10 Unique Best Moto E5 Plus Cases and Covers

Motorola Moto E5 and the E5 Plus has finally made its way into the US. The phone looks good but can certainly use some protection. Here are the best Moto E5 Plus cases and covers you can get from all over the Internet.

The list of Best Moto E5 Plus Cases and Covers includes transparent cases, rugged cases, flip cover case as well as slim cases. Let’s hope you find what you were looking for.

1) AVIDET Motorola Moto E5 Plus Transparent Caseunique-best-moto-e5-plus-cases-transparent

This Avidet Motorola Moto E5 Plus Transparent Case is the first case on the list and I recommend this case to anyone and everyone who chooses not to ruin the design of the Moto E5 Plus.

Moto E5 Plus 2018 without any doubt is the best looking entry-level smartphone that you can get today. With this case, you will be able to protect the phone without ruining the design.

Do keep in mind that, this case will not be able to protect the screen or the edges in case of a drop from higher heights. With this case, I highly recommend you to put on a tempered glass screen protector. You can get this E5 Plus transparent case for under $10.

2) Vinve Carbon Fiber Moto E5 Plus Slim Caseunique-best-moto-e5-plus-cases-matte

This is another awesome phone case for the Moto E5 Plus. This case comes in only Black colour and is made from TPU material. Although the top and the bottom looks to be made from carbon fiber, it clearly isn’t. At the center, there’s a metallic touch which makes the case look really premium.

It would have been great if the phone case came in more colour options. This has to be one of the Best Moto E5 Plus cases you can get right now. You can get this phone case for under $10.

3) Moto E5 Plus Protective Case Cover unique-moto-e5-plus-cases-leather-slim

This has to be my favourite case in this list of best Moto E5 Plus Cases and Covers. Not only does this phone case looks astounding, it is just as functional. The front bezel of this E5 Plus case is raised so that it protects the phone screen in case of a drop.

This Moto E5 Plus phone case is available in 4 colour options including the Dark Blue colour option (shown above), Black, Gray and Red. The phone has a leather-like finish and also fake stitching which to me, reminds of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

4) Starhemei TPU Motorola Moto E5 Plus Caseunique-moto-e5-plus-beautiful-case-flower

This is another transparent phone case for the Moto E5 Plus which comes with added flair. On top of the transparent layer, there are various design options available for the case. The one shown in the image is the Flower Design case. The print on the case is top notch and likely will never fade or get scratched up. This case too costs under $10.

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As it is very similar to the transparent phone case on the top of the list, a tempered glass screen protector is highly recommended.

5) Moto E5 Plus Glitter Case

This Moto E5 Plus Phone case is clearly designed for the girls. Available in Pink and Blue color options, this phone case has glitters inside them.unique-moto-e5-plus-girly-case

This case is extremely fancy and adds quite a bit of bulk. But hey, in trade, you are not only getting better protection but something that will awe you everytime you look at it.

If you have to get this phone case, you should certainly check out the Blue color option of this case. It’s just as beautiful if not more. The glitter floats in water and the layer with the water is pretty thick so you don’t have to worry about the liquid coming out of the case.

And the best part about this phone case has to be its price. This Moto E5 Glitter case can be have had for under $5.

6) Ferlinso Flexible Rugged Moto E5 Case Coverunique-moto-e5-plus-carbon-fiber-case

This case is similar to the case shown in the No.2 of this list. The only difference here is the design of the case. Everything else is almost the same. This company, however, claims that they have used nano-technology to dissipate heat better but I highly doubt it.

You can get this Motorola Moto E5 Phone case in only Black colour which is a kind of a bummer.

7) Flip Case Cover for Moto E5 Plusunique-moto-e5-plus-flip-cover-case

If a flip phone case cover is your thing, you will love this one. This is the best flip cover for the Moto E5 Plus right now. It has a compartment where you can store on your ID card or credit card and is available in 5 color options.

This case provides additional protection to the phone too. In case of a frontal drop, the front part of the case protects the screen from being shattered given that the case is in the closed position.

8) Soft Back Cover for Motorola Moto E5 Plusunique-moto-e5-plus-cat-case

Motorola Moto E5 Plus is a slim phone. And this phone case beautifully supplements the design of the phone. Available in various colour options, this case is very slim and doesn’t add bulk to the phone if at all.

Also, unlike many of the phone cases mentioned in this article, this phone case isn’t flashy and the subtle design is what makes this phone case a winner. If you are a minimalist, this case has to be the best in this list of Best Moto E5 cases and covers.

9) Shiny Glitter Motorola Moto E Plus Caseunique-moto-e5-plus-girly-case-glitter

This is another designer phone case for the Moto E5 Plus. This case is slimmer than the one mentioned above. And the other thing about that I really love is that you get a high-quality screen protector free with this case. It would be nice if the screen protector was a tempered glass though.

This Moto E5 Phone case comes in Rose Gold and Gold Colour option. This phone case is one of the best Moto E5 cases at this price point and will definitely be loved by girls.

10) Moto E5 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protectorunique-moto-e5-plus-tempered-glass-screen-protector

List on the list of Unique Best Moto E5 Cases and covers, we have a tempered glass screen protector. A screen protector is not a case, right? Technically, not. But it’s the first thing I suggest you buy. You get a phone case or not, getting this glass is what you should do right away. Replacing a screen protector will cost you somewhere between $5-$10, but replacing the screen will cost you a lot more.

This specific Moto E5 Plus Tempered Glass screen protector costs $7 and comes in a pack of 2. If you mess one up, just know that you have one extra one in the box.

Verdict: Best Cases for Moto E5 Plus

If you are getting the Moto E5 Plus, just know that there are a lot of cases out there. Apart from cases with design flaws such as wrong camera hole placement or button misalignment, recently all manufacturers have started making high-quality cases without costing all that much. So, pick the case you like the most.

Everyone has their own taste. So, we, asking you to buy one case or the other is simply doesn’t make any sense. From the in-depth analysis that we did, it is safe if you decide to go with one of the 9 cases in the list above.

So, that’s all for now. These are the Best Moto E5 Plus Cases and Covers that you can get right now. If something better shows up or if there’s a drop in the price of any of the products shown here, I will make sure to update the list of Best E5 Plus Cases.

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