go best with the HTC U11. It contains anything from cases to earphones to car-stands, etc. So, here they are Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories.

1) Dretal Slim Fit Protective Case for HTC U11

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesOpening up this list of Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories is this clear case for HTC U11. Now, HTC U11 sure has a stunning liquid design, so, makes no sense to cover it up, right? Hence, a clear case might just do the trick. Also, its side bumpers are TPU which will absorb shock while it’ll help gain easy access to HTC U11’s Squeeze feature. The case is resistant to shocks, impacts, and scratches.

You can choose from among four different colors for less as less as $10. We get the phone image isn’t right but rest assured, I ordered one myself and it was an exact match for the HTC U11.

Check out this clear case for your HTC U11 here>>

2) TopAce No-Bubble Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesSure, the HTC U11’s screen has a Gorilla Glass 5 corning, but then again, you won’t be willing to risk dents and scuffs on it, would you? So, next on Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories, we have this full cover screen protector. With 99.99% transparency, and ultra-clear HD, it maintains your phone’s natural display while 9H hardness protects from scratches, drops, fingerprints, etc easily.

You can also choose one with a clear profile or between two colors for as less as $10. This protects the entire front part of the phone which is a great thing±

Take a look at this full cover screen protector for the HTC U11 here>>

3) Samsung EVO 256 GB MicroSDXC Card

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesHTC U11 comes with 64 GB storage inside, and that should be enough too. However, with the best camera in town, you won’t be able to resist taking a load of pictures! And so, you should consider having this SDXC card as secondary storage. This card provides superfast data transfer speeds up to 95 MBPS, perfect for loading media and photos easily.

You can even choose the color of red, black and green! The cards is available in different sizes ranging from 32GB to 256GB!

Get this  256GB Samsung microSDXC card here>>

4) ALZN Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headset

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesSince HTC U11 decided to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack, a wireless set of headphones might not be a bad idea, right? So, next on Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories, we have this wireless sports headphone for your phone. This connects to your U11 via Bluetooth 4.1, is ultra-light and flexible in the ears. With water resistance and noise cancellation, it is best for workouts and outdoors. It can even support up to 2 devices at once.

You can choose between either Red or Black for as less as $36. If you are an enthusiastic person and are fond of outdoor sports, you will love this headphone.

Take a look at these wireless sports headphones here>>

5) Anker PowerCore+ USB-C Premium Power Bank

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesNow, power banks are a standard must haves for any  other phones as well. So, its a good idea to have a power bank for your HTC U11 as well. This one, here on Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories, is an ultra-high capacity portable charger of 20100 mAh capacity that can charge your HTC U11 6 times over. And with USB-C outlets, you don’t need any extra adapters or such. Perfect travel companion, isn’t it?

For now, you can get this for a discounted price of $66.

View this Power bank for your HTC U11 right here>>

6) MicroP Slim Leather Folio Case for HTC U11

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesAnother case in this list of Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories. This one is a slim fit leather case for your HTC U11. The leather design protects your phone against scratches and scuffs easily while enabling you to store a card inside it. Also, its folio cover can act as a mobile stand for easy media watching as well.

Also available in other colors to choose from for less than $10.

Take a look at this slim folio leather case here>>

7) Aukey USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesWith the LG G6 having a single USB-C port, sometimes, its difficult to be compatible with all the devices out there like OTGs. So, a USB-C to Micro-USB adapter is a good choice to carry around.  With USB 2.0, it can give you data transfer speeds of upto 480 Mbps in either direction.

You can get three of these for just $10, a great deal, isn’t it?

Get this 3-in-1 Adapter pack here>>

8) Dretal Data Sync Charging Dock for HTC U11

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesHard to use your phone while it’s charging, isn’t it? Well, here on Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories, we’ve got the answer. A charging dock that’ll allow you to synchronize and charge your HTC U11. It supports fast charging, either through direct power or laptops. With optimal view angle, you can also use to comfortably while it’s docked in. Perfect for travelers, businessmen, and students as well.

You can choose from among four different colors for as less as $16. View this dock station here>>

View this dock station here>>

9) New Bee Ceramic Hi-Fi Level USB-C Earphones

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesNow, the earphones that come with the HTC U11 in the box sure are great. But if you lose them, or so, these can be a great replacement. These feature the latest digital audio tech combined with zirconium oxide ceramic metal body, make for a great hearing experience. With dynamic noise reduction, it offers lossless stereo sound quality and looks great too!

Also available in three different colors to choose from for as less as $16.

Have a look at these USB-c stereo earphones here>>

10) Apie Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker

top-10-htc-u11-cases-and-accessoriesLast but not the least on Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories is this wireless speaker. Sure, HTC U11’s Boom Sounds is just great, but when you need to party, then this comes in handy. This speaker lets you enjoy HD stereo sound with impressive volume and crisp, bass-rich audio. On top of it, it’s water resistance, so, convenient for pool parties and outdoor campings, not to mention in the shower as well.

You can get this wireless speaker for as less as $30. View this Portable Speaker here>>

View this Portable Speaker here>>

So, these were the Top 10 HTC U11 Cases and Accessories. I’m sure there are other gadgets out there that can be great accessories for your HTC U11 as well. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.


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