Top Best Microsoft Lumia 950 Cases and Covers


With the near arrival of Microsoft Lumia 950 in the market, many of you might have already pre-ordered the phone. The phone itself is brilliant, no doubt about that. The design of the Lumia phones is in Scandinavian style, which makes it simple & elegant. So, you either like it or don’t, no in-between. It has a matte plastic body which comes in either black or white. If you think that’s not the style you want, you can always change it with a good phone case and plus, it will also add more protection to its plastic body. You can learn more about the Microsoft Lumia 950 here.There are many cases by many third parties around but here are the chosen best ones in terms of price, style and protection for you to choose from. This is Top Best Microsoft Lumia 950 Cases and Covers.

1) Tauri Premium Luxury Leather Wallet Flip Cover Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversThis is a very affordable case that’ll cost you only around $10 but it is very functional and practical, not to mention stylish. Made out of premium quality synthetic leather that hardly wears out, it is soft, lightweight and feels good to touch. It will protect your phone from scratches and dirt. It might not be able to offer protection against drops which it makes up for in its functionality i.e. it’s wallet feature.

It has got slots for holding cash, credit cards & IDs conveniently and a kickstand feature for face-time and easy watching. With this, you don’t have to carry your bulky wallet in your pocket.

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2) Cimo Matte Premium Slim & Flexible Soft Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversMade out of  premium TPU material, this is a soft, flexible and lightweight case that compliments your phone’s looks. With its shock absorption technology, it is perfectly capable of protecting your phone against drops, impacts and scratches, etc. It also includes beveled front edges that allow lay-on-the-table design for screen protection and anti-slip properties that give you more grip.

A super-slim case that is available for the affordable price of just more than $9. Also available in a range of vibrant colors like Matte Blue, Wave Purple and in a tough armor look as well.


3) TUDIA Ultra-Slim Full Matte TPU Bumper Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversThis is another one of the TPU case in this list of Top Best Microsoft Lumia 950 Cases and Covers.  The best thing about TPU cases is that they are flexible and lightweight but are very capable of providing protection against medium level impacts, scratches and dirt. It also has raised edges to protect the screen when placed face-down.

This too, costs you less than $10 and is available in 4 different dark colors.

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4) IDEA LINE Inc. Heavy Duty Armor Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversDesigned for complete protection, this dual layer case is more like an armor for the phone. It has an inner layer of silicone that cushions against shocks while the hard outer shell protects against impacts and drops. It’s innovational design makes it is very easy to slip-on and off and also, it has a kickstand feature in it for easy face-time and viewing which also doubles as a belt-clip swivel for convenient storage.

You also get a free stylus pen compatible with the phone on the purchase of this case for less than $10. It has  got a tough armor look and is available in five different color combinations.

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5) MoKo Anti-Drop Dual Layer Bumper Cover for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversThis case is especially designed to provide full protection to your phone against drops. With dual layers of silicone bumper and hard polycarbonate outer, this is one tough case that has a scratch resistant coating on both inner and outer sides of the back panel, so, it doesn’t scratch your phone from the inside and doesn’t get scratched itself.

Also features anti-slip properties that prevent drops and has very precise cut-outs for all ports and buttons. This black cover case is available for less than $10.

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6) KuGi High-Quality Ultra-thin TPU Soft Case Cover for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversAn ultra-thin soft case made to complement your phone’s looks that gives very good appearance and good touch feeling. Perfectly form-fitted design gives access to all ports and buttons and it is very easy to slip on yet stays on securely. It’s made out of TPU material which makes it resistant to medium-level impacts, scratches and dirt.

Available in four vibrant colors, this case will not cost you more than $10.

7) OMOTON Hybrid Bumper Case Cover for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversMeasuring only 0.25″ and weighing not more than 2 ounces, this case is super-slim and lightweight which means effective protection with no bulk at all. It is also made out of TPU that provides protection against drops, impacts and scratches while it’s matte surface ensures no finger prints and smudges on the case.

A super good-looking case in black which costs just a little more than $5.


8) LK Drop Protection Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversA dual-layer case that is designed to provide your phone maximum protection from drops and large impacts. A soft silicone inner bumper absorbs shock whereas hard polycarbonate outer resists damage from drops and impacts. Outer surface has scratch resistant finish with anti-slip properties that prevents scratches and provides additional grip.

With easy snap-on / off feature, this case is available in six different attractive colors, all under the affordable price of less than $10.

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9) Dretal Premium Frosted Clear Case for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversThis is for those who want to show-off their classy new phone’s design while protecting their phones to some level. A perfect combination of style and durability. This is a clear case made out of TPU which makes this case flexible, soft, and resistant to scratches and medium level impact damages. Also, the back is matte design which adds more & comfortable grip and anti-smudge property to it.

Available in four different colors, this case will not set you back more than $10.

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10) HotCool Heavy Duty Dual Layer Rugged Armor Protection for Lumia 950

Top-Best-Microsoft-Lumia-950-Cases-and-CoversThis is a case that’s all for protection. It’s rugged muscular body is not only for looks. It has dual layers: inner TPU case that wraps around the phone perfectly absorbing shock and hard outer PC shell that provides extra protection at the back, sides and corners from drops and large impacts, not to mention scratches. It’s also got a built-in kickstand for convenient face-time and easy viewing.

With this case, you have to compromise thinness but you’ll get maximum protection. Also, it is very cheap; you can have it for just around $5.

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So, these are the best of the phone cases available for now. For better cases, stay in touch with Top Best Microsoft Lumia 950 Cases and Covers as we will update it with newer cases once available. Thank you for reading. You can pre-order Lumia 950 right now at AT&T.


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